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Dec trip to Ottawa from Spain - Help with restaurants - specially asian


I will be in Ottawa (well, Kanata) for 11 days around this Christmas 06 with my wife and baby visiting family. I really need your help finding the best restaurants in Ottawa. We love thai, vietnamese, malaysian, japanese authentic food. I haven ́t been in Canada for a long time, I have researched the web and I kind off came up with what seems to be the most acclaimed ones, but there is always someone who had an awful experience. Here is the list, I would appreciate any comments, or additions to it:

THAI: Siam Kitchen, Green Papaya, Sweet Basil, Bangkok Noodle House (Noodles), Sukhothai, Coriander Thai, Siam Bistro, Nokham.

VIETNAMESE: Vietnam Palace, Cam Kong, Pho Mi Bo Ga

MALAYSIAN: Chahaya Malaysia


JAPANESE: Wasabi, Genji, A taste of Japan, Kinki, Sushi 88

CHINESE: Yangtze, Shanghai

OTHER: Merlot, Sante, L'Orée du Bois, Big Daddy's Crab Shack

Sorry for so much info, please keep in mind that I might manAge to go out for lunch-diner only 5-7 times!

Many thanks,

Jul 14, 2006
packet in Ontario (inc. Toronto)