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What's Up With So Few Tacoma Mentions? No Chow There?

The already-recommended Marrow is great, and for lunch I have really enjoyed Stink on St. Helens Avenue. Great sandwiches and the adjacent wine shop is fun to peruse.

Apr 03, 2014
megaldee in Greater Seattle

Dinner in Portland - ONE night only


My fiance and I will be in Portland on a travel layover for about 12 hours this Friday night. We are staying at a hotel on SW 6th Avenue, and should be arriving around 8pm. We made a deal that I'd choose and pay for the restaurant, and he'd gamely go along. No real parameters on price, but we'd probably prefer walking distance from our hotel (or a short cab ride).

I like and will try any cuisine; he prefers a slightly "safer" menu with something familiar like scallops, steak, or pasta. Any suggestions? I have looked at the menu for Ten01 and that's a possibility so far.


Feb 24, 2009
megaldee in Pacific Northwest

Tasty Thai: Kittery Maine

i think the portions are at their most miniscule when you order food to go. i have called ahead several times for both lunch and dinner, and was very disappointed in the portion size vs. cost...but, as bewley says, the food is great so we also chanced dining there last week.

portion size at the table was more realistic (even allowed for a very small take-home package), but i had the same spice problem. asked for three stars, was told that extra spice would be added as well as the on-table garnishes....but when i ask for extra spice, i want that already IN my meal; i didn't want to have to regulate after the fact.

most often the husband has been running the front of the house and the wife cooking; recently i have not seen him there at all and perhaps there is not as clear of communication happening between front of house and back.

i'll probably still go back for more (and actually would recommend it with the spice and portion size caveat), but i do hope they make some changes.