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nashville (opryland hotel) - dining recs?

i am headed to nashville this weekend and will be staying at the opryland hotel.

any recommendations for nearby eats?

the group i am going with isn't too adventurous but i don't want to be limited to the hotel options.

thanks in advance!

Feb 23, 2009
sloped in General South Archive

meal delivery in louisville?

I would like to send a meal to a bereaved family in Louisville (Shelbyville, actually). Any suggestions of local places that would put together and deliver a complete meal?

Feb 17, 2009
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"cabbage noodle" lasagna?

A while back on a thread about cabbage, someone mentioned using cabbage as lasagna noodles. Does anyone have a recipe?

Should I boil the cabbage leaves first or will they soften enough while baking? Is the dish cabbage-y or does it mellow like when you braise cabbage?

Jan 13, 2009
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Favorite Out of the Ordinary Breakfast Recipe

Shirred eggs is the name, I believe. So delicious.

Jan 13, 2009
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Recipe for wheatberry salad

This doesn't fit the bill entirely but I love this recipe from Eating Well. Perhaps you could adapt it to use your specified ingredients?

Jan 12, 2009
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birthday (mine) dessert - easy, feeds two, not much time

is this the recipe from "how to be a domestic godess"? i have made these and they are incredible. great idea.

Jan 07, 2009
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birthday (mine) dessert - easy, feeds two, not much time

the fondue could be really fun. we don't have a fondue pot but i think we could make due. plus, we both love chocolate. and i have been wanting to make homemade marshmallows. this might be a good excuse.

unfortunately there is no trader joes here (omaha). can i get on a list somewhere to beg for them to open a branch?

Jan 07, 2009
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birthday (mine) dessert - easy, feeds two, not much time

My boyfriend is cooking dinner for me on Friday night and I would like to make the dessert.

The constraints are:

Time - I will be at work all day Friday (and Thursday too with plans Thursday evening) so I need something I can make when I get home.

Quantity - I don't want a lot of leftovers. Two servings for that evening is plenty.

Space - boyfriend will be cooking all day and that means a mess in the kitchen with precious little space available. I might have access to the oven and will be able to use my KA mixer (I hope).

Thoughts? Some kind of parfait? Should I go simpler and just do figs with ricotta and honey? Ice cream sundaes? I love sweets and am looking forward to indulging for my birthday.

Jan 07, 2009
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Moloukhia (sp?)

the recipe above seems right. we simmer the greens with some fresh cilantro and garlic and serve the final dish with onions soaked in vinegar which i think adds a great deal.

we find the greens frozen at a lebonese grocery store - amazing for omaha, nebraska!

Jan 05, 2009
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freezer organization

Thanks for the suggestions. I have to say that my partner is the pack rat. He thinks we are "out" of something if there are only two left in the house. He uses the ice pack daily but you are right about the ice cream freezer. We will just have to plan ahead and put it in the freezer when we need it.

Nov 21, 2008
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freezer organization

With the approaching holidays, I have begun to think a lot about how to maximize space in my freezer. We can't afford/don't have a place to put a second unit although we could certainly use one.

Right now in our non-side by side model we keep our ice cream bowl (yes, it's cold outside but homemade ice cream is good all year long), several loaves of bread, a dozen-ish homemade muffins (for quick breakfasts), coffee, frozen vegs, and something I refer to as the "turkey" (a several pound gel ice pack that fits over the shoulder and is butterball blue). It just seems like there isn't room for holiday baking, etc.

How do you organize? So you have a system? Gadgets? Help!

Nov 20, 2008
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sanding sugar

Anyone make their own colored sanding sugar? Care to share instructions? I fugure it can't be that hard but would love to know if someone has some experience with it.

Alternatively, any good resources with reasonable shipping rates? TIA

Sep 18, 2008
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ideas for yogurt-marinated chicken

Yogurt-marinated chicken (with garlic, tumeric, lemon juice, etc) is a staple in my house. My BF grills a huge batch each week and we mostly work our way through with chopping it up and eating it in a salad.

We both like to eat as cleanly as possible during the week. What are other ideas for using up the chicken aside from enchiladas and chicken salad?

Help me get out of this rut! Thanks in advance!

Sep 16, 2008
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what to do w/ pineapple juice?

I have a large bottle of pinapple juice and would like to use it up before it goes bad. I bought it for a party as a mixer and have used some in a glazed salmon dish.

Other ideas?

