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Chabaa Thai

I recently met friends from Indiana in Philly for a nice weekend. We're all foodies and were hard pressed to find a place that wouldn't turn their noses up to a small infant and we also ethnic food. We ended up at Chabba Thai. I promised someone on this board I would add my two cents about the place, so here it is.

The neighborhood is cute--very walkable, with lots of shops and ice cream stops.

Parking was easier than I thought.

The restaurant is nicely decorated.

Food was good, but not spectacular. We ordered ALOT. So I think we have a feel for the menu. Everyone raves about the Pad Thai here, and, again, I thought it was only average. That combined with the fact that it is seriously over priced $20 for crab pad Thai with pasteurized crab? $9.00 for king prawn appetizer with two prawns? If I was to go back, I would order the less exotic items or stick to chicken because I don't think the seafood was tasty enough to demand the price, and I'm willing to pay for good seafood.

The high notes included the beef salad the sausage appetizer. Each bite brought a burst of flavor and it was something unique to Chabaa.

I love BYOB!

The service was spot on.

Overall, it was a positive experience. A little over priced for good enough food.

Jun 24, 2008
cornflakegirldc in Pennsylvania

Thai Food in Philly, Thoughts?

I'm visiting Philly on Saturday night and my friends would like to have Thai food. This is a special occasion, but we don't want to break the bank. We will also have a small infant, which rules out anything really fancy or hipster.

Thoughts on which Thai restaurant is best for this?

I've narrowed it down to

Lemon Grass
Cafe Loas
Chabaa Thai

I was thinking Chabba Thai is the best option.


Jun 19, 2008
cornflakegirldc in Pennsylvania

Best Ethnic Food in Philly

I'm meeting friends from Indiana in Philly and want to eat out at a Thai or other ethnic eatery. My friends don't get much ethnic grub in Indiana so this will be a treat for them.


Jun 10, 2008
cornflakegirldc in Pennsylvania

Where to find: Eggs Benedict...

The Market Lunch at Eastern Market has DELICIOUS Eggs Bennie. They have traditional (bacon or ham) and also one served with crabcake. The crabcakes benedict is OFF THE CHAIN.

Also try:

Hanks Oyster Bar (crab benedict)
Luna Grill (good price)

Tackle Box

I think the buzz about the tackle box is well deserved. In addition to good food, it serves up a sense of place for those who long for New England. My full review is here. :)

W Domku Bar & Cafe?

I went to Domku tonight for my boyfriend's b-day. His family is Ukranian and he really enjoyed it. I thought it was tasty. I had the onion and cheese tart, which was lighter than I thought it would be. He had the sausage and kraut and liked it. The Perogis were okay and the brussel sprouts were cooked nicely. We both agreed we would go back. I like the funky decor and there is a pool table in the back.

Pete's Apizza: New Haven Pizza in Columbia Heights

I went today and I think Pete's Apizza is delicious. New Haven style pizza is supposed to be crispy and slightly charred. The crust as Pete's was delicious, and, I have to say, the first crust I've had in DC that couldn't leave behind on my plate. It's worth the trip.