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Nicky's Pizzeria in White Plains

Exactly. It makes no sense.

Nicky's Pizzeria in White Plains

Red Plum an Asian restaurant (there is one in Mamaroneck) is opening in Nicky's Pizza spot.

the original pancake house (white plains)

That Mall is out of the way. I've lived in White Plains 9 years and I forget that it is even there.

the original pancake house (white plains)

Where in White Plains?

Lazy Boy Saloon and Lazy Boy Lounge - White Plains

I heard that Lazy Boy Saloon and Lazy Boy Lounge in White Plains have been sold. I don't know if the name is staying the same or if new venues will be open in their place. Has anyone else heard about this?

Barcelona Tapas in White Plains

are they open for business yet?

Barcelona Tapas in White Plains

Sorry about the all caps in my earlier post. I was having computer problems earlier. Was stuck in all caps....

Barcelona Tapas in White Plains


Barcelona Tapas in White Plains

There is a blurb about this restaurant in the new Westchester magazine. It states that it is called Barcelona but has no affiliation with the ones in Connecticut.

Westchester Steakhouse Recs? - revisiting an old topic

BLT at the Ritz Carlton in White Plains

Central Avenue Updates - Scarsdale/White Plains

hopefully their permanent location will be roomier.

Great American BBQ pop-up (White Plains, NY)

Where is it on Gedney Way?

Red Plum - White Plains

I think a lot has to do with the fact that you have to pay meter parking in white plains on the street until 9 p.m. The fine is a $25.00 ticket or you have to pay in the lots 24/7 and the fine is $10.00. White Plains is still known for it's bars and pubs which attract a young crowd and people stay away when they can go to a really good restaurant in a smaller town.

Red Plum - White Plains

Looks like another Asian restaurant will be opening soon in White Plains. Red Plum (I'm assuming it's the same owners of the one in Mamaroneck) They are opening on Mamaroneck Avenue (the old Nicky's Pizza location). I saw them unveiling the sign the other day. Does White Plains really need another Asian restaurant?

Cocktails in White Plains

Hudson Grill on Mamaroneck Ave is nice for a pre-dinner cocktail on Sat. A nice restaurant - not a pub.
Sushi Nanese - great place. Don't be late for your reservation there.

Ottimo - White Plains City Center (former Pranzi location)

Same owner from Pranzi trying a new less expensive concept concentrating on pizza.

Pinocchio (Eastchester) is closed

I agree about Valentinos. Old School. I've been going there since the late 80's and the same waiters are still there. Same family owns it. Always feel welcome and the food is plentiful and very good.

Mulberry Street - White Plains - Closed

Saw Moses in front of the restaurant Monday. He is partners with Par from Eclisse and they are planning an "authentic" upscale Italian restaurant.

In White Plains...

There is a smashburger in Mamaroneck. It is good for a chain. You can try it out before the one in White Plains opens up.

Mulberry Street - White Plains - Closed

Mulberry restaurant on Post Road is closed with a sign stating opening soon. I understand that Par took back the space and Moses from Tango Grill and Gaucho Grill is now going to be working with him. I don't know if they are changing the name or decor but i was told it is going to be Italian and will reopen on Thursday.

China white purchase closed

If you go to their website, there is a note that says they have been acquired by a conglomerate and will be opening locations in the future and thanks for your patronage.

Pranzi - White Plains - Closed

Chipoltie is coming to main street where the new hotel is being built.

Pranzi - White Plains - Closed

Pranzi is another restaurant that is closed. I heard that they closed their doors and did not even tell their help. It's a shame. Pranzi started out strong, good food, service, Rob the owner was attentive to all his patrons. They were always crowded. Little by little it changed, new managers every few weeks, food went downhill and so did service and Rob didn't seem to care anymore and the patrons started to stay away. I notice this trend with a number of restaurants. Is it that hard to keep a good chef and staff? When restaurants start to do singles nights with a DJ and they offer free drinks to ladies on Thursday nights, you know they are on their way out.

Grace's Table Gone [White Plains]

I'm surprised i lasted that long. It seems that no restaurant lasts very long in that spot for some reason.

Pranzi- closed? [White Plains]

I walked past at lunch time today and saw the sign in the window. No explanation as to why they are closed. That's never a good sign. They were awesome when they first opened up a couple of years ago but then food and service began to slip. They started to do women drink free happy hours and had a DJ. Maybe they will get their act together and reopen.

In White Plains...


Limoncello - Mamaroneck?

thank you for the information.

Limoncello - Mamaroneck?

I thought Limoncello on Post Road had been closed for well over a year. It is listed on the latest list of restaurants for March restaurant week. Has it reopened? I thought something else was in that space.

Don Coqui coming soon to White Plains!

They took over the old Seasons Japanese Bistro to make the space next door even bigger. I hope they make it. The last several places that were there before never made it past a year. They all were clubs or restaurant/clubs and were either closed because of a incident involving the police or were too big to survive in such a large space. I know they do well in New Rochelle and hopefully they can do the same in WP.

Scarsdale Pizza & Brew rebranded Racanelli's now open -anyone gone?

Another name that has been on central avenue forever is gone.
Pizza and Brew has a new name. I guess nothing stays the same forever.