Jun 27, 2008
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first time in milwaukee

No car and with a group that might be less inclined to take a bus somewhere out of the way. I love public transportation, though, and would be willing to venture out on my own.

Thanks for the tip about the lakefront. It doesn't seem too, too far away from the Ambassador so hopefully I can get over there at least once on this trip.

Thank you all for the great recs and ideas!

first time in milwaukee

headed to milwaukee this coming sunday through tuesday for a conference and looking for food advice. we are staying at the ambassador hotel (2308 W. Wisconsin Ave at N. 23rd) but will be spending a fair amount of time on marquette's campus.

anything in the area or close by that shouldn't be missed? any good cheap student places?

thanks in advance!

Lebanese Food/Bakery in Omaha?

wish i could help too. we just moved to omaha and have been making our own. if you found anything, definitely let us know!

petit fours

Does anyone have a good, not-too-complicated recipe for petit fours?

Thanks in advance!

Apr 29, 2008
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The best of Omaha

I am heading to Omaha this weekend and am looking for the best the city has to offer. Please suggest anything you find interesting, from hole in the walls to fine dining.

Thanks in advance.

grocery shopping at target? [Moved from General Topics board]

Have to go to Target tonight and was wondering if anyone does any grocery shopping there.

Some of the Archer Farms products have caught my eye with nice packaging. Anything I should be on the lookout for?

Aug 16, 2007
sloped in Chains

simple shrimp dish to accomp peanut noodles

I don't have a grill so I am looking for something simple to do with shrimp to accompany a sesame peanut noodle dish. Any ideas?

Jun 11, 2007
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a cookbook to cook my way through?

Any recs for a great cookbook to cook my way through? I live in a very small, rural town that has 5+ months of winter so I need something that doesn't require a lot of specialty items. Although our farmer's market has begun its season, they are still mostly selling last year's root vegetables. Still some weeks away from fresh produce, I think.

I have Sunday Suppers (love it, but lots of particular ingredients that I don't have access to), Marcell Hazan (too heavy for summer), Nigella's How to Eat and a lot of baking books. My local library has the Gourmet Cookbook (which I check out about once a month), a Madhur Jaffrey veg boook, Fannie Farmer and a smattering of others.

Other requirements: I usually cook just for myself and have dinner parties 3-4 times per month (max 8 guests). Something that would translate well to dinners for one would be great. Also, I don't eat too much meat.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

May 24, 2007
sloped in Home Cooking

Big Lebowski Party

Aside from White Russians, what else should (could) be served at a Big Lebowksi themed party? All creative answers welcome.

May 14, 2007
sloped in General Topics

discolored stainless pot?

My mother sent soup over to a friend and the pot came back discolored - a bluish purple rainbow effect all over the inside. The pot (Farberware) is completely clean but we can't get the discoloration off.

Is the pot salvageable? Any tipes on how to get rid of the rainbow?


Apr 23, 2007
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an abundance of citrus (but no lemons)

I just received a lovely box of tangerines, oranges and grapefruit. I can only eat so much out of hand and would love to use them either in main dishes or desserts.

I don't eat much meat and do not like chocolate and fruit together. What are you best suggestions given these parameters? TIA

Mar 26, 2007
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Spongy Spinach

I bought a large bag of prewashed spinach (not baby) and find the texture unbearably spongy. Has anyone else experienced this? What can I do to make it palatable?

Mar 21, 2007
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Recipes for homemade Girl Scout Cookies?

I cannot wait to hear reports on the samoa (aka caramel delight) replication. Please let us know how it goes!

Mar 14, 2007
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frosting in the blender/processor?

I made a chocolate frosting recipe in the blender once and was wondeing if it could be done with any recipe. Could I make buttercream in my food processor (I don't have a standmixer and my hand mixer slogs through the beating pretty poorly)? Does anyone have any experience with this?

Mar 07, 2007
sloped in Home Cooking

What size cake for 25?

I am making the birthday cake for a one year old's birthday. Of the 25 in attendence, many will be infants and children.

What size cake should I make to accomodate the crowd? Would cupcakes be better?

Any ideas for generally appealing recipes in a very non-chow locale?

Mar 05, 2007
sloped in Home Cooking

Need raisin biscuit cookie recipe please

I too loved the Sunshine brand raisin biscuits...

Maida Heatter has a recipe in one of her cookie books. I think I it at home and will try to remember to post tomorrow!

Jan 11, 2007
sloped in Home Cooking