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Best Sunday Brunch South Beach??

PB Steak brunch was an amazing recommendation. Everything we tried was incredible (Maine lobster taquitos, steak tartare slider, pumpkin pie pancakes, and bacon confit). Thank you.

Restaurant Michael Schwartz

Wondering the same thing


Just wanted to thank you for the Finca Sandoval Vino Tinto recommendation. After reading your post, I was anxious to try it. Ordered it at Bourbon Steak last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm hoping I can find it at one of my local wine stores!

Sep 02, 2008
miamisage in Wine

Osteria del Teatro or Cafe Abbracci?

I completely agree about the food and atmosphere at Cafe Abracci. I found the food to be very forgettable. The decor and waiters also made me feel quite uncomfortable.

Michaels Miami Pre Fixe

Next time I go, I will defiinitely give it a try. Thanks!

Aug 14, 2008
miamisage in Florida

Michaels Miami Pre Fixe

How much is the corkage? That sounds like a good option since I'm not crazy about their wine list.

Aug 12, 2008
miamisage in Florida

Best Thai in south florida?

Tani Thai on US1 and 125 Street, in Pinecrest, is amazing. Everything is great, but the standouts are the spring rolls, nam sod (pork salad), basil duck, pad thai, special fried rice, and thai donuts.

Is there an ingredient you are sort of afraid to cook (with)?

Probably silly, but I avoid all recipes that use yeast!

Jul 11, 2008
miamisage in General Topics

MIA - Coral Gables Breakfast

How about Chocolate Fashion?

Jul 10, 2008
miamisage in Florida

Castello di Verrazzno

I agree with the others about the wine tour, and property, view, etc. I didn't know that they had anywhere to stay.

Jul 08, 2008
miamisage in Italy

Mondays at Sardinia

Do you know how long they will continue with the Monday night thing? I thought it was just for the month of June.

Jul 08, 2008
miamisage in Florida

Food Recommendations in Miami

I couldn't agree more with you about the mojitos and view at the Sonesta!

Jul 07, 2008
miamisage in Florida

Best Bagels (SoFla)

The bagel store on US1 and 144 street is House of Bagels. It's my favorite place for bagels.

Lunch in Miami area

Lunch at Michael's Genuine is great (pizzas, salads, sandwiches, and a couple entrees). Only open Mon-Fri for lunch though.

Jun 26, 2008
miamisage in Florida

Any feedback on Gabbiano's, Miami, Florida

If they have the porcini ravioli in a champagne truffle cream sauce as a "special", I think you cannot go wrong with it. Its the best pasta dish I can remember eating. I put special in "" because its not on the menu but they had it both times I was there and many others seem to have tried it as well. It's a large portion and is very rich. Definitely enough to share. It is very pricey though (I'm thinking $36.00!)

Jun 21, 2008
miamisage in Florida

Good Eats in Kendall?

Unfortunately, Kendall is basically a wasteland of chains. Really no independent good places come to mind. If you're looking for a Chili's, Red Lobster, Ale House, Bahama Breeze, etc, there's plenty! There's a pretty good sushi place on Sunset and 102 ave called Shibui. Good luck!

Jun 19, 2008
miamisage in Florida

Cutting Edge Cooking in Sunny Isles (?!) – Neomi’s Grill

That is really amazing. I am referring as much so to your descriptions as I am the meal itself!

First time to Sonoma

Its not in Healdsburg, but a tiny spot called Forestville about a 25 min drive, but one of my favorite restaurants ever is the Farmhouse Inn. Open for dinner only and should definitely make a reservation.

Wine Pairing Thoughts Sought

I would love to know what restaurant you held this dinner at. From the description of the food, doesn't sound like any place I've been in Miami!

Jun 02, 2008
miamisage in Wine

Sardinia, south beach

Have never been to Michy's, so can't compare Sardinia to it. But having gone to both Michael's and Sardinia about 5-6 times each, I've found the level of consisitently great food to be higher at Sardinia.

Jun 02, 2008
miamisage in Florida

Best mussels in Miami

I've never been disappointed with the mussels at Le Bon. We order them "fisherman's style", which is basically like getting a bowl of lobster bisque with steamed mussels on top!

May 28, 2008
miamisage in Florida

Mondays at Sardinia

Just called and got the menu for Sicilia on Memorial Day:
-Rice croquettes with peas, ham, and mozzarella.
-Eggplant parmigiano.
-Swordfish steak with olive oil, garlic, and herbs.
-Cannoli with ricotta, chocolate, and candied fruit.

Sounds pretty good to me!

May 22, 2008
miamisage in Florida

Want to make a flatbread/tart - need ideas

A delicious combo that I first had as a pizza and recently made at home as a quesadilla: Aged gruyere, shitake mushrooms sauteed with fresh thyme, and caramelized onions. Really simple, but awesome!

May 22, 2008
miamisage in Home Cooking

Miami Beach Poolside or Waterview for Lunch

I agree with AG. The Ritz Carlton South beach is definitely one of the best spots w/ a view on South Beach. The National also has a really nice spot with a beautiful pool view.

May 06, 2008
miamisage in Florida

Michael's Genuine Revisited

My first post on chowhound, but finally wanted to join the posse.

Went tonight for our fourth meal. A couple of new items on the menu too. Of course the crispy hominy and pork belly are a can't miss as always. Ordered the double yolk farm egg, grilled lamb sausage with tomato harissa, homemade fettucine with shrimp and chorizo, and the pizza with braised short ribs.
The server (Hinmahtooyah) was a pro and brought the sausage and double yolk together. This ended up being my husband's creation of egg and sausage breakfast, as he dipped the sausage in the rich yolk. A great combo, although each were great, stand-alone.
The short rib pizza was also a must-order for I'm sure the short time it will remain on the menu. The only miss of our meal was the fettucine. The first attempt was far past al-dente, more like chewy/crunchy. The second go-around which was very graciously served, was much better, yet I would still not recommend this dish with all the other wonderful choices.
Overall, another great experience at one of our favorite restaurants in Miami.

May 03, 2008
miamisage in Florida