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Where to find Vietnamese sandwich/Bánh mì outside of downtown Toronto

My favourite place is Bahn Mi Que Huong on Finch near Weston (2437 Finch W, North York, ON M9M 2E7)
The Thit Nuong (grilled pork) is by far the best. At $2.25 each they make a delicious and cheap lunch.

Sorry, it is not in Scarborough or Markham, but far from downtown and better!

Mar 04, 2014
Amac in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Food you can't find in Toronto.

I saw Charles & canmark mention Rijstafel and wanted to make you aware of the once-a-season Rijstafel events at Quince Bistro. Although I never did go for Rijstafel when in Amsterdam, I have enjoyed the Quince version a couple of times. From what I understand, the chef first started serving Rijstafel while spending time in the Dutch Navy. Definitely worth trying. Enjoy!

4 SPACES OPENED UP - Tuesday, 28th May, 2013 'Spot Prawns' Chowmeet at 'The Emperor', Richmond Hill

Many thanks to Charles for organizing yet another terrific Chowmeet. Great food and excellent company.

Thank you Charles.

Andrew & family!

Yonge and Eg restaurant recommendation

I assume the original poster is looking for dinner rather than lunch. If so then I would skip Falasca SPQR. I absolutely love the pizzas on offer at lunch but the dinner pizzas are altogether different and disappointing. The dinner pastas were not bad, but not great either. Any of the other options (other than Mandarin & Puke Barrel) are better bets.

Jan 25, 2013
Amac in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Cantonese CHOWMEET II -Thurs. Nov. 29th - THANKS Charles!

Thanks for getting this conversation started Toronto Tips.

Many thanks to Charles Yu for putting together this encore performance. I thoroughly enjoyed the food and the company. Charles did a terrific job organizing the menu, welcoming each of us, coordinating things with the restaurant staff and describing each item. Every item was a winner, but the perfectly cooked Grouper with yellowing chives was my favourite.

It was also my first Chowmeet, but thanks to this experience I am confident that it will not be my last.

Thanks to all of you who participated.

Andrew (Uncle Andrew, the guy in the suit)

Nov 29, 2012
Amac in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

istanbul recs??

Just came back from 10 days in Turkey. The two best meal we had were Meze by Lemon Tree and Giritli, both in European Istanbul. Loved them both. Wish we had more chances to explore further out locations in Istanbul, but I highly recommed these two restaurants. Service matched the excellence of the food. Bring your appetite!

Nov 09, 2012
Amac in Europe

Thanksgiving 2012 - What kind of Turkey will you be making? What is best type to buy?

I cannot comment on the difference between heritage or standard, however, I will comment on cooking method. I find smoking a turkey vastly improves its flavour, keeps it very moist and gives it a terrific mohagany colour. The only drawback I found is that the skin does not crisp up like oven roasted ones. I have never gone back to using the oven for a turkey since I discovered cooking them on a smoker. If you are able you should give it a try sometime. I do not recommend trying it out for the first time for your special meal.

Sep 10, 2012
Amac in General Topics

Rum Specialty Bars in Toronto

Sorry, I don't have any bar suggestions. If you want to stay on the rum theme for a gift, however, the LCBO currently carries one of my favourite rums - Zacapa 23 year old. It goes for about $80 a bottle up here.

I like to sip it neat at a favourite rum bar in the Carribean, but a hot summer night in Toronto works too. Enjoy!

Jul 05, 2012
Amac in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

iso eats around yonge and davisville...

Thanks PP!

Yes, I believe Vito from 5 Doors opened it with the son of a butcher that he dealt with, hence the name.

That chicken is very good. I typically cook mine using indirect heat on the BBQ for close to an hour. When it is almost time to eat I will put it over the open flame to crisp and char the skin a little more. Delicious!

The guy from Fidel Gastro has a regular appearance at The Butcher's Son one or two days of the week. When you stop by next time just ask which days he is there. I had his butter pulled chicken sandwich and it was a nice change from the porchetta.

Jun 18, 2012
Amac in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

iso eats around yonge and davisville...

