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Which Korean bakery has the best/most traditional goods?

Which Korean bakery (Breeze, Shilla, Tiffany's, etc. etc.) in NoVa has the best traditional Korean baked goods and desserts, rather than the more americanized little cakes and such? I want to send a goody box to someone but don't have time to visit multiple bakeries to assess.

Oakley's Or Libertine For Dinner TONIGHT? [Indianapolis]

Trying to plan a last-minute celebration dinner for tonight, and have narrowed the choices down to Oakley's or Libertine (or possibly Fogo de Chao if we're feeling hungry enough). Never been to either Oakley's or Libertine, so which one would you 'hounders choose?

Libertine looks newer/trendier, but Oakley's is quite a bit closer. They both seem to have a similar style of food, from what I can tell by looking online. I know Libertine has more creative cocktails, but don't really care about that.

Feb 28, 2013
ViolentScarlet in Great Lakes

Mamma Maria, Marco, or Grill 23 for Restaurant Week Dinner?

Going to Boston in a few days and have reservations for o ya on Saturday, but looking for a restaurant week dinner location for Friday, the last day of restaurant week. If I can get No 9 Park or Meritage I'll probably go there but they are booked right now. Which of Mamma Maria, Marco, or Grill 23 would you recommend for Restaurant Week? Or is there another great RW option? I looked at the menus for Taranta, Radius and Aquitane and wasn't hooked. Would like to stay in Boston as we don't have a car. For cuisine, prefer Italian, Steak/Seafood, or maybe contemporary American/French. And obviously, somewhere that's a good deal.

Best Lobster Roll in Maine South Of Bangor?

I know there are older posts on this subject, but it seems like some places (Harraseeket?) that are known for great lobster rolls have gone downhill according to recent reviews. So I'll ask: what are currently the best places for lobster rolls/lobster in general in Maine, but south of Bangor, since we won't be heading north of there. So I guess somewhere in Portland, Kennebunkport, Kittery, etc. We'd prefer somewhere that's not totally a divey shack but not a $$$ place either. Also, somewhere with fresh lobster, as I hear that some places like Bob's don't use fresh.
As an aside, any other interesting or great restaurant/food places south of Bangor worth checking out that are less than $50 pp for, say, an entree/glass of wine/tip? So anywhere from very casual to upscale casual. Have heard of a great gelato place in Portland, for example.

Best Iskender in Manhattan? Also, anywhere make Turkish Delight in-house?

Going to NYC in a few days, and while I used to live in NY, I haven't been there since I developed a taste for iskender kebap in Istanbul. I looked on Yelp but there seems to be a lot of disagreement on iskender in Manhattan Turkish restaurants. What do the chowhounders think? Would prefer to go somewhere in Manhattan since I'm a bit time-constrained.
Also, I don't think there's anywhere in NY that makes turkish delight in-house, but if anyone knows of one, please spill!

Aug 26, 2012
ViolentScarlet in Manhattan

Cucumber Gazpacho Recipe (or other easy things to do with cucumbers)

Does anyone have a good cucumber gazpacho recipe that does not use tomatoes? I haven't come across any on epicurious or that I like, and a lot of them use tomatoes, which I don't want to do.
Or alternatively, anyone have easy but tasty ideas for what to do with regular slicing cucumbers? For some reason, the cucumbers in our garden have been growing like crazy compared to everything else, and we have so many of them and I'm sick of tomato-cucumber-feta salads and just using them in sandwiches but don't want something difficult or time-intensive.

Aug 10, 2012
ViolentScarlet in Home Cooking

For Delivery in Adams Morgan/Dupont: Banana Leaves, Nooshi, or some other pan-asian delivery option?

What's the best "pan-asian" type place that delivers in the Adams Morgan/north Dupont area? The two ones that seem most popular are Banana Leaves and Nooshi/Spices (same owner?). I've also heard of North Sea and Wok n Roll though I heard those two are not as good as the first two. Are there others that deliver which are better that I'm not aware of? If not, which is the best?
I'm not a huge fan of the pan-asian restaurant thing, but it's really convenient for delivery when me and my so don't feel like the same thing for dinner.

