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best ny style eggroll

Our Place Tea Parlor, in the East 50s, has a very good old school egg roll. When you don't feel well, or just in the mood for a blast from the past, they indeed hit the spot.

Jan 29, 2015
comiendosiempre in Manhattan


Bar Pitti's burrata is delicious, had some last week. $20 per plate, served with basil and some sliced cherry tomatoes. Have some with their good bread and olive oil. Its a good size portion, but still expensive....

Chiu Hong Bakery – A Hidden Gem In Chinatown

Yes, you've been tardy with updating your terrific blog....
Thanks for posting.

Jan 20, 2015
comiendosiempre in Manhattan

Kang Ho Dong in K-town - new contender for best Korean bbq?

The other night four of us went to Kang Ho Dong in K-Town following a sports event at MSG. We arrived near 11 pm and the restaurant was packed, we had to wait about ten minutes for a table. On weekends the restaurant is open till 6 a.m. We had a great meal and likely Kang Ho Dons is a contender for best bbq in K-Town.

The restaurant is part of a mini-chain out of Seoul, founded by a Korean comedian, I believe. The staff at the new NYC venue were all young, seemed to be mostly male, were on the ball, funny and quick. All wear cute black T-shirts emblazoned with the restaurant's name and slogan.

It seems there is indeed a generational change between some of the newer K-Town spots and those long known, visited and talked about on this Board. We have our "traditional" spots we go to, including a well known bbq spot on 35th street, but some of those have been declining in quality of late, at least that is our view. A couple of not up to par meals.

Kang Ho Dong specializes in bbq and that is the focus of the menu. There are not many other options, certainly less than in most other spots in K-town. No bimbimbap, no steamed mandoo (fried only), no japchae (although it appears on the menu that hasn't been "rolled out" yet), not many stews and such. The ban chan offered are very limited, perhaps three, though all are good. Excellent kimchi, a tofu dish and a squash option. But, the meat is the focus.

We had the meat combo and it was excellent. Marbled beef, three selections, good amount. Cheesy corn is spread around the corners of the grill and that was delicious. The grill and exhaust is very efficient. No baskets of lettuce on offer, here they offer torn romaine lettuce, with a light dressing. Not really useful to roll up the meat, though the marinated radish on offer does that well. Great shredded scallion mixture to add. Their gochujang is excellent, chunkier than others. We also thought their seafood pancake was excellent. Chock full of seafood, fatter than the traditional one you get, crisper and less oily. Could make a meal out of that. The fried mandoo we liked, but not as good as some other spots. Rather than a bimbimbap they offer something called a "lunchbox" which is rice with some toppings and a fried egg. It was good but, I still prefer a bimbimbap. They have a very good selection of mixed drinks and those were selling well. The crowd was young, everyone seemed certainly to be having a good time and enjoying their food. In short, the spot should certainly be considered a contender for best bbq, though if you are new to Korean food, it probably should not be your first destination, it is missing some other dishes you may be in search of. We will be back. A short blurb on the place from Eater is below.


Jan 18, 2015
comiendosiempre in Manhattan

Kips Bay recommendations?

Todaro's, across the street from Fairway. Its been there for decades. Please support local vendors - not to mention their products are generally terrific, good selection of meats, great cheeses, breads, olive oils, dried pastas, imported canned goods. Prices are often better than Fairway.

Its not akin to an "everything you need market" but its an outstanding local market.

Breads bakery's chocolate babka, when fresh from the oven, is pure heaven

I also just got one the other day. I should have gotten two.....
Late afternoon and it was warm. It was delicious.

Where to Have Good Coffee in Midtown

Little Collins, on Lex in the 50s has very good coffee, good vibe and good snacks/food.

Dec 28, 2014
comiendosiempre in Manhattan


I'm not sure I've ever seen the place not filled/packed. Maybe it was the hour you went.

Buddakan is often a good option, particularly for out of towners, or if you are celebrating a birthday, office outing or similar. The apps are often good and we always aim to stick with those.