Welcome to the neighbourhood nevrenuf! I have been living here for about 10 years and have been very happy with the quality of the food options nearby. There are very few restaurants in the neighbourhood that I would deem destination worthy, but there is an abundance of very good neighbourhood spots.

Be warned that I don't post often so here is a very long neighbourhood review. By way of background, I am a well travelled and adventurous eater with a preference for full flavoured items and spicy ethnic foods over traditional British comfort foods.

I agree with almost all of the earlier posts and have included my take on some of these restaurants and a few good food stores as well as what to order in the summary below:

Sushi Supreme: OK quality. I am a sashimi fan and I find many of the pieces to be simply too big. The gindara (marinated black cod) is excellent.

C'est Bon: Not bad for chinese takeout. I never would have tried it if not for recomendations on this board. Stick to the recommended items (Moo shu pork, dry fried green beans, etc.) or you will be disappointed.

5 Doors North: This has been my go-to spot for a decade. Consistently great food in served in a loud & lively environment. I almost always order the fish special or game special, although this might be the only restaurant in the city where I am happy to order a pork chop.

Grano: I have always found the food to be disappointing. On a hot summer evening, however, the back courtyard is magical when enjoying a bottle of white wine.

Quince: Very good food in a more subdued environment with an older clientele. For something unique, try out their next Rijstaffel event.

Zucca: Excellent food with higher prices than anywhere else in the hood. Known for their baked whole fish, but there are many good options on any given night.

Zee Grill: Excellent seafood although the decor is dated. An absolute must have is the seasonal Seafood Succotash served in a mini pumpkin. Only offered in the fall, but definitely worth waiting for.

Coquine: Loud and rambunctious. Go for drinks or a surprisingly good weekend brunch. The chicken crepe might fill you up for the rest of the day! Very good an convivial service.

The Burger Shack: I know you have already discovered Holy Chuck, but this old school burger joint is a good alternative. Make sure to go for the home burgers versus the frozen patties.

Sorn Thai: The best Thai option anywehere nearby. Not always consistent, but the best the neighborhood has to offer. Go for take-out as the environment is pretty sterile. Good choices include the Green Curried Chicken, Mango salad and Spicy beef with eggplant. If you do eat there, be sure to go for the terrific hot & sour soup rather than the generic spring roll. Order some complementary Nam Pla Prik (fish sauce with chillis) to ratchet up the spice level on any dish.

The Yonge Seafood Gourmet: High prices, but excellent quality fish monger.

The Butcher's Son: Sister store to 5 Doors North. Excellent quality meats and prepared food. The coconut/lime marinated spatchcocked chickens are terrific for BBQ at home. As for prepared sandwiches go for the porchetta & rapini, steak & pepper or whatever Fidel Gastro is offering when he is there.

Jaipur Grille: Pretty good Indian fare. We usually prefer. to order take-out from here. Any of the curries can be customized to your spice preference and the cachumber salad is a nice accompaniment.

.Gelato Simply Italian: sister to Falasca SPQR. The best gelato in the city and also very good espresso. On the hottest of days go for the very refreshing pompelmo (grapefruit.)

Falasca SPQR: Very good daytime pizzas served by weight. Several good options at any time around lunch. I have not found their evening menu to be anywhere close to the same quality so plan for a lunch visit.

St Louis: Nothing special, but the best place to watch a big game in the neighbourhood or sweat it out on a full-sun patio.

Tabule: Although I still like it, I have found the quality to have declined especially the grilled meats. We often get fresh pitas, taboule & hummous as a take-out option for home dining with any leftover BBQ.

La Sulemaria: Expensive, but high quality items. Great for stocking up on high end oils, vinegars an other pantry supplies or getting cheese and cured meats close to home.

Balsamico: Pretty good italian. I go here when I want Italian , but want to avoid the bustle and activity of 5 Doors.

Places I avoid:

Lola's: Underwhelimng food and poor service.

Kramer's: Nice rooftop, but bad chainlike food (think Kelsey's or Pickle Barrel) in an independant restaurant.

Mariachis: I want to like it, but I have never had anything better than a mediocre meal there.

Celestin: Won't go back since Pascal left. Used to be a very worthy fine-dining experience.

