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Good eats in/near Dyker Heights Holiday lights

Hey all,

I am planning a trip to see the holiday lights in Dyker Heights with some friends. We are all Brooklyn ladies (Park Slope, Fort Greene and Downtown Brooklyn) but we aren't familiar with the area. Any suggestions for some good food in the area (Dyker Heights, Bensonhurst, Bay Ridge, etc?). Any type of food is fine, preferably on the cheaper side.

Thanks in advance!

Nov 30, 2010
Cat Pop in Outer Boroughs

Help! New restaurant in Garden City, owned by well-known NYC restauranter

THANK YOU! That was driving me out of my mind.

Help! New restaurant in Garden City, owned by well-known NYC restauranter

I'm looking for the name of a new restaurant in Garden City that just opened in the past month or so that is owned by a well-respected NYC restaurant owner. I can't remember the guy's name for the life of me. Any thoughts?

Help! Lunch/brunch in gramercy/murray hill

My dad's birthday is on Saturday. My parents are coming into NYC that afternoon to drop my sister off at her photography class, and I was going to meet them for a boozy lunch

Location: low 30s, 20s, or high teens on lex, 2nd, or 3rd avenues (the class is at 22nd & 3rd)
Cuisine: American, French Bistro or Italian
MUST stay open past 2 or 3pm (her class ends at 4).

Any suggestions? It's one of the few areas of NYC that i know very little about.

Thanks in advance!

Jan 23, 2007
Cat Pop in Manhattan

Biscuit - AVOID....

I totally agree. I went there last week for dinner and it was truly awful. I never got to the original Biscuit, but had heard good things and was excited to learn they were re-opening. Needless to say, it's going to be a very, very long time before I go back.
As I was waiting for my friend, I watched Josh Cohen himself serving the dishes. Everything look delicious and I couldn't wait to dig in. We started with the onion rings, which really were the best part of the meal. Not too much batter and the side of ranch dressing is a nice (and surprisingly good) touch. And then there was dinner. I got the combo platter with pulled pork and brisket, with collard greens and cheddar grits. My friend for a 1/2 rack of ribs with mac and cheese and biscuits. Nothing was good. He said the ribs were tough and dry and flavorless. I tried a bit of biscuit, which was cold and far too dry. He said the mac and cheese was just ok. I can't even explain the pulled pork, except for the word soggy. It seems like it had been soaked in water and was totally flavorless. The brisket was tough and really, really fatty. Barely any meat. And also flavorless. And the sauces really didn't do anything to help. The collard greens tasted like they had been soaking in vinegar for days. I've never had grits before, so all I can say is that it wasn't my cup to tea.
To top it all off, our waiter was awful. He never came around to re-fill our water glasses or to ask if the meal was ok. We needed to flag him down twice in order to get extra napkins (who serves ribs without bringng any extra napkins??) and didn't ask us if anything was wrong when he came over to clear our plates...which still had a good amount of food on them.
I'm hoping that these are just growing pains. I did actually talk to Josh for a few minutes to ask if he was going to do the pig roasts again. He is very nice, and I want this place to succeed, but I can't see it unless the quality goes way up.

Nov 13, 2006
Cat Pop in Outer Boroughs

Lunch with teens in East Village

'inoteca is probably one of my favorite restaurants in New York City. I try to make it there at least once a month. And I do agree that it's not all that kid friendly.

Just to let you know, we ended up at Lil' Frankies, which was a HUGE hit. I'd actually never been there, and the food was all around excellent. They enjoyed the atmosphere and everything. Thanks for all the suggetions!

Nov 13, 2006
Cat Pop in Manhattan

Lunch with teens in East Village

My 15 year-old sister and four of her friends are coming into NYC tomorrow. I work in the East Village (East 4th and Second) and am relatively new to the area. So, in search of:

Relatively cheap
Somewhere funky and fun
Italian or American
Between East Houston and East 14th street, from Broadway to 1st Avenue.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

Nov 09, 2006
Cat Pop in Manhattan

BYOB in the slope

Palo Santo on Union between 4th & 5th is BYOB (they don't have their liquor license). Had dinner there last week. Great food. Service, however, left much to be desired.

