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Best authentic Italian gelato

Baci Gelati at Sunrise Blvd & Federal Hwy intersection

Aventura, higher end.

Could you elaborate on this?

Alternates to Torishiki

We ate at Yoshicho in Gotanda. Loved it. One of the dishes was ground chicken over rice with a barely poached egg. It was a standout. Very friendly and accomodating as we were 30 minutes late in the usual lost tourist scenario.

Sep 18, 2013
Tinitime in Japan

Budget eats in Kyoto

We enjoyed Yamachan. Great Nagoya chicken wings and other izakaya fare.

Jul 16, 2013
Tinitime in Japan

Great Cuban Food with Outdoor Seating

Any Great Cuban spots in Miami with outdoor seating? A friend is flying into MIA with her dog would love to stop and have great Cuban food before heading north.

Favorites at Dona Raquel?

Lenga and Cabeza (beef cheek) are my faves.

Dim Sum in Sunny Isles

It's Triumphal Palace in it's heyday, not quite Elite. I will forever pine for my beloved Sea Harbor.

Dim Sum in Sunny Isles

Finally a place in South FL that brings back the authenticity of the best dim sum I've had in the SGV just east of LA. Every thing was spot on, service was great.

Intense, Porky Ramen Soup Noodles - L.A. Gets Delicious Tonkotsu Ramen at Tatsunoya (For A Limited Time) [Review] w/ Pics!

Loved the Ramen, like being transported back to Japan. Tossed in a couple of pieces of spicy cod roe, delish.

Jul 19, 2009
Tinitime in Los Angeles Area

English Speaking Chef

Jeff Ramsey at Tapas Molecular Bar.

Jul 06, 2009
Tinitime in Japan

Mariscos Chente, the king of Mexican sashimi reopens on the Westside w/pics

In Florida, Snook is a protected species. But it is one of the best eating fish, it was a rare treat to have it at MC.

May 18, 2009
Tinitime in Los Angeles Area

Shiroganeya: Grilled fish lunch for $8

Looks like my hotel is right in this area. Could an English only speaker order here?

May 12, 2009
Tinitime in Japan

Inexpensive in Westwood

I love Feast from the East too, in fact I had lunch there on Saturday. But I wouldn't describe the chicken as juicy. They must put it thru a special Shredder because it's shredded within an inch of it's life. It is all white meat chicken.

May 11, 2009
Tinitime in Los Angeles Area

ISO: Dog-friendly, serves alcohol, WeHo area (Thursday evening)

Unfortunately the dogs limit your choices. Basix on SMB.

Feb 25, 2009
Tinitime in Los Angeles Area

What else at Phillipes is good besides the sandwiches?

The pickled egg
The reasonably priced wines
coffee and pie

Jan 27, 2009
Tinitime in Los Angeles Area

Dog Friendly - Westside

Basix in West Hollywood

Jan 27, 2009
Tinitime in Los Angeles Area

Best Pork Belly dish?

Agree, I thought the pork belly with kimchee at Animal was a revelation.

Jan 26, 2009
Tinitime in Los Angeles Area

Fresh Conch

Be careful. The conch on the east coast is Queen Conch. What they call Conch here on the west coast is actually a whelk.

Dec 17, 2008
Tinitime in Los Angeles Area

Last Minute Wedding Cake Planning

Kings Hawaiian Bakery in Torrance did a friends wedding. Loved the airy crumb. I know the cakes are very reasonable and I think they deliver.

Aug 21, 2008
Tinitime in Los Angeles Area

Wafers they serve in some ice cream shops

They are called gaufrettes. I'm sure you can google the receipe. They are sold at most gourmet markets and because they are so delicate are sold in a tin.

Aug 18, 2008
Tinitime in Home Cooking

Finding New York Biali's In Los Angeles

Gelsons sells a bialy that is really close to what I've had in NY. I'm sorry I don't remember the name but they sell them on the bread aisle and also in the freezer section.

Jun 24, 2008
Tinitime in Los Angeles Area

Grand Prix Weekend

We will be staying at the Hyatt on Jeanne-Mance. What are best choices in that area to pickup sandwiches, meats, cheeses, breads or baked goods to take to the race? Thank you for your help, we are so looking forward to our visit.

Review: PIONEER CHICKEN (Sunset/Fountain)

Roscoe's Chix and Waffles have gizzards. Very Good ones.

Feb 19, 2008
Tinitime in Los Angeles Area

San Franciscans planning LA trip

Haven't eaten at Alcazar but loved the meal I had a Marouch. The raw kibbe is outstanding. Sunnin is a great little cafe but it's just that a cafe.

Feb 17, 2008
Tinitime in Los Angeles Area

Does "Cut" Play Reservation Games? [moved from LA board]

I can't speak to the games part. We reserved a table for a party of 10 30 days out. They gave us a choice of 6:00PM or 9:00PM. We opted for 6:00 P and ended up having our table until almost 11:00 PM, no rushing. The whole experience from top to bottom was fantastic.

Dec 11, 2007
Tinitime in Not About Food

McDonald's fried apple pie [Moved from L.A. board]

They have them at Popeye's. Sometimes 2 for $1.

Dec 10, 2007
Tinitime in Chains

New Sushi Restaurant next to Ruen Pair

No info on the sushi place, but please more details on the chicarron.

Dec 01, 2007
Tinitime in Los Angeles Area

Brown Rice Sushi

Any suggestions for West Hollywood or Studio City? Price is not an issue. Thanks in advance.

Nov 25, 2007
Tinitime in Los Angeles Area

Christmas Eve at Lawry's or The Grill?

As of today. Lawry's has limited reservation options 3 & 9:00 PM. The Grill will not be serving prime rib.

Nov 24, 2007
Tinitime in Los Angeles Area

Dry-Brining a turkey

I used this method last year after many years of brining. The turkey was just as juicy as with the brining method and had a better texture. Flavorwise it was better. It was also much less labor intensive than dealing with all the water and ice. It just requires a little more advance planning. I won't ever brine again.

Nov 14, 2007
Tinitime in Home Cooking