Almost any chain as it is not what I am seeking for a neighborhood meal.

Good luck and please let me know if you uncover anything I have missed or forgotten, especially options on Mount Pleasant. I am familar with Simple and like it.

Jun 18, 2012
Amac in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Loving Hut on Eglinton? Vegan Organic is it too good to be true?

I am not a vegetarian and I was very pleasantly surprised by the green curried vegetable lunch special that I ate there about 5 months ago. Service is good and decor is acceptable, but do not expect a high end feel. I would definitely go back.

Jan 09, 2012
Amac in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Butcher's Son on Yonge

Love it. I have tried some prepared food and also had lamb from the butcher's counter. The porchetta sandwich was delicious. In general I like porchetta better than pulled pork. The sandwich was basic and had no other ingredients besides the bun & the porchetta.

My neighbours got a rack of lamb from there and cooked it on the BBQ with fresh rosemary and salt & pepper. It was the best lamb I have had in years.

Hopefully your experience will be as good as mine have been.

I am so happy that the neighbourhood now has a great butcher and fish monger within walking distance.

Nov 28, 2011
Amac in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Falasca - Avoid

As I live in the neighbouhood, I have eaten food from Falasca several times. I really enjoy their pizza that is served by weight during the day. I think my favourite is the "Numero Uno" that is a white pizza with zuccini. I have ordered pizza twice at night in the sit down restaurant and was not impressed. Both times the pizzas were much blander than what I can take-out during the day (note that I ordered totally different pizzas when I visited the restaurant.) I will now only buy their daily selection of pizzas and avoid the restaurant.

On a related note, I really enjoy both the gelato and espresso from their sister restaurant ".Gelato" across the street.

2057 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4S 2A2, CA

Nov 23, 2011
Amac in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

VIetnamese Stores/ Where do you shop

I have been to the Vietnamese grocery store on Finch near Weston that was mentioned by the earlier poster. It has an interesting variety of proteins, produce and other ingredients. Not knowing specifically what you are looking for it is hard to know whether they have it, but I would encourage you to check it out. It is in the same plaza as Pho Dau Bo which is my main reason for visiting this plaza. Try out a great bowl of Pho when looking for your vietnamese ingredients.

Nov 07, 2011
Amac in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Need Rec - Bayview or Mt. Pleasant Restaurant strip

I second Zee Grill (also called Phebes.) They have some of the best seafood around and they do seasonal dishes. Their seafood succotash (usually available for a few weeks in Sept/Oct) is not to be missed.

Zee Grill
641 Mt Pleasant Rd, Toronto, ON M4S, CA

Mar 02, 2011
Amac in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Chowhound's Own Top 10 Restaurants of GTA

Kudos to shekamoo - I love this thread. I agree with those who have suggested that this simply be your ten favourites without need to defend or explain as I believe was the original intent. In that spirit and not in order here are mine:

Oyster Boy
5 Doors North
Black Hoof
Pho Dau Bo - Finch West location ( I cannot go more than 2 weeks without their Pho Tai)

Thanks again shekamoo.

As a frequent reader, but very infrequent poster I will also take this opportunity to thank a few other posters who I follow regularly. Charles Yu, Estufarian, T Long, Skyline R33, Googs, Snarf & Millygirl - I have followed each of your recommendations at some point in the past year or two. Thank you and keep posting.

Oyster Boy
872 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J1G3, CA

7 Elm St, Toronto, ON M5G1H1, CA

202 Davenport Rd, Toronto, ON M5R1J2, CA

398 Church Street, Toronto, ON M5B 2A2, CA

604 King St. West, Toronto, ON M5V 1M6, CA

The Black Hoof
928 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

Jan 24, 2011
Amac in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

ISO: Testun al Barolo cheese

I have also bought it from the Alex locations at St. Lawrence market, Yonge St north of Eglinton and Bayview south of Eglinton. They don't always have it so call your nearest location to check on price and availability.

Dec 14, 2010
Amac in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Dining at Yonge & Davisville this week. Is Tabule still the best of the bunch?

I live in the area and eat out regularly. Tabule is still great and a terrific value.