Dec 23, 2014
comiendosiempre in Manhattan

Holiday Party Queens/Manhattan: Spanish food

Pio Pio on Northern Blvd is likely a good option. Always crowded, great chicken. Salads, sangria, etc. Inexpensive.

El Gauchito, Argentine/Uruguayan steak house is also great, they do parties during the holiday season and have two rooms, likely the larger one may fit your group. Lots of pasta options for non-carnivores. Great empanadas.

Have fun.

Upper East Side Restaurants

Better make those reservations now....

Marea is a good bet. Most other must-eats are not so much in that neighborhood. To get more helpful info you likely want to identify favorite type of food, and such. Modern NYC dining will mostly be found south of where you are.

Dec 04, 2014
comiendosiempre in Manhattan

Latin American Desserts?

If you are going to purchase something - head to Queens. Better taste at a way better price. Perhaps a tray of Argentine alfajores/cookies. You may simply want to make a large batch of Latin rice pudding. Not difficult to prepare, loved by most. Good luck.

Dec 04, 2014
comiendosiempre in Manhattan

Guide to NYC's 10 Best Greek Restaurants and Tavernas

Went here, to Bahari Estiatoria, the other night, it is our go to spot for Greek. Never disappointed, their food is very good. Service good, friendly. As expected, they get crowded.

What do New Yorker's think about Dean & DeLuca and other expensive gourmet shops?

Funny; when i'm in the area sometimes I wander in and look. As if in a museum.....

They do have good chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies.

Nov 23, 2014
comiendosiempre in Manhattan

Where can I still find great "dairy" babka, rugelach, and cheese danish?

I had some chocolate rugelach from Bread bakery earlier today. They were -- outstanding. Not traditional really, just delicious.

Nov 22, 2014
comiendosiempre in Manhattan

Keens Steakhouse what to get?

If you don't want/like mutton, go for the prime rib.
Have fun.

Nov 22, 2014
comiendosiempre in Manhattan

Yerba Buena or Fonda

We like Fonda a lot, and think they are serving some of the best Mexican in the city right now. Good drinks, home made tortillas, good flavors. Depending on where you sit Fonda can get loud. Its now near always crowded, especially on weekends. Have fun.

Nov 18, 2014
comiendosiempre in Manhattan

Sunday dinner in Midtown East

PJ Clarke's, two blks away, on 55th and Third, is great for burgers and onion strings. Always crowded. Sip Sak is also a good recommendation. Sichuan Grand at 56th and Second also is an option.

For breakfast one morning Ess a Bagel is just two blks south of the hotel. That will be a way better option than a diner.
Have fun.

Nov 07, 2014
comiendosiempre in Manhattan

Best Theatre District Restaurants

Another +! for Madangsui if you want Korean.

We recently went to Toloache after the theatre, and had a good meal. Focus on the starters. Their guacamole is very good, ditto their queso fundido (one of the best in the city), their tacos too are good selections. Their maduros were not up to par, however. Drinks also are good. Post theater they do a good business. Pre theatre they are packed, but can get you in and out in time.

Mar 19, 2014
comiendosiempre in Manhattan

Pippali in the East 20s

To add to this brief discussion:

We went to Pippali the other night, and had an excellent meal. Since opening, the restaurant has more or less been packed. Getting a reservation is difficult. Indeed, we showed up having been told they were already full but, thankfully, the excellent manager, Samir, found us a table.

The restaurant is comfortable, service is good. There are many dishes not found on the menus of nearby restaurants. Two standouts were a starter of masala shrimp on a corn cake and a lamb shank ghost -- simply outstanding. Great nan, and other dishes, including a great saag paneer.

While this may be against our own self interest in getting a table: it is our new favorite Indian.

Mar 16, 2014
comiendosiempre in Manhattan

EV Lebanese mentioned in NYT

This is another blurb about this new spot, yes it looks very interesting, will have to visit:


Mar 12, 2014
comiendosiempre in Manhattan

Late Dinner Suggestions after a Broadway Show

Hop into a cab, get out of the theatre district. While many restaurants in the area serve till 11 p.m. or midnight, it is a certain feeling when you know the restaurant is closing soon. The other week we did that, saw a show then got out of the area.

