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Chilean restaurants

So sad to hear that Barros Luco closed! :(

Don't be scared off by Pomaire's website - it's a good place with all the Chilean classics. The owner is really nice and it's often easy to walk in given it's in the theater district and their rush tends to happen before 8pm.

371 W 46th Street, New York, NY 10036

Mar 19, 2011
m de p in Manhattan

Help: Need to cook and freeze veggies from CSA today

I am getting our CSA share today, but am leaving town tomorrow, so I want to cook and freeze most of them. What can I make? Here's what's in our bag today:

green pepper
purple carrots

I was thinking ratatouille, though I don't know how that will freeze. Ideas?

I also get a fruit share, but that I'm planning to puree most of that to freeze and feed to baby.


Jul 15, 2010
m de p in Home Cooking

Need recos for W132 & 8th ave

Covo Trattoria - 12th Avenue around 135th - just north of Fairway.
The restaurant that is inside of Riverbank State Park (don't remember the name) is pretty good for brunch - not fabulous, though.
Second the recommendation for 5 and Diamond - we went in a few Fridays ago and were seated within 10 or 15 minutes. The food was great, and the service was super friendly.
Melba's is good, though can be quite loud (they often have live music or a DJ, and it's a small space.

701 W 135th St, New York, NY 10031

Apr 09, 2010
m de p in Manhattan

park slope advice (time sensitive!) for 4/9

Sidecar (5th avenue around 16th street) would be good for dinner. They have two bars to sit at, so you could eat alone and talk to either chef or bartender. They usually only have one choice for dessert, though, so you may want to go elsewhere for that.

Apr 09, 2010
m de p in Outer Boroughs

Santiago and a few other questions

Astrid & Gaston also has a place in Santiago. I went years ago and had a great experience.

My husband is from Santiago and we go every year. We tend to not eat at the upscale places, but if you want something a little more "typical" try La Fuente Alemana for "completos", Liguria is nice for lunch (I believe there are several locations - we go to Nunoa), and of course Domino in El Centro for hot dogs "italiano". And don't forget to try the mote con huesillo from a street vendor.

Need great food in DC, with an infant

Thanks for the suggestions! The Brasserie Beck seems like it would fit the bill, both for us and for our friend.

Need great food in DC, with an infant

NYC chowhound here.... My husband, 3 month old daughter and I are traveling to DC on Thursday and will be meeting an old friend for dinner. We'll be getting in to Metro Center, though I think we can travel anywhere in the city. Here are the parameters:

My friend needs something on the traditional side (he suggested Prime Rib, which is too expensive and fancy, but that's the kind of stuff he likes).

We'll have an infant in a stroller, so we need a place that will be suitable for that.

We'll also have a piece of luggage (we may be able to leave this at his hotel, but we're not sure).

Any and all suggestions are appreciated!

casual dinner near Riverbank State Park?

You could also go to the Bus Stop diner on 135th and Broadway. They definitely have enough seating for a group.

For Mexican, El Toro Partido on Broadway around 140th is good. Depending on the size of the group, it could be a tight squeeze, though. Acapulco Caliente is on Broadway around 143rd and is also good Mexican, and large enough to accommodate a group.

Jul 28, 2008
m de p in Manhattan

Help complete (or comment on) my Italian dinner

I'm having some friends over for an Italian dinner inspired by my culinary trip to Italy this summer. One problem is that I can't make most of the things we made in Italy because it was summer and some ingredients aren't available/fresh this time of year.

I would love advice on wines to serve with this, as well as how to fill it out, or make changes.

So far, I'm planning on:

Appetizer: frittata of leeks and zucchini

First course: polenta with ragu of mushrooms and beef

Second course: Roast chicken with lemon

Side: maybe eggplant parmesan or white beans, or both. Or maybe sauteed greens.

Dessert: Chocolate Amaretti cake

As you can see I'm a bit undecided on the contorni, and I think I may need a second dessert.

TIA for any suggestions!

Dec 10, 2007
m de p in Home Cooking

"A" on Columbus - new location???

Exactly! I tried to search for BYOB on the UWS, but that yielded nothing, either. We couldn't find it and didn't venture down to the neighborhood to search.

We ended up going to Zoma, on 113th and 8th avenue. The food was superb and the service was horrible. I'll definitely be back, though!

I still want to go back to A, so if anyone knows its whereabouts....

Sep 23, 2007
m de p in Manhattan

"A" on Columbus - new location???

I was hoping to have dinner at A tonight, and I've heard that they've moved to another, nearby, location. Problem is... I don't know the knew location and the phone #s I find for them are disconnected. Anyone know where it is?


Sep 21, 2007
m de p in Manhattan

One night in Rome and one night in Florence - suggestions?

Thanks for the replies! We ended up having dinner at Cibreo in Florence, which was a wonderful experience, then lunch at Francescano in Santa Croce, also good. In Rome, we went to Le Fric (had wanted Agata e Romeo, but couldn't get a reservation on only a few hours notice. Le Fric was recommended by the concierge at the hotel. It was perfectly fine. The service was very friendly and the food was solid, if not special.

