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Mama Roux's Anew (Higganum, CT--where Me & McGee's was) CAN'T WAIT!

Exciting- planning to go Sat. Ok if I re-post their facebook announcement? All your favorite New Orleans dishes are coming back! Come in for breakfast on Wednesday and order our delicious Andouille Hash! How about a sweet morning wake-up with our amazing Banana's Foster French Toast? When lunch comes around, have a Fried Shrimp Po' Boy with Homemade Creole Mustard! Getting hungry yet?

Mama Roux's Anew (Higganum, CT--where Me & McGee's was) CAN'T WAIT!

yes, Kim is back in the kitchen, she may even be the owner, in fact. There's another thread I cannot locate right now, someone else confirmed this for me. Will be open late Sept/ early Oct. I could eat her food any time of day! I didn't know that Kim had been cooking at McGee's. Exciting.

Mama Roux's in Cromwell CT is closing

rumor of another re-emergence? friend thought he saw a "Mama Roux" sign somewhere, not Cromwell, have to get more info. anyone???

Another try at 40 Glastonbury Blvd?

A professional company ran a restaurant equipment auction there on 7/23, so perhaps it was stuff getting moved 'out' instead of 'in'?

Great BBQ in New London at Dagwoods

sorry to say, I am pretty sure they have closed. I never had the chance to try them out!

Best fried chicken in Connecticut?

I love that this thread is 4 years old and still going! I've got Greer's in Bristol on my to-do list
Also, FYI, I've noticed that The Chicken Joint had reopened on the Berlin Turnpike, Berlin, (near Pine Loft) but now I see that it is closed again in April '12, according to their fb page.

German Butcher in CT?

I think the current Adolph's owners might actually be Polish, the workers all speak Polish. Happened to see this review recently- with some nice pics
Owner was very friendly- even gave me a few samples of the "jaegersticks" or "landjaeger"- a spicy, flat, dry sausage. To die for. FYI, a friend was on a search for "reiswurst"/ricewurst, and found it at an deli in Fairfield. Sorry, didn't catch the name.

help identify old cooking show

@pamf- you nailed it! It was Rick Stein- I think it was his "Fruits of the Sea" series, perhaps. Thanks a million!

Nov 08, 2011
monafelice in Food Media & News

help identify old cooking show

did you ever find the chef you were looking for? I love this thread!! I'm trying to find a chef, probably from UK, he went out with fisherman and then cooked the catch right by the seashore, never in a studio. Tall? Looked a little like an older Gordon Ramsay? Anyone?? Thanks.

Oct 29, 2011
monafelice in Food Media & News

Fried clams

Went to Fay's in Bolton- thanks for the info! Had the bellies, $23 (!!!!), size xx-small and no flavor. Management's reply "bellies are now very expensive and very small. This part of the season we dread because of that". Uhhh, so just boost the price from $19 to 23 aaaaand let people be disappointed?? The fish sandwich, fries & o-rings were excellent. Let me know what you think. They close for season on 10/7. For central CT, I suggest City Fish, Rte 99, Wethersfield.

Feeling "out of place" at a restaurant

Sure, I think we've all had an experience such as yours. But, then there's the flipside when you try out a new place and strike gold. Three of us recently went to a new little Jamaican place I saw featured on a local tv show. I was impressed by the owner's story and magnetic personality, making me want to try it out. We did feel a little awkward when we arrived and we were the only...well...white people. There. I said it. However, the servers were very attentive, other patrons made recommendations on what dishes to try, and the owner came out to greet us. We ordered Kingston wings while we perused the menu. Before you know it, the owner came out with a plate for each of us, each with a dollop of each of 4 stew-type dishes to sample. Wow. That's how to get a customer for life. That's why we tend to frequent smaller, non-chain restaurants. If you had brought the oversight to the server's attention it could have gone either way- they'd have apologized and gone out of their way to be attentive & make you feel welcome...or, sadly, more likely, they'd have acted like you were a bother and at the end of the meal you'd be wishing that you had walked out!

Sep 13, 2011
monafelice in Not About Food

Fried clams

I'd suggest asking your server if the whole clams are running "small" or "large" that day, If they are small, ask for them more lightly done. Lenny & Joe's Madison & Westbrook is always spot-on. On another note, I recently saw a clip on local CT news about a local clam-shack type place owned and operated by a Culinary Institute of America-trained chef. It looked fantastic, but I don't recall any of the details. Hoping some clam-lovin' foodie on this board might know the place?

Lenny & Joe's
Westbrook, CT, Westbrook, CT

great fried clams w/ bellies and onion rings in ct

In the Hartford area I'd suggest City Fish Market, Route 99, Wethersfield 860-257-6465. They are primarily known as the market that the best restaurants by from, but they have a fantastic menu of cooked-to-order fried seafood, o-rings, fries, etc. Cafeteria style, fast, but they have a gorgeous well-air-conditioned dining area if you want to eat-in. Beer, wine, ice cream available in eating area. This snack detective knows when my husband has made a side trip there without me by there signature yellow box and napkins!! On the shore, goes without saying, Lenny & Joes in Westbrook (eat-in-sit-down table service) or Madison, caf style, eat in or out, carousel for charity.

Lenny & Joe's
Westbrook, CT, Westbrook, CT

City Fish Market
884 Silas Deane Hwy, Wethersfield, CT 06109

Best food-related gift you ever received or gave?

I love this question! I will refer to it next time I am gift-shopping! When I was about 12 years old...oh, that's about 32 years ago(!?)... my dad bought me a plastic cookie press. I was very excited and tried it out immediately. It didn't work too well, so he said he would return it. He came home the next day with a light-yellow Kitchenaid Stand Mixer! That was quite and upgrade! I enjoyed it for many years and was pleased to pass it on to my sister, after which my husband bought me a black one for my next birthday! Boy I am lucky.

Informal in Wethersfield, CT

pizza: yes, Vito's crust is on the thick side. Inquire if they will make a thin crust for you- I seem to recall seeing they will do it to order on a menu at one of the Vito's family-operated locations.

good family place: I second the comment on City Fish- you get your food at the counter and take it home or eat in the lovely dining room, no table service, very suitable for small kids, beer available too. The coldest AC you have ever enjoyed in the summer. Food service stops at 7pm. As good as any fish place at the shore, lobster rolls, too.

Best fried chicken in Connecticut?

Anyone try The Chicken Joint in Plainville (formerly in Berlin/Kensington) ?
From what I hear, the hands-on owner really brags about his fried chicken! He also does a lot of smoked food on-premises.

avon ct - any good seafood/hamburger shacks?

I 2nd that....5 Guys is simply fantastic and fantastically simple! Easy to find, in the WalMart plaza, but don't let location discourage you. Peanuts in the shell to snack on, plenty of room to let the kids move around a little, fun atmosphere, clean, very friendly staff. On our first trip we got one burger and split it just to try it out. It was very, very good! I cannot drive thru Avon without my husband pleading to stop for their cajun fries! (Hit the Canton Auction Barn on 44, Sat night!)

Scrapple in CT?

You might try a store like C-Town (New Britain, Hartford, etc.) or Save-A-Lot (New Britain, Hartford, E. Hfd, Meriden). I may have seen it there....or it could have been chittlins or chitterlings or something else in the freezer section unidentifiable to me! Good luck...

Need Great New Haven Style Pizza in Middletown

I've heard Illiano's has a good white fresh clam pizza. 2 locations in Middletown. The clam is listed in the gourmet pizza section. worth a try!