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Awesome Sushi north of Boston - what's your vote?

Is Takumi the best place to go for sushi in Nashua right now? Better than You You and Red Leaf? Thanks...

Favorite ethnic food in Newton or surrounds?

My husband and I will be in the Newton area for Thanksgiving and are looking for suggestions for your favorite casual places to try for lunch. We particularly enjoy great, authentic ethnic food. Any specialties in the area? Thanks.

Catering recommendations for 25 person party in Bethesda

Hi there - I'm trying to decide on a caterer for a mid-afternoon baptism lunch for about 25 people. I'm looking for very good, but not exotic food, buffet style, don't need servers but might consider it. I'm open to any budget. I'm considering Rocklands at the moment - fruit and cheese tray, cocktail shrimp, chicken, tenderloin, salads, vegs, and potatoes. Does anyone have experience with Rocklands? Suggestions for other places? I've also looked at the menus for Dean and Deluca, Wagshal's, Whole Foods, and Balducci's. Thanks!

Dinner Near San Diego Airport

Hi there - I'm looking for a restaurant for Sunday Dinner near the airport. Based on the helpful posts on this board, I'm considering Better Half and Laurel (which appear to be 10-15 minutes away) and Island Prime (though I'm not sure I can get a reservation). Any other recommendations? Thanks so much.

May 05, 2008
berryberrykix in California