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Does using Opentable affect seating location?

This is not about seating, but time of reservation. A friend and I were going to Aureole in NY on a Monday Night. She was using OT, and the only times offered were quite early (before 6:30) or quite late (after 9). She made the later reservation. I then called to see if they had anything open up, and turned out they were wide open. I made a reservation for 7:30 and then she cancelled the one on OT. It seems that at lease some restaurants are releasing only less desirable time to OT.

Jul 15, 2006
yelly in Not About Food

Jerusalem restaurants?

I am spending a month working in Jerusalem and would appreciate guidance from those of you out there who were here recently: both casual and more special, in Jerusalem and within a reasonable driving distance (though not too close to the Lebanon border just now). Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Jul 14, 2006
yelly in Middle East & Africa