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Thai in Downtown Bethesda?

Are you thinking of Yin Yankee on Fairmont?

Thai in Downtown Bethesda?

Tara Thai or Sala Thai. I like Tara better.

Bethesda Restaurants

definately Faryab (simple but absolutely delicious ) or Black's (awesome seafood)

Baccus (lebanese) is good and a lot of fun. Raku has fabulous Japanese food aside from sushi. Green Papaya is terrific Vietnamese.

BDay dinner--need some good authentic ethnic recs

or Afghani...go to Faryab in Bethesda. The pumkin is out of this world!!

Taberna del Alabardero

It's a set menu but it does include tapas, gazpacho and' just that there are no choices and, seeing as I'm surprising someone, I was wonderring if it was a risk.

Taberna del Alabardero

Does anyone know Taberna del Alabardero? I want to celebrate a birthday there for Flamenco night (I'm told it's the best Spanish food in DC) but there's only one thing on the menu - tuna with pepper and thyme sauce. Do you know how it is?

Best Chocolate Dessert in DC

Ditto, Ell Gee - I'd love that recipe as well.

Best Chocolate Dessert in DC

We've been out for great meals in DC only to be disappointed by the desserts. Can you reccommend any great chocolate desserts in the metro area?