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Visiting from Boston....

Hi Everyone.

My girlfriend and I are visiting from Boston and both work in the restaurant industry (representing Barbara Lynch and Michael Schlow, respectively). Normally to find good spots while visiting a new city we would go to a quality restaurant and see where the staff goes, however, I though I would see what the folks from Chicago would have to say. We have reservations at Alinea, but would like to see the little know places Chicago has to offer....maybe a top ten list? Thanks for your help.

Jul 26, 2008
carrot in Chicago Area

Restaurant Week Reviews (Radius)

Via Matta is not doing restaurant week for dinner. Just lunch. And everyone should go just for the daily (freshly made) lemonade!!

Aug 23, 2006
carrot in Greater Boston Area

Aujourd'hui Wine Tasting

I have always enjoyed the wine dinners at Aujourd'hui and considered them to be one of the best values in the city. I'm curious where it is that you typically eat that allows for you to call a three-course dinner paired with wine at one of the premier French restaurants in the Boston metro area, not "cost effective."

Jul 14, 2006
carrot in Greater Boston Area