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Everything in Farmington, ME is horrible.

I have been watching this post ever since it was put up. I pretty much agree there isn't much good to eat in Farmington. It is very disappointing. We run errands in Farmington and when we go into "town" we like to have lunch while we are there. Unfortunately there isn't really any place that we like. (I used to like the french dip at the Granary, now closed). We were pretty excited to see the good comments about the Snack Shack and wanted to try it. This past Friday we went into Farmington and on the way to the hairdresser we went to locate the Snack Shack. Anyway, we pull up and start reading the menu board from the car and then unfortunately notice it did not open until 2:30 p.m. So disappointed. We were all ready to come back at noon and try their pizza and sit outside on their picnic tables. It would have been a nice day for it. We are rarely in Farmington in the evening. For a short time there was a restaurant called Peter's Seafood and Steak on Fairbanks Rd. We really liked it. The chef and owner did a really good job with his seafood chowder and other seafood items. It was a cute place for a quick lunch. Unfortunately he was killed in a car accident and the restaurant closed not long after. I still miss his chowders in the winter. We have been to Thai Smile a few times but the last two times when we were there at noon we were told the person that knows how to make the sushi wasn't at work yet. I was only going there for the sushi, since it is something I get incredibly hungry for, so we left. We haven't been back because of it. We did have a last Gifford's ice cream cone though before they close soon for winter. It is the best fresh. And picked up some apple cider from the apple lady in the parking lot at Gifford's. She has really good cider as well as apples.

BBQ in New Sharon outside of Farmington food wasteland

Yes. Cancun is good. We are originally from "away" and terribly miss Mexican food. Cancun has been a lifesaver. We think their specials are better than the usual fare. The Burrito Roqueta is our favorite and we also like the carnitas dinner. Their chips and salsa are the best we have had since moving to Maine. I also like the owners/employees. We were told they moved to Maine from our southern state of Georgia. They brought "sweet tea" with them. We tell people about them all the time because we don't want them to go out of business. It would kill us.

BBQ in New Sharon outside of Farmington food wasteland

Thanks for the response. No. We haven't tried Fonzo's but I have it on my list to try. Speaking of food in the middle of nowhere....our local grocery store/gas station (in Mount Vernon) just started making shrimp/fish/clam baskets. We had nothing for supper the other night so we dared to try it and were very surprised that it was pretty good. We had the Maine shrimp basket and the haddock basket and then shared. They were out of the clams. The price was very, very reasonable too. $5 something for one and $7 something for the other. The fries were a real surprise and it came with coleslaw. I'm sure we will have it again some evening we aren't prepared to make supper.

72 Smithfield Rd, Norridgewock, ME 04957

BBQ in New Sharon outside of Farmington food wasteland

I read the recent threads about the bad food in Farmington. I have to agree. Unfortunately we are stuck because we shop and bank in Farmington. We are always hoping to find something new. We will often drive to Waterville for Mexican at Cancun just to have something decent. So anyway, this past weekend we heard about the Top of the Hill Grill in New Sharon. We have eaten there before but they recently made some changes and now serve bbq. The bbq is served mostly for supper. The restaurant is clean and airy and the proprietors are friendly. They have a new back deck with tables and umbrellas. We chose fish and chips and were very happy with the meal. The fish was very good and crisp. It was served with hand cut fries which were very good. (They reminded us a little of In-N-Out fries). It was served with a very good coleslaw as well as good tartar sauce. (I care about good coleslaw and good tartar sauce). They also serve fresh brewed sweet tea. There was a table of 2 couples that had come in on their motorcycles and were obviously from "away". Three of them had the lobster roll and the fourth had a pulled pork sandwich (which is not on the lunch menu but they had some ready for supper and went ahead and served it to the woman). The three folks with the lobster rolls were very happy with them from what we could hear of their conversation. We saw the rolls when the waitress went by with them and they did look good and full. If I was from away, I too would have had a lobster roll. The woman with the pulled pork sandwich was pleased also. So anyway, we plan on going back some evening and either having bbq or the prime rib. We have had their prime rib before and it was very good. So for people from away that want to come up and drive thru Belgrade (cute shops) and then up thru Farmington to Rangeley (September is a good month to see moose) it would be a good place to stop on the way up. Here is their web site:

Need favorite Chinese restaurant suggestions in Maine

Starving for good Chinese. Willing to take a road trip. I live on the outskirts of Augusta and would travel north to Bangor or to Portland for decent Chinese. Any suggestions?

Good goat cheese for beginners? (Central Maine)

I learned to like goat cheese recently and I like our local one from York Hill Farm. My favorite is their chevre roll that has dill and garlic rolled in it. I put it on Wasa crackers for breakfast at work. They are getting a lot of recognition for their cheese.

Pete's Roast Beef - Winthrop, Maine

Drove over to Winthrop recently to try out the new roast beef place. There aren't a lot of good places to eat in our area (Belgrade Lakes/Augusta) so when a new place opens we always are hoping for the best. We were very happy with the roast beef sandwich here. They roast their own meat and slice it thin. They have a number of sauces and we tried their bbq and their horseradish. Both were good. We had their largest sandwich and it was enough to take some of it home to have later. Prices are reasonable for the amount of meat on the sandwiches. Their coleslaw was good but they need work on their potato salad.
We read that the owners used to live in MA and missed the roast beef sandwiches they used to get there. We will be going back.

Any Dim Sum in Maine? Portland maybe?