Macarons in MD or DC?

Oh, don't get me wrong. I'm not a huge fan of Tout de Sweet either. They're not nearly as good as the ones in NY and LA much less Paris. I was simply recommending it as a better option than Praline and Paul since The Sweet Lobby can be a pain to get to/park at. Have not tried Patisserie Poupon.

Macarons in MD or DC?

Probably the two best places for macarons in the area are The Sweet Lobby in Capitol Hill or Tout de Sweet in Bethesda. Sweet Lobby is slightly better, but Tout de Sweet has more traditional flavors (if you prefer that) and it's much easier to find parking if you're driving. Would not recommend Praline - was severely disappointed in the macarons there.

Anywhere in the DC/Bmore area that's like Amsterdam Falafelshop but with Meat?

Where I used to live, there was a pita place with a toppings bar similar to Amsterdam Falafelshop in Adams Morgan, but you could get chicken or lamb shawarma as the main ingredient instead of just falafel. Is there anywhere like this in the metro area? I love the toppings bar and the whole notion of Amsterdam, but I'm not wild about falafel - it's more about putting up with the falafel in order to get the rest of it, and if I could have meat instead I'd be thrilled.

How To Store Macarons (Macaroons) For Maximum Length Freshness?

I'm looking for tips on how to keep macarons fresh, or at least fresh enough that they're not unpalatable, for the longest possible time. I already figured that transferring them to a tupperware or pyrex right after getting home makes sense as they're more airtight. The only two things I can think of that might help are:

1) putting a piece of bread in the tupperware with them. This works pretty well with cookies to keep them soft and chewy but not sure if the same principle would apply to macarons. Anyone know?

2) putting them in tupperware wrapped in foil then freezing them. Again, I know this works ok with cupcakes and cookies, but not sure about macarons?

May 18, 2012
ViolentScarlet in General Topics

How to make an egg patty?

Does anyone have any tips on how to make an egg patty, like basically scrambled egg but in patty form like they put on breakfast sandwiches? I know they sell rings for this purpose, but does anyone know how to make them without a ring?

May 11, 2012
ViolentScarlet in Home Cooking

Favorite Frozen Food?

I know most chowhounders, including myself, prefer to actually cook meals with fresh ingredients, but sometimes we're too tired or busy to do anything but stick a frozen meal in the microwave or toaster oven. I was just wondering what people's favorite frozen foods are, in hopes of finding some hidden gems!

I'll start:

*Trader Joe's Mildly Spiced Vegetable Burritos
*Lean Cuisine Butternut Squash Ravioli (surprisingly tasty given it's lo-cal nature)
*Babu's Pocket Sandwiches in Palak Paneer (these are basically Indian hot pockets and can be found at most Indian grocery stores)

Apr 16, 2012
ViolentScarlet in General Topics

Secret to Peeling Roasted Beets?

I love roasted beets and I've made them several times but always have loads of trouble at the peeling process. I've tried peeling them several different times and ways: before roasting, after they're cold and refrigerated, right after they're warm enough to touch, with my bare hands, rubbing with a paper towel, rubbing them with olive oil before roasting, and so on, but I can never get them to peel easily. I always end up taking off more of the actual beet than I want or only being able to peel off a tiny bit at a time and the rubbing thing doesn't seem to work for me. And when I peel them pre-roasting they just don't taste as good.
Does anyone have any tips or tricks as to how to get beets to peel easier? I've tried eating them with the peel on and it's just not as good to me that way.

Apr 13, 2012
ViolentScarlet in Home Cooking

Been To Vegas Several Times - ISO New High-End But Not Crazy Pricey Dinner?

I've actually been to both Lotus of Siam and Firefly, just didn't mention them bc they're more casual places.

Jan 27, 2012
ViolentScarlet in Las Vegas

Clementine Reduction/Sauce?