Balthazar is a good choice post theatre, and is always packed at midnight.

The two sushi sambas are also good later options. One on Park Avenue South, one downtown. Along with many others restaurants, outside the theatre district. Once outside that area you have many more options, and the food likewise generally improves.

Mar 12, 2014
comiendosiempre in Manhattan

Chote Nawab - in Curry Hill

Thanks for the recommendations on Chote Nawab. A brief report:

We visited for dinner recently and had a very good meal. We also have eaten at Malai Marke a number of times and we think the two are similar and we like both a lot. If push came to shove I think we may have enjoyed some of the dishes a bit better at CN.

We started by asking for an app that they have at Malai Marke but not on the CN menu: spicy sauteed paneer with red peppers and onion. The waiter knew what we were asking for. I asked to have it made "super spicy" and, to my delight, the chef listened. It was great, spicy as all get out. Excellent. We also had an eggplant with tamarind starter, it was just Ok.

For mains we shared a butter chicken, excellent, really well prepared with a good sauce. And a biryani, lamb. Again, very well prepared, moist, well flavored and the meat was not dry. The garlic nan received mixed reviews. Some thought it perfect, I thought it a bit on the under cooked side. Bengal beers and the dinner was done. Service was good, generally prompt. The restaurant was crowded so, perhaps, it will stick around on that corner, which has changed hands a few times the past few years.

Feb 23, 2014
comiendosiempre in Manhattan

Best Japanese/Korean Restaurant during RW?

Below is the link for Japanese Restaurant Week in NYC. Yet I'm not sure I see many "restaurant week deals" or menus.


Feb 23, 2014
comiendosiempre in Manhattan

Eclair Bakery (Midtown East)

We have now gotten eclairs from this new bakery twice. Both times they were delicious. I think we had a chocolate and a coffee. As noted, the shell was not soggy at all, the filling was great, it is proper "filling," not whipped cream. Not too sweet. I thought they were much better than Eric Kayser's, which I was disappointed with. We will have to try the other options on offer.

Feb 21, 2014
comiendosiempre in Manhattan

Mercer Kitchen - underwhelmed

Ironically I looked at the website for Mercer Kitchen earlier today, because I will be in that neighborhood one evening and was thinking about it as a dinner option. When I pulled up their menu - there were no prices next to any of the dishes. Not that I could see. I thought that so odd, in this day and age. Almost an insult to diners --- you don't need to see prices or, if you need to see prices, don't bother. It was an "no thank you" from my perspective.

Feb 19, 2014
comiendosiempre in Manhattan

Authentic thai restaurants in NYC

Agreed. Head to Queens for a good curry.

Feb 19, 2014
comiendosiempre in Manhattan

Restaurants during Restaurant Week where you actually get a good deal?

Agreed; been there, done that. Learned my lesson.

Ryan Sutton had a good blurb on RW just recently. It was spot on, to a great extent. HIs point about how you get served a tiny uninteresting dessert "thrown in," that you never would have wanted and most likely never would have ordered, while still paying for it, was too true. Many restaurants have lunch deals all week - aim for those. Or pick and choose what you really want from the lunch menu.

Feb 19, 2014
comiendosiempre in Manhattan

Ngam for asian fusion birthday dinner?

Spice Market and Hakkasan are both good venues for a birthday. Yes, they get a lot of tourists, but a lot of locals too. If you stick with starters you can make a good meal.

Feb 13, 2014
comiendosiempre in Manhattan

Middle Eastern restaurant

Maryums did a big business with the hospitals right there, down the block. Delivery, take out, quick lunches. Friendly owners and staff. Great home made lemonade. A lot of people miss it......

Feb 12, 2014
comiendosiempre in Manhattan

Middle Eastern restaurant

There used to be a spot called Maryums, on 68th, between First and York. Informal, it was very good. Great salads and such. It closed....

Was that it?

Feb 10, 2014
comiendosiempre in Manhattan