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Driving from Hershey to Steubenville, OH

I will be driving from Hershey, PA to Steubenville, OH tomorrow and am looking for a place to stop for lunch along the way... I will be driving on the PA turnpike (76) and then onto 22 for a while, quickly through W. Virginia and then into Ohio. Any place worth stopping? Would prefer something local and good--I can find the Bob Evans, etc. on my own! Many thanks, hounds.

Jan 14, 2008
kismet in Pennsylvania

Near Steubenville, OH?

Hi. I am spending a few nights in Steubenville, OH--any good places to eat, ideally not chain restaurants? Something local and good?

Egg Nog (served, not purchased in the stores)

Cheese Boy--Yes, I'm pretty sure you can order a glass at the bar/restaurant. Enjoy.

Nov 30, 2006
kismet in Manhattan

Egg Nog (served, not purchased in the stores)

The Waterfront Alehouse on Atlantic--Sam's Serious Egg Nog. We buy a few bottles every year. It's more expensive than the carton you'd get a the supermarket, but I don't think it's $12. Whatever it costs, it's worth it. Flavorful and POTENT.

Nov 29, 2006
kismet in Manhattan

Lunetta on Smith

We ate at the bar on Sunday night. All in all a very nice experience...after reading the posts here I wasn't expecting much in terms of service and in fact found our server to be very polite and competent--the place is just understaffed. They needed at least one more person on the floor, and/or someone dedicated to diners at the bar only. Food wise, very much enjoyed the penne with lamb, and the roasted califlower and brussels sprouts. Shared the chicken which had amazingly crispy skin and juicy meat--I agree with anita cocktail that the sauce could use a little less sweet. But we enjoyed the experience very much and will be back. (Still miss Taku...)

Nov 20, 2006
kismet in Outer Boroughs

Dressler in Billyburg...any good?

I remember reading some reviews when it first opened and wanted to try the place. Can anyone reccomend or tell me to stay away? Is is better than Dumont?


Sep 12, 2006
kismet in Outer Boroughs

Taku on Smith St closes

I will miss Taku alot as well. I guess I have grown a little jaded about what restaurants are charging in general these days so the price point thing there didn't bother me so much. Taku was (for Smith Street at least) original and trying to do something interesting. And the food tasted good.

Just a thought, if (and I know this is an IF) the place couldn't stay open becuase folks in the nabe thought prices were too high, who is shopping at all the very expensive clothing boutiques along Smith, Court and Atlantic? I've alwyas wondered who is buying these clothes/shoes. Is it just that people would rather wear than eat thier diposable income?

On another note, had a terribly dissapointing meal at Grocery earlier in the summer.

Sep 01, 2006
kismet in Outer Boroughs

Food at Dragon Boat races?

So sorry I didn't check the board again before I went. Food situation was indeed terrible. A regular street fair is gourmet by comparison. Oh well, at least we had a day in the sun with good weather.

Aug 14, 2006
kismet in Outer Boroughs

Birthday Cake Recommendations - Cobble Hill

You might try Marquet or Baked. There's also Almondine in DUMBO. Not sure if they do cakes. I guess these places aren't so cheap however. I have noticed that Downtown Atlanic has those huge cupckes in the window, maybe you could do something with cupcakes. OR try an ice cream cake from Ben & Jerry's?

Aug 14, 2006
kismet in Outer Boroughs

Food at Dragon Boat races?

I am thinking about attending this weekend and was wondering if there are any vendors selling food...looked at some older posts on this board (from 2004) and the consensus seemed to be no food. Has anything changed since then? Did anyone go last year? If not, can someone reccomend a good spot nearby-I know there must be many great spots but I just don't know the area.

Aug 10, 2006
kismet in Outer Boroughs

Eating/Drinking Late(ish) in KC

Two NYC hounds going to KC next week--we are looking for a place to have dinner and a drink or two. We won't be able to go out until about 9:30 and have noticed that many well known BBQ places, etc., are closed by then or at 10pm. We're staying downtown but will have a car.

Any suggestions?