We recently bought a huge bag of clementines and have only been able to eat about half before they started to go moldy a day or two ago. Don't want to toss out the non-moldy ones but definitely can't eat that many and don't want to make a clementine cake, so am thinking about making a simply reduction/sauce of clementine to spoon over yogurt, cheesecake, etc. Couldn't find any recipes on the net (only recipes for marmalade). Can I improvise this by basically just combining a little zest from the peels, de-seeding them, and cooking on stove with a bit of sugar and water, maybe some lemon juice? Do I need to remove the inner skin which holds the individual pieces, or only the outer peel?

Jan 27, 2012
ViolentScarlet in Home Cooking

Been To Vegas Several Times - ISO New High-End But Not Crazy Pricey Dinner?

We've been to Vegas many times and have visited many of the well-received fancy/expensive restaurants. This time, I'm looking for somewhere that's in the $50-100 pp range incl. tips, so unfortunately no Joel Robuchon unless we win big.

Here are the nicer places we've already been: L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon, Guy Savoy, e by Jose Andres, Alize, Picasso, Nobhill, rm seafood, Raku, Bouchon, Charlie Palmer.

The places I'm thinking of that fit the bill for the upcoming trip are Sage, The Barrymore, First, Julian Serrano.

Any recommendations for the places I've mentioned, or any other ideas in the price range? Open cuisine-wise...Italian, French, small plates, steak, whatever. And with Sage's $79 prix fixe menu, do they give little extras like amuse bouches, palate cleansers, or mignardises or is it just the four courses?

Jan 27, 2012
ViolentScarlet in Las Vegas

No Time To Brine - Should I buy a store brined turkey, a kosher turkey, or regular and just not brine it?

I'm going to be coming in from out of town but will still have to prepare a turkey so I'm not going to have time to brine it. Whole Foods sells pre-brined turkey - should I just go with that, or should I go with a kosher turkey (probably from Whole Foods as well), which I understand has gone through something similar to a brining process? I have heard kosher turkey takes extra prep though because they're not completely plucked, etc. Or should I just forget about the brining process and just clean it and stick it in the oven?

Nov 15, 2011
ViolentScarlet in Home Cooking

Where to buy ready-to-cook whole turkey in Columbus OH area?

When I say seasoned I mean ones that are basically ready to stick in the oven without having to do anything, or at most a few minutes worth of extra prep. So yes, should already be brined, and the aromatics or veggies to stick under, if there are any, should already be prepped. And if there are herbs to go on the turkey, should already be on there or in a little packet so we can easily just rub it on the turkey before putting in the oven. We just don't have time to do all the prep work since we're coming in from out of town is all, but we don't want to buy a cooked turkey either.

Nov 15, 2011
ViolentScarlet in Great Lakes

Where to buy ready-to-cook whole turkey in Columbus OH area?

I'm driving to Columbus from DC for Thanksgiving and my DH and I are on meal-cooking duty for the holiday. I don't think we're going to have time to wash, season, and otherwise prepare the turkey but don't want to buy it pre-cooked either. Is there anywhere besides Whole Foods that sells a good, pre-seasoned but still raw turkey that we can just stick in the oven?

Nov 14, 2011
ViolentScarlet in Great Lakes

Where to buy ready-to-eat (canned, bottled, refrigerated, etc.) Japanese ramen-style bamboo shoots in area?

Is there anywhere in the area that sells the kind of bamboo shoots you find in a good ramen or as a good side/appetizer at a Japanese restaurant, but ready-to-eat instead of raw? The only kind I've seen in grocery stores are the typical Chinese stir-fry canned bamboo shoots that are about the size and shape of a piece of stick gum and don't taste nearly as good. I realize that the best course is to make it myself but really just want to be have it pre-cooked so I can throw it into bowls of ramen at home. I'm fine with canned, bottled, refrigerated in a plastic container, anything really. And if there really is no way to buy this kind of bamboo shoot pre-cooked, what kind of bamboo would I need to use to cook it myself for use in ramen? I suspect it may be different than the kind of bamboo you use in Chinese stir-fry cooking but am not sure.
Much appreciated!

Anywhere to get Cold Pressed Juice in the area?