Nov 07, 2006
Cat Pop in Outer Boroughs

Need rec for dinner: Midtown East

My dad has asked me for recs for dinner, and, alas, I am totally clueless when it comes to midtown east.

Location: East 42nd - East 22nd on between Lex & Madison.
Price: Moderate
Cuisine: Something "simple," as my Dad would say. American, French or Italian. Not too out there or crazy.

Thanks in advance!

Nov 03, 2006
Cat Pop in Manhattan

Dinner in Midtown west

I feel slightly moronic posting this since I used to work right in this area, but...

I have a birthday party to go to on Saturday night at an Irish pub on 44th st. b/w 8th & 9th Avenues. Two friends and I plan on having dinner (around 9'ish) first. I am a totally food person, but slightly on the starving artist end. One of the other girl's is NOT a foodie, but is loaded and loves chic places. So....I need to find a happy medium. I worked in the area for three years, and so I'd like to avoid the standbys is possible (West Bank, Chez Jo, HK, Markt, etc). American/Italian preferred. Entrees no more than $20.

Any thoughts?

Oct 19, 2006
Cat Pop in Manhattan

Fire Island restaurants?

A friend and I were supposed to drive up to CT in two weeks to hit a fish shack or two. However, we were just invited out to Fire Island that day, and may go out there instead. Does anyone know of any good places? I tried to google, but it doesn't look like any of the restaurants really have websites.


Spanish Tapas: La Paella or Bar Carrera

Having Spanish Tapas tonight and need some help. Looked at the menu for La Paella and a review for Bar Carrera, and both look great and we can't decide. I was actually in Spain for 10 days earlier this summer and experienced the real thing.

How have people's experiences been at these two places?

Thanks in advance!

Aug 01, 2006
Cat Pop in Manhattan

Gusto still good? Restaurant week lunch spots?

I've read very mixed things about Gusto recently. I know it got rave reviews when it first opened, but then I read that it started going downhill. Has anyone been recently? I haven't made it there myself yet and was wondering if it was worth it for lunch for Restaurant Week.

I'm looking to go there for lunch on a Friday. My mom, aunt and I were supposed to have lunch for Restaurant Week at Lupa on 7/14, but, due to a family emergency, had to cancel. I'd like to try to do it at one of the places that is offering the special through Labor Day. Anyone have any good recs? The only requirement is that it is below 14th street.


Jul 26, 2006
Cat Pop in Manhattan

Maria Pia or Cara Mia?

I haven't been to Maria Pia, but I do have a few words about Cara Mia.

I've been there a few times NOT during a pre-theater rush, and it has been lovely every time. Great food, service, etc. However, the last time I went was before a show with my family (who came into the city), and it was awful. I had made a reservation, which I confirmed that morning. When I got there, the woman (who was the same person i had talked to earlier that day) claimed she didn't have a reservation for us. They were able to seat us, despite the fact that the place was totally packed. The service was very, very spotty and unattentive. The salads came out in a timely fashion, but the entrees took FOREVER to come out (to the point we were worried we weren't going to make an 8pm show. We had gotten there at 6:15). From the looks of it, it seemed like everyone's entree had been held up, and then they started coming out of the kitchen like mad. ALL of our entrees were totally overcooked. My sister's eggplant was actually burnt. And we had to totally rush through the entrees to make sure we got to the show on time.

Again, I have had many other excellent experiences there, but it seemed like the kitchen and staff were not prepared to have a full house duirng the pre-theater crowd. I would not recommend it before a show. An on off hour, yes, but not pre-theater.

Jul 14, 2006
Cat Pop in Manhattan