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Good salad bars?

The only one I know of that is any good is Q. Cumbers in Edina. I hope other people can recommend more.

Jul 16, 2015
galewskj in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Your favorite Barbecue Places and the best places in TC

I have had good luck with Mr. Pig Stuff in Shakopee. I think their pork sandwich has great rich flavor, and their baby back ribs are very smoky. I wish I could make baby back ribs like that.

Mar 30, 2015
galewskj in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Andrew Zimmern - Spoon & Stable

I disagree. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I think whenever ANYONE publicly promotes a business, it should be known or disclosed if they have a financial interest in that business. For me personally, I'm not that familiar with S&S and I didn't know that Andrew Zimmern was involved. I certainly don't think that relationship is common knowledge among most restaurant diners. If I saw Zimmern singing the praises of the restaurant, I would assume that he just genuinely likes it. Also, I think a lot of people see AZ as some sort of food critic, so his positive words would seem unbiased.

Pho 83

I had a similar experience with the banh mi. They used to be quite nice, but the last couple have been poorly made. The vegetables don't seem to have any type of pickled flavor, the mayonnaise doesn't taste correct and I didn't see/taste any kind of pate in it. Overall a sad sandwich.

Feb 19, 2015
galewskj in Minneapolis-St. Paul

The Salt Cellar

I haven't been there, but people on Yelp that order steaks/oysters/martinis and then complain about the price would not dissuade me from going. Their steaks do look rather pricey, the rest of their entrees do not.

Feb 11, 2015
galewskj in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Jerry's Rainbow

This is a good question, because for me, Rainbow was where I went for good but inexpensive meat. Now that is gone, I'm stuck with buying something at Byerly's if it is on sale. Von Hanson is slightly higher prices, but not terrible, and I think their quality is very good. Now, I kind of understand why my mom buys pounds of meat at a time when it's on sale.

Sep 22, 2014
galewskj in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Jerry's Rainbow

I've stopped at the Richfield store a few times now, and every time it seems a little bit worse for products, and not very busy. The selection of meat seems sporadic, they may or may not have the item you want. A lot of products that Rainbow used to have, they now don't have. It has been significantly cleaner since Jerry's took it over.

For me, they used to have unsalted pork shoulder, and I don't see that anymore. Now they just have the crap from Hormel that has a "flavoring solution" in it.

Sep 11, 2014
galewskj in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Heavy Table's Out of Towner's Guide.

I think the list shows that there are quite a few strong restaurants in the twin cities, er, I mean Minneapolis.

There are definitely some problems with their list. Without nitpicking too much, Travail is an absolute glaring omission, and 112 Eatery / Bar La Grassa is also arguably so. If food-loving out of towners were visiting, my first thought would be Travail.

St. Paul Farmers' Market considers move as parking, attendance drop

I think losing 200 free parking spaces close by is significant. And it's just kind of a pain to get down there. The market has never been based on the lowest price, it's based on quality local products.

Jul 29, 2014
galewskj in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Big Bowl Rest./@Galleria Edina: WHAT A RIP OFF!!!!

I don't like Big Bowl and do not understand why it is always so busy. It's not that expensive, but for what you get, it's not a good value. As others have said, you're better off going to a non-chain restaurant.

I believe your complaints are mostly unfounded. You ordered a rice/noodle dish without rice/noodles, then complain that it isn't much food. If you didn't want rice/noodles, you should order something else. And why shouldn't they charge you for more extra tofu?

Canteen...really, a toast bar?

So the comments here are part of the " powerful counter-frenzy"? :)

I do question the business model - selling something cheap to people that sit around for 6 hours and don't want to buy an expensive $10 sandwich. I hope their rent is low.

Jun 12, 2014
galewskj in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Wild Boar

Kind of far, but Specialty Meats in Hudson Wisconsin has several options.

Personally, I find it to be a bit gamey.

Jun 05, 2014
galewskj in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Paella - Where to go since El Meson closed?

They have it at Rincon 38, and I thought it was quite good. I don't see it listed on their website, as it was a separate smaller menu in addition to their tapas menu. So I'd call ahead to avoid dissapointment. Also, their other dishes are pretty darn good.


Overall, their products are very good. None of it is cheap, but I think they are worth the price. I've bought almost everything they sell, and haven't regretted any purchase. Well, buying a whole ham is a financially daunting transaction, but if you're going to splurge, this is where I'd splurge.

Feb 04, 2014
galewskj in Minneapolis-St. Paul

True Thai (supposedly) closed down for business last night according to City Pages.

Agreed and agreed.

Oct 13, 2013
galewskj in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Hot and sour soup

I'm not stymie, but I work near there. Pho 83 is pretty solid. Good banh mi, decent chinese lunch specials, and some of the "chefs favorites" are a little more unusual and nice. Several places in St. Paul are better, but Pho 83 is definitely good, especially for the area.

Jun 26, 2013
galewskj in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Harriet Brassierie

Yes, I've not been there, but it looks semi-intriguing and seems like a Tilia spillover place.