Thank you so much for this information. Guess we will be heading back up to Bangor sooner than I had thought. YIPPEE.

Any Dim Sum in Maine? Portland maybe?

Are there any restaurants in Maine that serve dim sum? Any suggestions or do we need to leave the state to find some?

New Coffee Pot - Bangor

Well actually we tried to find the Finelli's that I thought was also in Bangor. It wasn't there. We do plan on taking a trip to Ellsworth though to try that pizza. We are DYING for decent pizza.

New Coffee Pot - Bangor

Well we tried. We had such high hopes...but alas...they weren't that good. (The ride up was beautiful though. A gorgeous Maine day).
I just don't understand why these places can't use a better quality of meat/cheese and roll? The only place I have found since moving to ME for a decent sub is Full Court Deli in Winthrop. They use Boar's Head meats and their rolls have a nice "crunch" to them when they are heated. Good quality products make all the difference in the world.

Full Court Deli
83 Route 133, Winthrop, ME 04364

New Coffee Pot - Bangor

Will be taking a quick road trip to Bangor tomorrow. A friend mentioned all the "hoopla" in the paper about the Coffee Pot. I read some of the articles on line but was wondering if there is one specific "Coffee Pot" sandwich or whether all of their sandwiches are good. Is the sandwich called a "coffee pot"?
I don't get there very often and want to make my trip to the New Coffee Pot worthwhile.
Thanks for your help.

Anthony Bourdain in Maine

I enjoyed it. It was nice seeing things around my state. I'm glad they showed a bean supper. I have tried to explain that experience to my friends in CA. The people of Maine are just friendly and down to earth. I can't remember the exact comment but they commented about there not being any beautiful women in Maine and I have to agree they are few and far between. We noticed that coming from CA. When we see a pretty/beautiful woman in Maine, we stop and stare. But you can't beat Maine for having such truly good people. I have to agree that Dana Street looked like an a...hole. He sure was not a good representation of a Mainer. That part was very uncomfortable and I would have cut that part from the show. He seemed to act more like a person from "away". The people in my part of Maine seem to feel that Portland is really just a northern part of Massachusetts and they don't generally go there. I really miss all the good food of CA and I wish more of the good quality restaurants like on the coast would move more into the interior of Maine. We really need better restaurants. I just don't know if the area could support the costs associated with them. Maybe they fear that also.

Meat at Your Door

We bought half a beef from a place that raises them and have their own butcher on site. The meat has been incredible. I have friends that raise meat chickens so we get our chickens from them. We raise our own hens for eggs. A friend raised an extra pig for us last year and that meat has been incredible also.
I would NEVER go back to store bought meat. I can't stand the thought of the factory farms.

Jun 17, 2009
Buttercupmaine in Features

Eggs from different fowl?

We have geese and I like to bake cakes with their eggs. We also have guineas and their eggs are very small and their shells are very hard. They are good if you scramble up a bunch of them. I have had duck eggs and they taste a little too strong for me to eat straight for breakfast things.

May 14, 2008
Buttercupmaine in General Topics

New Mexican Food Restaurant Waterville, ME

There is a new Mexican food place in Waterville. It is called CanCun and is located at 14 Silver St. Waterville. (207) 872-7400. First of all I have to explain that I moved from Northern California to Maine four years ago and I haven't had a decent Mexican meal since leaving CA. We have tried and tried to locate something that was kind of authentic. (You have to understand there are almost no Mexican people in Maine or at least in our area). There is a chain Mexican restaurant here called Margaritas but it doesn't satisfy our desire for more "real" Mexican food. Some places we have tried were absolutely horrid. We had almost given up finding something in our area. CanCun opened a couple of months ago. We read about it in our local paper and even though we had almost decided to not ever try another Mexican restaurant in Maine, we decided to give it a try. We are SO GLAD we did. The salsa and chips that they set on the table almost as soon as we sat down were the most authentic (actual cilantro in the salsa) we have had. I was incredibly excited to see that they had a tamale on their menu. I haven't had one in 4 years. They have the typical things..enchiladas, tacos, burritos. They also have many different fajitas. We were so impressed and excited the first meal we had there at lunch we also ordered again and took another meal home to heat up for supper that night. They were so good that they even packed us up some chips and salsa in the "to-go" bag. That was pretty exciting to find later in the evening. We tried their carnitas dinner (wonderful, will do again, also the first time we have had carnitas since moving here), mole poblano (very good mole sauce), chile Colorado (spiciest thing we have had since moving here), and chile poblanos. The poblano peppers were wonderful. Their sauces are very good. Their refried beans taste homemade. I asked the waiter if anyone was in the back making fresh tortillas and he said "no". He did say that the only way to get some would be to come to his house because his wife makes them all the time. We were very tempted to invite ourselves. There's nothing like fresh tortillas. For the most part Mainers aren't very fond of spicy food. Many people from away that have moved here really miss Mexican food. We are really hoping CanCun gets enough business to stay in open. It would be a shame to finally get an authentic Mexican restaurant and then have it not make it. We told them we intend on telling as many people about their restaurant and driving over as often as possible to help keep them open.

Best ice cream in Maine

I live not far from Wayne so we will be sure to try Tubby's this summer. We eat a lot of Gifford's ice cream. I did try a place summer before last that I want to get back to again and it is called Classic Custard. It is on US 1 in Freeport. They make all their own ice creams and they are wonderful. I especially want to have the fresh ginger flavor again. It was incredible.