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Speed's Hot Dogs 4/16

Finlero, the dude you mentioned wasn't me; I was there around 12:30-1pm, sans cameraphone.

I definitely agree with Bob Dobalina about the "Brigadoon" factor of Speed's (another thread on Speed's called it "Foodtruckadoon"). For me, knowing about and getting to a "hidden" place--or embracing its idiosyncrasies--has often caused me to loosen my otherwise (to my mind) take-no-prisoners standards a little. I feel this way more about bars than restaurants, and for the life of me I can't remember a specific food instance right now, but maybe input from others will jog my memory....

Apr 17, 2008
mbtabus69 in Greater Boston Area

Speed's Hot Dogs 4/16

I took the #10, which runs between the Fairmont Copley Plaza and the "entrance" of Newmarket Square. On the way there I made the much less convenient trek of taking the #1 bus to the corner of Mass Ave. and Albany, then walking down Mass Ave. through snarled traffic and sketchy auto body shops to that same "entrance" to Newmarket.

Everyone is being so nice! I was hoping someone would tear me down the middle like Speed's selfsame dog for my unrefined hotdog palate....OK kidding.

Apr 16, 2008
mbtabus69 in Greater Boston Area

Speed's Hot Dogs 4/16

I finally tried Speed's hot dog truck today, figuring the nice weather would guarantee that the cart would be there. It was there!

Overall it was....just decent. Not amazing, not totally disappointing, just fine. Sorry! I'm glad I finally had the GREATEST HOT DOG IN THE US OF A (, but for me it is not worth a repeat visit. My three complaints: (1) way too sweet for my tastes; (2) too expensive for what it is (I know it's GIANT, but $7 is too much for me to spend on a hot dog--I'd rather drink my lunch for that much, hehe); (3) consistency was weird--not quite hot dog, not quite sausage, sort of like tamago? (egg/omelet sushi).

Frankly (har har) I like the dogs at Spike's Junkyard Dogs more, and those are much easier (and cheaper) for me to get, so I'll stick to them. I'm always up for a food-related adventure, though, and I do thank Chowhound for supplying lots and lots of very accurate info!

Speaking of: for anyone who is put off by the difficulty of getting to/finding Speed's, don't be. I was expecting a 40 days 40 nights in the desert scenario, but it was actually quite simple to get there (if not particularly scenic). From Copley I took the bus and walked; it was 30min. or so each way, and was exactly where Chowhound said it would be (thanks again guys!).

Speed's Hotdog Wagon
54 Newmarket Square, Boston, MA 02118

Apr 16, 2008
mbtabus69 in Greater Boston Area

Who's selling mangosteen?

Not quite the same but Trader Joe's carries freeze-dried mangosteen and rambutan.

Apr 10, 2008
mbtabus69 in Greater Boston Area

new place in old Tir Na Nog site

This week's "Union Square Main Streets" email also mentions it, so I guess it's not such a secret anymore. Is it wrong that I trust a mailing list more than the Herald? It will be called Bull McCabe and may open in April, says the email.

Email also mentions

1) Macchu Picchu has opened a second location in its original location;

2) Sherman Cafe hopes to open a locally-focused convenience store/market adjacent to the cafe (plus longer hours);

3) The expansion of Taqueria La Mexicana into the adjacent "Irish Eyes" pub is soft opening this weekend. New restaurant = new name (Carolina's Cantina) + sit-down service + a more "upscale" menu (?) + full liquor license. Hooray!

4) The spot opposite the Neighborhood is under construction and may be a Thai restaurant

5) Old deli up the street from the neighborhood is now "Jimbo's Seafood."

Mar 25, 2008
mbtabus69 in Greater Boston Area

Looking for best fish taco's in Boston??

tuna tacos at East Coast Grill in Inman Square--not your typical fried ones, but delicious just the same.

East Coast Grill and Raw Bar
1271 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02139

Feb 26, 2008
mbtabus69 in Greater Boston Area

Diesel cafe in Union Square

Bloc 11's baked goods are from Mariposa Bakery in Central, if I recall their opening-day handout correctly. They are definitely sub-par, though really can anything beat the Sherman's scones? Otherwise, though, I prefer Bloc 11's coffee, space, atmosphere, and staff over the Sherman's, though I agree B11 is working out some service kinks.

Re: fostering competition in Union Square, the sandwich board outside the Neighborhood this AM said they now have an early-morning breakfast sandwich special, plus an all-you-can-eat $9.99 breakfast buffet....Anyone know about this? As if that place couldn't get any better!

Neighborhood Restaurant
25 Bow St, Somerville, MA 02143

Sherman Cafe
257 Washington St, Somerville, MA 02143

Oct 26, 2007
mbtabus69 in Greater Boston Area

Best Basket of Bread

I haven't been there in about year or so, but I remember the bread basket at Sister Sorel/Tremont 647 being almost better than the meal itself. Maybe that speaks poorly for the meal though....

