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Need Ideas for Private Party on a Friday night in Brooklyn

Hi - we're hosting a rehearsal dinner on a Friday night in October in Brooklyn and have been having a hard time finding a good, relatively reasonable and somewhat cute spot that is willing to host a party for 50 on a Friday. Anyone have any experience doing something like this? Any recommendations? We could go in a lot of different directions - even really good pizza or old-school comfort food could work, or something New-Brooklyny.

Any suggestions welcomed!!!!!

May 11, 2010
chocho in Outer Boroughs

Sit down lunch in Flower District area?

Hi - I work in an office where families with their kids spend a whole day with us - they go out for a long lunch break and I like to make recommendations for good places (we're near 30th/park so now I tend to send them to blue smoke, les halles, etc. - good places that aren't horrible for kids)... the problem is we're moving to 29th/6th and I am at a loss for ideas ---- any recommends for good food thereabouts, especially sit-down? Also interested in good takeout (but that's for personal reasons :)) Families tend to be from out of town and want to eat something that feels NYC...

Thanks and if you need some picks on the east side we can trade!!

Jan 22, 2009
chocho in Manhattan

Need office holiday dinner advice

hi - I've been entrusted with selecting a restaurant for a holiday dinner for my pretty small office - about 10 people. Budget maxes at about $50-60 a person. I am feeling nervous as I want to impress our dedicated people with a truly *nice* dinner, but have to stay in budget to please the boss. Want something skewed interesting/younger as opposed to a classic NY place (but wouldn't rule it out). Fare should be something not too wild, I would say American, Italian, Meditteranean, maybe something Continental, something with a modern flair though could be nice. Should have some healthy and non-flesh options ideally, but that's not the focus. This is killing me so any ideas would be welcome. We are nr. E 30/Park Ave, but would go most anywhere, esp nearby regions or the East side.

I realize this is a bit broad but any help is much appreciated!


Nov 14, 2007
chocho in Manhattan

Pizza top 10

I hate Two Boots. It embodies everything I despise about bad pizza. Strange crust, overspiced sauce, tries too hard. Three friends report getting sick here.

Jul 14, 2006
chocho in Manhattan

Best Pizza Union Square

The last post in this subject is four years old and you know how the Square has changed... so, any suggestions for best pizza in Union Square? Patsy's is up there for sure, anything else worth eating now that Giorgio's is gone (although it was kinda awful anyway)?

Jul 14, 2006
chocho in Manhattan

Tisserie on Union Sq.

I had lunch there today. It didn't really seem like they fully had it together yet, but does seem like it has the potential to be worthy of an occasional visit. Kinda pricey. Every dish seems to involve turkey -- though it is good. Meat diversification is in order. The croissant was kinda tough and not baked properly though, which is kind of important for a place like this. The fruit tarts are deliciously delicious. Other pastries looked amazing, and my guess is that the pastries will be the biggest draw. The seating balcony is nice for people and baker watching, although once the Whole Foods crowd gets wind, this place will be a madhouse. I'll check it out again in a month or so after they've ironed out the kinks...

Jul 14, 2006
chocho in Manhattan