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Belgian Candi Syrup?

Looking for this in T.O. :

Is there anything like Pret a Manger in TO?

Pret used to make this awesome spinach/red pepper/hummus wrap that I always got when I was in London. Could never quite duplicate it at home!

Wasn't MB&CO (if that's the name, they were briefly in one of the TD buildings downtown - it's now a Starbucks) a stab at the Pret concept?

Bigelow Tea - Eggnogg'n in Toronto?

Bigelow has a seasonal tea called Eggnogg'n. Hoping to find it as a stocking stuffer for Christmas but I haven't seen it around town. Anyone seen it?

Reuse at Sarah's Cafe

This is an establishment in search of an identity. Is it a beer bar or a restaurant? It doesn't really do either very well. I'm a beer lover and their beer list is always woefully out of date ("Sorry, we don't have that. Sorry, we don't have that"). And their draft beer is typically in poor condition. The food doesn't excite me at all.

I think they coast a bit on the fact that there aren't a lot of decent eateries along that part of the Danforth (yet).

Dinner at the Mill St. Brewpub

I agree. Great beer, weak (and overpriced) food. They outsource the food service to a Firkin-like company and it shows.

Coffee at Danforth / Coxwell?

Another vote for the Mercury. Tried it last week and the coffee was great.

Restaurants near Woodbine/Danforth?

We tried Relish with friends. On the one hand relieved that there is something in the neighbourhood other than a dive bar or a dive bar posing as a Chinese restaurant, on the other hand a bit disappointed with the service. Food was decent enough, but the waitress took away my $8 imported beer when there was still about 1/3 left in the bottle. When I brought it to her attention she was somewhat dubious and, to make matters worse, the woman serving behind the bar made it obvious in the way she looked over at us that she believed I was lying. Haven't been back since.

Peppermint Cordial in Toronto?

I'm having a hard time finding Peppermint cordial in the city - lime, blackcurrant, grenadine are no problem, but no peppermint. None of the British shops near me (Nutty Chocolatier, Chocolate Box, Mrs. Bridge's) have it. Any suggestions?

RASOEE The Indian Kitchen (Downtown)...???

Just tried Rasoee for the first time after having walked by on several occasions.

Food was just meh, but my god is it overpriced! $7.00 for a tiny bit of curry, nan that is clearly not from the tandoor and two cucumber slices and a baby carrot on the side! What an unbelievable ripoff.