5 Doors North is probably the spot we eat at most. More expensive than Tabule obviously, but the price to quality ratio is still very good. The specials are uisually the best things in the menu.

Zucca is the most expensive, but also very good.

There are two new ice cream/gelato places within a 2 minute walk of all of these venues for your dessert. One (I think it is simply called Gelato) is owned by one of the guys from Il Gelatiere. It has an identical offering and quality as Il Gelatiere and I highly recommend it. Village Chill just opened up, but I have not tried any of their flavours from either this location or Forest Hill.


2009 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M4S 1Z8, CA

Il Gelatiere
647 Mt Pleasant Rd, Toronto, ON M4S, CA

Aug 30, 2010
Amac in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Yonge and Eglinton fruits and vegetable store

I live in the area and visit all three regularly. I agree that the the one beside La Salumeria is generally the best quality and also the most expensive (but still comparable to supermarkets.) I would also recommend that one for flowers.

I do, however, get certain items from the other ones. I often get pre-peeled trays of garlic, chilies and pre-cut cauliflower from the one near Millwood. They will on occasion have good deals on cut flowers too, but they only have them sporadically.

It feels great to walk the neighbourhood and support the local merchants. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

2021 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4S, CA

Jul 07, 2010
Amac in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Best place to get coffee beans near Yonge & Eglinton

Just wondering where the best place is to get whole roasted beans in this neighbourhood. I typically grind them and use them in a cone filter. Also, anyone out there have any comments on the Chemex brewer?


Jun 07, 2010
Amac in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

40th bday dinner/all guys weekend in Toronto, suggested alternatives to steak houses?

Turf Lounge would work. It has betting on horses too which suits a guy's dinner. Bay & Adelaide.

May 03, 2010
Amac in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

De La Mer fishmonger - Bayview

I stopped in over the weekend too as I had not seen it before. The guy behind the counter was very friendly. He said that they receive fresh fish every day but Sunday. Fish never stays out on display for more than two days. If it is not sold in the first two days it is cut into portions, frozen and sold at a discount from the freezer. Happy to have what appears to be a good fishmonger in the neighbourhood.

Mar 08, 2010
Amac in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Toronto Restaurants With Large Private Rooms

Turf Lounge would work. I have seen many bank/law firm private receptions held there.

Feb 11, 2010
Amac in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Best Fish Taco in Toronto?

I second everything that TorontoJo has to say. It does have a worn grungy atmosphere (leftover from a previous tenant?), but surprisingly good food and great tequila list.

Dec 07, 2009
Amac in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Pho Dau Bo (Finch West location)

Thanks for the chow tips on Pho Dau Bo (Finch W location). I now go regularly for lunch and thoroughly enjoy their Pho. I have yet to try anything else on their menu. Does anybody familiar with this spot have any recommendations for other dishes? I am generally an adventurous eater and love spicy food.


Nov 23, 2009
Amac in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Midtown Non-Pub With Television

5 Doors North at Yonge & Manor has a tv over the bar. Not big screen and no volume, but good enough to follow the game. Although I have always enjoyed the food there, it is now better than at any point in the past.

Good luck.

Nov 23, 2009
Amac in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Best Jerk Chicken?

Thanks. I think I will check it out this weekend.

Apr 01, 2009
Amac in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Best Jerk Chicken?

I love the sound of picking up some jerk there. I couldn't find anything on the web regarding Rap's hours of operation. Anyone know when it is open? Is it weather dependant?


Mar 30, 2009
Amac in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Birthday Dessert - not cake

Thanks Currycue & Woodsey. Good suggestions and I am familar with the patisseries in the hood. I will survey their offerings and buy whatever looks best today. Thanks.

Nov 07, 2008
Amac in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Birthday Dessert - not cake

Anybody have any recommendations on where to pick up a good dessert for a birthday party. The birthday girl is not partial to cakes of any kind and prefers fruit flans or other fruit based desserts. Nothing too extravagant or fancy - just good quality. Yonge & Eglinton area or near the 401 recommendations only please.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Nov 06, 2008
Amac in Ontario (inc. Toronto)