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Mexican Birrieria in Los Angeles

Monte Alban in WLA- goat soup, goat taco, also has great mole.

Fresh Love for Hostaria del Piccolo's Pastas

The food at Hosteria was very good, but we will NEVER go back. The chef would not substitute penne instead of long tagliatelle. The chef was made aware that my wife has a neurological disease that severly limits what she can do with her hands, to wit...rolling or even cutting long pasta. she needs a pasta she can put her fork in the end of a tube. Penne was on the menu, but had a creme sauce, we don't like creme sauce. The last counter offer from the chef was...he would make my wife macaroni and sausage. All we wanted was penne with meat sauce which was on the menu with long pasta! I can see a restaurant not serving tarter sauce on $35 swordfish, or no ketcup/A-1 sauce on a $45 steak, but those places don't have those items on the premises.

Dec 12, 2012
Richard Neidorf in Features

Taco Truck with hand-made tortillas!

Hey molecules, Which truck is it that you tried (the good one with handmade tortillas)? Where is it located? Is it the one on Vermont? Glassel Park?