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Saturday Lunch for visitor from Boston?

Hi Everyone,
I'll be in Chicago this weekend and was planning on returning to Art Smith's restaurant for lunch but alas they no longer are open during the day (and i was craving those incredible goat cheese biscuits)! I love great food (from Blackbird, Avec, and Tru to Carson's Ribs) so could you recommend a GREAT lunch experience in the city? I've been to osteria via stato and the other osteria across the street and enjoyed those too-- anything except asian or seafood would make my crowd happy.

thanks for any and all ideas!

Feb 18, 2009
Motte Picquet in Chicago Area

NYE at Drink/Sportello

I was at Sportello for dinner a couple of nights ago (first time) and it was ridiculous-- started with the celery and fennel salad with lemon and parmigiano- crisp and light (had to pace myself), then had the truffled gnocchi (missed that dish from No.9 Park!). My boyfriend had the braised short ribs and barely wanted to share. We chatted with our server for awhile and I believe both Sportello and Drink are open on NYE-- She mentioned Sportello will have their regular menu plus a few special dishes and Drink will be open (no cover or anything). Could be busy at Drink later in the night but you should be fine post-early dinner I would think. Actually... you have me re-thinking my NYE plans :)

Paris: decisions, decisions...

Hi Everyone,

I'll be going to Paris for 4 quick days this month and i'm mapping out my meals using notes, magazines, and this board but would love any feedback as i can't do it all!!

Right now thinking:
La Table de Joel Robuchon
Les Papilles
Comptoir du Relais (crossing my fingers i can get in)

Bistro Paul Bert
Fontaine de Mars
Hier et Aujourdh'ui
Le Beurre Noisette

what about:
Le Violin d'Ingres
Robert et Louise
L'ami Jean

thanks for your thoughts and suggestions!

Nov 01, 2008
Motte Picquet in France

new restaurant on harrison ave?

I heard a new restaurant - maybe tapas- is opening on Harrison Ave in the south end-- anyone know anything?

Chicago Musts?

I'll be in Chicago next weekend and would love a few recommendations- anywhere great for drinks/apps plus amazing bakeries or markets.

I loved Tru (when in the mood for a 5 hour formal dinner) and really liked his more casual italian enoteca. Alinea was a great experience and North Pond was pretty good. Avec was fantastic and I love Hot Chocolate. This time i'm most interested in bistro-y places-- fab food and drink but not too fancy (or $$$). Would also check out any fantastic hole-in-the-wall mexican.

thanks for any ideas!!

Mar 07, 2008
Motte Picquet in Chicago Area


I went last week with my boyfriend and we both agreed if we went back it would just be for a drink- maybe an app. It is a typical newbury street spot-- loud, youngish crowd, mediocre food for average-high prices. We both started with salads- a caesar for him and a beet salad for me-- totally acceptable - good size, fresh-- nothing mind blowing but good. He had the filet with gorgonzola cream, french fries and creamed spinach. it came out more cooked than requested and was a TINY medallion of filet (and the cut isn't big to begin with)-- the fries were ok- a little rubbery. I ordered the bucatini carbonara- the bacon was sparse and what was there was very fatty and there wasn't much bacon "essence"-- not sure they used drippings with the egg yolks to make the sauce. Again, not terrible, just really, really average. We split a molten chocolate cake - typical dessert- no complaints. Our server was very sweet and attentive. Again, we didn't go with super high expectations and it would be fun for a drink or snack- just not for dinner.

Schwa-- closed until further notice?

I just received a voicemail saying that my reservation for this wednesday had to be canceled as the restaurant was "closed until further notice"-- does anyone know anything about this?

Oct 08, 2007
Motte Picquet in Chicago Area

FN Mac&Cheese Challenge: Barbara Lynch

i watched it too-- to me, it seemed like she highlighted that one contestant b/c he was the only one who used a fresh pasta though he had a friend make it -- everyone else used dried pastas. Her point was that if you are going to do fresh, do it right.

Best Restaurant web sites?

Curious what people think about restaurant sites out there-- what are your favorites in terms of design/ease of navigation/content...? Some of my favorites include sites for Blue Hill at Stone Barns, French Laundry, Alinea....

Boston Chowhound in LA

I will be in Santa Monica in two weeks for a few days and would love a few recommendations-- any restaurants/hidden greats/culinary bookstores-- all would be great!

My current short list includes:
a shrimp taco place that's a fave in west hollywood (blanking on name right now)
the santa monica farmers market...


Paris Food Markets

I'll be in Paris this wknd and would love to check out some of the street markets- it's been a few years since I was there so if anyone could recommend Saturday and Sunday markets they love, that would be great-- personal favorites in the past have been the rue mouffetard, rue cler, the market at the motte picquet metro stop...


Mar 26, 2007
Motte Picquet in France

Sunday Dinner in Paris

Hello Again,

Was hoping to eat at L'ami Louis for sunday dinner but they are complet (so I'm having sunday lunch there)... The question now is where to eat Sunday dinner-- I work in the food industry and used to live in Paris so something really wonderful would be great and I'd be interested in the gamut from cheap eats to super special -- merci!

Btw, for this long wknd trip, I already have reservations at:

La Cigale
L'Epi Dupin
La Ferrandaise
L'ami Louis

Mar 15, 2007
Motte Picquet in France

Best Place for Caviar Service?

Hello Everyone,

I'll be in Paris at the end of the month and was hoping someone could recommend somewhere to enjoy caviar service (and not totally break the bank if possible!). I know we can go to Petrossian (sp?) but one can do that in NYC so any other ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!!

Mar 12, 2007
Motte Picquet in France