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Wine Store in Manhattan? [moved from Wine board]

The proprietors of Discovery personally visit every vineyard they purchase from? Really? Either you completely misunderstood or they are feeding people a total heap of BS. Think about it - off they go from Rioja to Bordeaux & Burgundy and Chamagne then on to South Africa and to Napa Valley. Now it's time to fly to Chile & Argentina - all on their modest income from owing a wine shop. I don't think so.

Jul 29, 2008
sflynnny in Manhattan

Best Resturant in Tulum

Tulum has it's share of good restaurants but most are mediocre tourist traps. A traveler we met during our week in Tulum suggested we try El Tabano, one of the few restaurants on the jungle side of the peninsula.

My wife & I are people who like to try many different restaurants while traveling but this one was so good, we went four times.

The cuisine is mostly traditional Mexican but not the kind we gringos are accustomed to. Jalapenos stuffed with minced chicken, raisins & nuts is not a dish we'd find in the Mexican Restaurants in the US but husband/wife owners Laura & Paf insist the recipe comes from the local kitchens. The food is very fresh, and the menu changes almost daily.

The menu offerings are so enticing and well-prepared, that you can't help but return. (they serve breakfast, lunch & dinner - good coffee too).

Despite not being on the sea, the outdoor setting is magnificent - sit either under the thatched roof or completely unsheltered and gaze at the moon & stars while you dine.

We live in New York City where we eat world class food all the time. El Tabano offers the same world-class fare at a fraction of NYC prices (and the service is much friendlier too). Yes! World Class Cuisine. Amazing!!!

May 06, 2008
sflynnny in Mexico