Is there anywhere to buy cold pressed juice in the area? I've been reading about it and know it's becoming a trend in NY and LA. Would like to try it but not sure if there's anywhere in the area to get it. I heard Fruit Bat might have it but I was hoping for somewhere a little less bar-like.

Restaurant/Bars with Individual TVs per booth?

Does anyone know of any restaurant/bars that have individual TVs at a lot of the booths or seating areas? I know Caddie's in Bethesda and Public in DC do, but not sure of others. It has to be somewhere with food also, as we would like to have lunch and catch a certain game this weekend. Anywhere within the beltway is fine. Thanks!

Chocolate (or White Chocolate) Cherry Cheesecake recipe?

I'm looking for a recipe for a chocolate cherry cheesecake or white chocolate cherry cheesecake. All the ones I've found online unfortunately call for dried cherries, canned cherry pie filling, or no-bake. I'd like a recipe that involves baking the cheesecake and using fresh/frozen or at least really good jarred cherries (morello?). The chocolate part can be either in the crust or the cheesecake itself. Thanks!

Aug 30, 2011
ViolentScarlet in Home Cooking

Good Happy Hour Food Special NOT in Penn Quarter/Downtown/Georgetown?

What are the best happy hour or certain day of the week food specials not located in the aforementioned areas (Penn Quarter/downtown/Georgetown)? Particularly interested in Golden Triangle/Dupont/Adams Morgan/U St/Cleveland Park/Columbia Heights areas. I'm not talking about really crappy wings or nachos at places that are more bar than restaurant, but something more along the lines of the 1/2 price Tuesday apps at Black Squirrel or the happy hour food specials at PS7, $4 tapas at Jaleo, or even the sushi happy hour at Tono, which is not an amazing sushi spot but decent for the happy hour prices.

PS7 Restaurant
777 I Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001

The Black Squirrel
2427 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

On the hunt for Doner Kebab (turkish/ spanish style)!

Sadly, I have to disagree. I really liked the people who work at /own Balkan Grill, and some of their dishes, like their burger and mucver, are pretty good. But I thought the doner/iskender there was rather dry and flavorless. I prefer the doner and iskender at Atillas in Arlington, though I think they might only have it on weekends. But it's still not going to be anywhere as good as the doner in Turkey (salivating just thinking about it) or even in NYC

2705 Columbia Pike, Arlington, VA 22204

Balkan Grill
5902 N Kings Hwy, Alexandria, VA 22303

Where to buy vegemite/marmite in DC area?

I actually have a followup question - I've had vegemite but not marmite, but have heard that they're similar. Do they taste pretty much the same? I like vegemite but it seems marmite is easier to find around here.

Where to buy vegemite/marmite in DC area?

Anyone know? I don't recall seeing it at Wegmans or World Market or anywhere like that. Thanks.

World Market
8125 Wisconsin Ave Ste 1, Bethesda, MD 20814

Savory Flavored Ice Cream (or gelato, froyo, etc.) and other unusual "sweets"

I love savory ice cream and gelato flavors (like olive oil, gorgonzola, tomato basil) and am wondering where in Manhattan or Brooklyn is the best place to get them that isn't a restaurant. I know the laboratorio sometimes has savory flavors but they didn't when I went. I'm looking for a shop/bakery not a restaurant as I don't want to have a whole meal.
Also, any recs on other interesting/fun/unusual dessert-type foods or baked goods that aren't in restaurants? I know about Milk Bar but not really any others.

Jul 02, 2011
ViolentScarlet in Manhattan

Delicious dining deals (pre-theater, weekday lunch, happy hour, etc.) at upscale places?

Am going to NYC next week sort of last minute and wondering what the best upscale dining deals in Manhattan (or Brooklyn) are. I'm talking pre-theater menus, weekday lunch specials, happy hour food specials, or anything of the sort that would be a good way to sample an upscale/expensive restaurant without having to pay the normal places. Something along the lines of the $20 lunch at Estiatorio Milos in Vegas, the lickity-split lunch menu at Restaurant Eve near DC or the great pre-theater prix fixe meals at Tosca and Marcels in DC (where I live).
Much thanks!

Jul 01, 2011
ViolentScarlet in Manhattan