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Is Quartino OK for a quick sunday lunch for 22 big city slickers?

Thanks much - but I MADE A MISTAKE! The group is thinking of Quartino for dinner on that Sunday in May. Is it nice enough for a casual very good dinner?

Now C-House could be good for lunch/brunch on Sunday!

Is Quartino OK for a quick sunday lunch for 22 big city slickers?

If not, they're looking for something near MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art). It's a Sunday so many places are closed. They'll be dressed 'elegant casual' I'd say becuase of museum related meetings before and after. And they only have about an hour to eat. Thanks for your ideas.

Need High End Group Suggestions - 25 persons

hello - i'm helping organize 4 dinners for a group visiting chicago in may. I've received a slew of recommendations from various people and wanted to throw it out to chowhound people.

We're looking for a combination of very nice (3 nights) to super nice (saturday night). Need a private room, or semi-private. The crowed is 40s to 60s modern museum people so fairly hip but not "W Hotel" hip. They're staying at the Peninsula if that gives you an idea.

This is what we're thinking (again for dinner):
Les Nomades, Mercat, Nomi and Quartino or Grahamn Elliott.

Previous names we've discarded for no definitive reason other than somebody telling me no are Tru, Spiaggia, 160 blue, mkchicago, Crofton, Salpicon, Fronterra, Topolobampo.

We'll need some lunch suggestions, in case you think that some of these are better suited for lunch.


2008 Fall in Cape Town, ZA ?

Hi All.... not too many recent postings on Cape Town... any suggestions for good any kind of food. We like good dive, good trendy and a scene is fun. Don't like super expensive but would consider. We're staying in De Waterkant (if i got that right.) thanks.


check my post april 5 - we just got back.
title is "casual pizza and pasta in florence"

Apr 24, 2007
Josh in San Francisco in Italy


Gelato War here. Vivoli is by far the the best gelato in italy. besides, they're very friendly. Try the gianduia flavor. Neri is dull and unimaginitive.

Apr 24, 2007
Josh in San Francisco in Italy

casual pizza and pasta in florence

In February we went to Pizzeria Dante in the Oltrarno [Piazza Nazario Sauro 12r]. It was hip and fun, but not too trendy. Atmosphere was typical Florentine. Food was fantastic. I had penne arrabiata. Price are a little higher than your average joint, but it's worth it. But I do love those restaurants (all over Rome especially) where you can get a half litre of wine for 5 euros!


Apr 05, 2007
Josh in San Francisco in Italy

Ischia or Capri- Best

I was in Ischia for July 4 in 2006. First, it's not the most exciting island. But the hotel I stayed in was beautiful and has a famous spa which was THE place in the 60s. Anyway, their food really was great, and the service excellent. It's the Albergo della Regina Elisabetta in Lacco Ameno.

Apr 05, 2007
Josh in San Francisco in Italy


About 13 years ago i had a great meal at
Check it out...they had ancient underground wine caves where we had appetizers and vino. Buon Divertimento!

Jan 27, 2007
Josh in San Francisco in Italy

L.A. Chowhounder here -- don't shoot me, but need recs for upcoming vaca

The number of posts is very formidable.

My favorites:
In the Napa Valley, Tra Vigne is beautiful, you can dine in or outdoors, food is great, little touristy OK.
Also in the Valley, Mustards is still great after all these years - espcially their hamburger and fries

In San Francisco, nobody mentioned the Slanted Door at the Ferry Building. Fantastic modern Vietnamese/Asian. Nothing like normal Vietnamese.

And for a splurge Boulevard is fabulous....