Still, for me the best bread-and-condiments combo is at the Helmand in Cambridge--flatbread and 3 sauces.

Aug 21, 2007
mbtabus69 in Greater Boston Area

My office is moving to the Back Bay - where will I have lunch now?

The posters above pretty much cover the area options. Nothing spectacular, but in a decent 45min-1hr. lunch break you can walk to Chinatown, parts of the South End, Beacon Hill, or DTX and double/treble/quadruple your options. I'd add:

- The unnamed sandwich place next to Talbot's is Rebecca's, they're decent.
- Troquet used to have a good takeout sandwich deal, not sure if that is still going on.
- Coda (old Tim's, next to Clery's) is starting lunch next week, sounds promising.
- Rachel's Kitchen has a $12-14 lobster roll special on Fridays, they have said if you call ahead they will save you one (they run out quickly)!
- Globe (right on Copley) is a default after work eating/drinking place, decent pub food.

Aug 16, 2007
mbtabus69 in Greater Boston Area

bacon chocolate bars?! who sells Vosges?

Cardullo's had about 83 types of Vosges (including olive?), but no bacon as of last weekend.

The Cambridge Savenor's (92 Kirkland St.) sells the plum and candied bacon (!) flavor of Zotter (but not the pure "bacon bits" kind). I bought one but have not tried it yet, as at $6.79 a bar I feel I need to save it for a special occasion....

Jun 06, 2007
mbtabus69 in Greater Boston Area

Indian buffet suggestions?

I love the buffet at Kebab Factory (opposite Dali, Washington @ Beacon on the Cambridge/Somerville line). I know it seems odd to recommend that a vegetarian eat at a place with kebab in the name, but it has one of the widest selections of buffets that I've seen in the area.

Jun 06, 2007
mbtabus69 in Greater Boston Area

New Orleans-style drinks & dishes

Though nothing else about it is particularly New Orelans-themed (not even the right time zone!), Eastern Standard in Kenmore Square serves amazing sazeracs. And of course, they ARE just across the street from that less high-class New Orleans import, Popeye's....

Apr 16, 2007
mbtabus69 in Greater Boston Area

capones is coming to north cambridge...

Their email list says the new location will open its doors April 21st; it's a second location, so the Union Sq. outpost lives on. The hours of the N. Cambridge one are a little more hospitable to the working masses:

2285 Massachusetts Ave.
Open M-F 9am-7pm, Sa 9am-5pm, Su noon-5pm

Apr 12, 2007
mbtabus69 in Greater Boston Area

Next "Big Night" @ Grotto - 4/26

Grotto's email list announced that their next "Big Night" event will be on April 26th at 7pm, $70pp. I've never been to one of these but my love of the movie and raves on this board have made me desperate to go.

Apr 10, 2007
mbtabus69 in Greater Boston Area

Addis Red Sea coming to Cambridge

According to the sign in the window, there is an Addis Red Sea (Ethiopian restaurant) going in the former site of India Club, 1755 Mass Ave. (between Harvard and Porter, next to the "Seoul Food" Korean restaurant). No mention of an opening date that I could see, anyone know? I'm excited to have them here on this side of the river--assuming they live up to the standards of the South End original of course!

Mar 04, 2007
mbtabus69 in Greater Boston Area

breakfast near somerville

Yikes, didn't realize I was in such the minority re: SoundBites. Hey, if more people heading there means less people at other places in Somerville that I frequent, fine by me! :-) You can have your long, cold wait outside for average food you have to choke down as fast as possible or else. I'll take the Neighborhood's equally/just above average food, served with minimal attitude (though not devoid of it), and with a long wait *inside* (or if outside, with coffee and cake to enjoy while I wait).

To the OP, I would second Petsi Pies (their Cambridge location has/had a good brunch) and Johnny D's

Feb 09, 2007
mbtabus69 in Greater Boston Area

breakfast near somerville

Not sure where you mean by "the somerville neighborhood" as there are several neighborhoods in Somerville the town....Coincidentally, my suggestion is The Neighborhood restaurant in Union Square. Giant portions of cheap, decent, somewhat Portuguese-influenced breakfast food.

Also as a preemptive strike I'm going to cast my vote AGAINST SoundBites in Ball Square, which I'm sure will come up. Rudest service I've ever experienced. If you have to be in that area, I'd stick to the breakfast snacks at the great cafe True Grounds across the street.

Feb 09, 2007
mbtabus69 in Greater Boston Area

Diesel cafe in Union Square

I hope they follow through with the late hours. Of my myriad complaints with the atrocity that is Sherman Cafe, one of the main ones is that it closes at 5pm. Who opens a cafe in a student- and young people-filled area and closes that early?