Jan 24, 2013
galewskj in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Icehouse Brunch

I had a positive experience last weekend. The Bloody Lisa was plenty spicy and the variety of pickled vegetables made it quite nice. But honestly, I make bloody mary's at home relatively often, I prefer my recipe, and a $9 bloody mary gives me pause. The $11 one with a mini doughnut just seemed wrong at the time, but in hindsight I wish that I had ordered it, just to try it.

I was lured to order the Truffle crepe because of their photo on facebook. The crepe was light and rich at the same time. Mushrooms and trufffle really gave it a savory rich earthy flavor. It was wonderful. It was also very small, their photo on facebook really zooms in to the crepe and doesn't accurately capture the fact that the plate is over half bitter greens. I'm not a big fan of bitter greens and these were no exception. My personal tastes aside, it'd be nice to know what you're getting. Their facebook is misleading, showing a seemingly huge crepe with a touch of green in the background - no mention on their menu that the dish is over half bitter greens.

Based on Siege's note, I ordered the cornbread. I like cornbread, and theirs is pretty good, but nothing spectatular.

My friend ordered the pastrami sandwich because of the waitresses recommendation, and he raved about it. I would like to try that, as well as several other items on their menu. Another friends waffles looked pretty uneventful, and he said they were "ok".

Jan 15, 2013
galewskj in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Vincent Restaurant..... French cuisine my bottoms

Yes, you're yearning for napa cab and eating burgers at Vincent, while demonizing it. Why not eat at the 8th St. grill a few blocks away?

Dec 29, 2012
galewskj in Minneapolis-St. Paul

more Popeye's!

I don't hate KFC, but I strongly disagree that they are the undisputed world champion of fried chicken FOR GOOD REASON. *If* they are the world champion, it is for the same reasons that Mcdonalds is the world champion of hamburgers.

Dec 02, 2012
galewskj in Minneapolis-St. Paul


I so want to try that burger.

Nov 19, 2012
galewskj in Minneapolis-St. Paul

more Popeye's!

I guess that's a step in the right direction.

Nov 08, 2012
galewskj in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Haute Dish - eat at the bar.

I know the feeling, especially if you washed it down with 2 pints of beer. At least they had the beer on tap, so it was a better experience than drinking a can at home.

You're right, I was thinking of the Guigal cote de Rhone. Still, there is nothing on their wine list that I would order at those prices. That is a COMMON problem at restaurants - they look at their wine list with dollar signs in their eyes. Most people do not know enough about wine to realize how much they're getting screwed. Restaurants will often bring in obscure wines intentionally to further this. Anyway, Haute Dish is a nice restaurant, and has a lot of things going for it. But I think their wine list is very typical and I would probably order beer if I went there.

Nov 05, 2012
galewskj in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Haute Dish - eat at the bar.

I'm glad you had a great meal. I enjoyed Haute Dish in the past as well.

But their wine list is DEFINITELY not interesting wines nor is it at reasonable price-points. These are your typical bottles at the typical 3X + markup. Guigal Gigondas for $48 and you can buy it at a liquor store for $15. Ferrari Carono fume blanc for $36 and it's available all over town for $10 - 11. Argyle Brut for $75 and that is a $20 wine. Their cheapest bottle is Cristalino Cava which is a cheap crappy sparkling wine normally sold for $6 and they're charging $28. I'm pretty sure you can find every bottle on their wine list at Costco.

Nov 02, 2012
galewskj in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Duck in the Metro

I am resurrecting this thread, to ask if anyone knows where I can buy duck legs for a decent price? The last time I was at the St. Paul farmers market looking for them, they were $12 a pound, which seemed expensive. Does anyone have any sources for duck legs? Thanks!

Oct 31, 2012
galewskj in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Pham's Wondrous Asian Kitchen Closed

What's the grand vision? Adding lots of sugar and/or cranberries to Asian dishes and calling it fusion?

Oct 24, 2012
galewskj in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Seeking good Mexican food near Shakopee

Without question, Taco Loco is the best, and most authentic. Not much atmosphere. And they do not serve alcohol.

El Toro is alright, a little more American. Pablo's is very American.

Aug 20, 2012
galewskj in Minneapolis-St. Paul

BBQ places and canned baked beans

I saw this happening at the Rack Shack. I don't think it's an absolute deal breaker for me. But they lose major points just on the principle. It's really a turn off, for the reasons already noted.

Jul 20, 2012
galewskj in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Restaurant Week. What do you Think?

Well, since it occurs 4 times a year, that's 4 weeks - almost a month!

If you want to go to Fogo, it's nice to have a discount. And it's pretty straightforward, as opposed to other restaurants that likely "dumb down" their menu offerings to hit the $30 price tag.

Jul 09, 2012
galewskj in Minneapolis-St. Paul

State Fair 2012 - New Foods

The walleye roll and French Dog both look promising, but the bread in both photos looks questionable.

Jun 27, 2012
galewskj in Minneapolis-St. Paul