Jan 22, 2007
mbtabus69 in Greater Boston Area

Help me introduce my 7-year-old to Indian

I'd echo the lunch buffet rec, and nearly every place has one. Tantric actually has a great buffet, and Kashmir on Newbury St. is decent, too. Farther afield I like Kebab Factory (Cambridge/Somerville line, their buffet is HUGE) and Tanjore (Harvard Square).

Mithai is actually a generic term for dessert/sweets. Most restaurants serve the rice pudding kheer, a good intro. Your daughter may have seen the more colorful things like gulab jamun (fried sweet dough balls), jalebi (orange pretzelly things), etc., which I think are better at Indian groceries than at restaurants. There are many Indian grocers in Central Square in Cambridge, though there are nicer/bigger grocers in the suburbs if you can get out there.

Dec 29, 2006
mbtabus69 in Greater Boston Area

Comfort Food Season

* I third Eastern Standard - most of the menu really, esp. moules frites

* Pho, esp. the beef lemongrass at the lone remaining "Pho Pasteur," in Chinatown

* Hot cider with port at Shay's (Harvard Square)

* And of course my true test of being a New Englander, Christina's ice cream as winter comfort food!

Dec 12, 2006
mbtabus69 in Greater Boston Area

Legacy Menu at Seasons

Thanks for posting about this, I had read about it as well and was/am further intrigued. Are there options for every course, or is it a straight 5 dishes, no choices? Given the lineup of folks contributing menu items I don't think it's bad if there are no choices, just curious.

Nov 30, 2006
mbtabus69 in Greater Boston Area

Berkeley Park Cafe turkey pesto

NB the place is Berkeley *PERK* (like on Friends), not Park, that may be why you are not seeing any Google hits. 69 Berkley St. (between Chandler and Appleton), right next to the Fritz.

Oct 26, 2006
mbtabus69 in Greater Boston Area

looking for an orchard.

Going on the suggestions in the post linked by DavisSquare, I went to Russell Orchards in Ipswich and had a blast.

They meet all your criteria (plus a hayride and petting zoo) except they are about 45min. NORTH of the city....But, the tradeoff is you can do a pitstop like we did at the amazing Clam Box right nearby. People say their cider donuts are the best and I concur completely. We were in by 11am and by the time we left at 1pm it was busy, but not crazy.

Oct 13, 2006
mbtabus69 in Greater Boston Area

Argentinian or decent Mexican?

Re: Argentinian, La Casa de Pedro in Watertown Square is technically Venezuelan (more sort of pan-Spanish/South American), but they have parrilla as well as empanadas that remind of ones I tried when I traveled to Buenos Aires--drier inside, darker breading. Otherwise I would concur with the other posters, for the true Argentine meat obsession go with a Brazilian churrascaria

Oct 10, 2006
mbtabus69 in Greater Boston Area

Plotting My Birthday Dinner

I went to EVOO for my birthday this year (August) and would highly recommend it: romantic, understated, reasonably priced, and fancy without being pretentious. We had the fantastic 7+ course "chef's tasting menu," which is just $50pp (~$75 with wine pairing). I think the menu is weeknights only, but the regular entrees are well within your price range as well.

It's on the Somerville/Cambridge line (opposite DalĂ­). A board search for "Evoo tasting menu" gives some older reviews, but they are pretty accurate as far as my recollection of the meal.

Oct 04, 2006
mbtabus69 in Greater Boston Area

Orinoco (South End)

Rubee and coookie, get ready to battle as you may be competing for seats--Orinoco is quite small! Totally and completely worth the wait, though, I heart that place.

I second the datiles. Also love the Verde empanadas (plantain dough). Entrees were not all that impressive to me--arepa, empanada plate, and shared salad was more than adequate, and much more interesting. I know zilch about wine but have loved all the S. American ones they have--I'm vaguely recalling a $30 malbec that stands out.

Sep 28, 2006
mbtabus69 in Greater Boston Area

Recs for Brazilian or Portuguese Lunch on Cambridge St.

For anyone hoping to follow in the OP's footsteps, that's the *69* bus that goes up Cambridge St. (Harvard <-> Inman <-> Lechmere), NOT the 66.

Aug 01, 2006
mbtabus69 in Greater Boston Area

Upscale Mexican

I really love Jose's in Cambridge, Fresh Pond area (131 Sherman St., Like the above-mentioned places, it's not "upscale" per se (is anywhere in Cambridge really?), yet although it's casual it still totally is a "nice" night out, and I see couples on dates there every time I go. I don't know "authentic" Mexican from my elbow, but the food is good, interesting, plentiful, not too expensive, and in a very warm and friendly atmosphere.

Jul 14, 2006
mbtabus69 in Greater Boston Area