The real gem of the trip was Chef Claudio. He runs Torre Guelfa, a restuarant in Figline Valdarno, about 20km south of Florence. His classes were great, and he is amazing. A great teacher, and a great chef. We were really spoiled by his food (we ate in his restaurant most nights) and so it was hard to have a meal anywhere else. If anyone is looking for a cooking school in Tuscany, I would highly recommend it. He caps his classes at 14, though we only had 10 in our class (four days of classes - we made about 40 recipes in all). He also does private lessons for singles or couples. They are done out at his relais, just outside of town (and next door to Sting's place, apparently). We stayed at the relais, but you can stay in town as well.

So hard to be back in the states without all that great food. :( Now I get to have fun seeing if I can recreate all that goodness in my own kitchen!!

Jul 30, 2007
m de p in Italy

Thanksgiving in NYC

My family and I have had Thanksgiving at Tocqueville last year and it was really nice. They offered a traditional dinner as well as several other options.

I seem to recall that Blue Hill doesn't do Thanksgiving, but you'd have to double check that.

Jul 30, 2007
m de p in Manhattan

One night in Rome and one night in Florence - suggestions?

My mom and I are going on a one-week culinary trip to Tuscany. We'll be doing a five day cooking course with "Chef Claudio" in Figline Valdarno. I'll be reporting on that in a couple of weeks, but in the meantime....

We'll be staying in Florence one night and in Rome one night on either end of our trip. So, we need fabulous places to eat on both of those nights. We'd like something not too fancy (don't want to have to dress up). Price isn't much of a consideration, but let's say we don't want to go somewhere where we'll spend 40 euro on secondi alone. Just in case there is any confusion - we want places that serve local cuisine. We'll be there during the last week of July, so that may be a consideration if some places start their August vacations early. ??

All suggestions welcome and appreciated!!

Jul 11, 2007
m de p in Italy

Sidecar on 5th ave in South Slope?

sidecar is officially open as of tomorrow. I went to the soft opening this past weekend, which was spectacular. definitely get the bean dip with bacon! and the peach cobbler (which is the only dessert on the menu) is the best i've ever tasted. really.

i'll be there again this weekend. it's BYOB for now. still waiting for liquor license....

Jul 09, 2007
m de p in Outer Boroughs

Harlem 145th St./Sugar Hill: Suggestions

Welcome the neighborhood! A few places I like in the area are:

People's Choice for juice (just up the block on 146 and FD)
Sunshine Kitchen also has great juices; haven't tried their food yet
Charles' Southern Fried Chicken (of course!)
Famous Fish Place, for fried fish, on 145 and St. Nick
Jumbo's burgers, right there on 145 and FD
T&J's Bakery on 148 and ACP, for great pastries, cakes, and they also have some sandwiches and salads
Copeland's, on 145, close to Broadway
The woman who sells tamales on 145 and Edgecombe is great. She has great atoles in the morning, and also fresh fruit.
El Toro Partido, Mexican food on B'way and 140th
Acapulco Caliente, also Mexican food, on B'way and 143rd.
The River Room, in Riverbank State Park at the end of 145th on the west side. The view can't be beat and the food is decent.

I've heard about a great bakery up on Edgecombe around 160th. Haven't tried it but it's been positively reviewed here on CH, and it's near Jumel Mansion, which is a nice place to see.

Happy chowhounding uptown!

Jul 04, 2007
m de p in Manhattan

Hoping to eat better in Cuba

I never made it to Floridita.

Esperanza's menu changes each time, but there are some standard things. They have an interesting appetizer of a plantain stuffed with tuna. Very good. I've had good soups there and the fish dishes are also good. Please go if you can and enjoy! Just being in the house is such a nice experience, but the food luckily stands up to the surroundings.

Hoping to eat better in Cuba

You should try La Esperanza in Miramar. Excellent paladar in a beautiful home and lovely hosts. My favorite place to eat in La Habana by far. There is another Mexican (yes, Mexican!) paladar in Miramar that is good, but I can't recall the name. Other paladares I like are: El Helecho (simple, inexpensive paladar), el Gringo Viejo (not amazing, but decent and also not too expensive), and I do like La Guarida (the place from Fresa y Chocolate). The pizza place on the corner of Parque Central isn't bad, if you really need pizza during your trip. I have always eaten quite well in Cuba.

Guatemala- easy on the chicken

my favorite place to eat in Antigua is an Italian restaurant run by an Italian/Guatemalan couple. I haven't been to Guate in a few years, but I assume it's still there. Unfortunately, I can never remember the name, but if you are in the Parque Central, looking at the cathedral, it is one block east (at least I think it's east - to the right), on the block that runs perpendicular to the cathedral. It's on the west side of the street, and has a very small menu posted outside that changes often. I think it may be called Mediteraneo ??

In Lago Atitlan, I always try to get out of Panajachel as quickly as possible. I usually stay at Arca de Noe, which is one town over from Pana on a little boat. They serve family style meals that are quite good, but I think you have to stay there to eat there.

Buen provecho!

Best Southern Banana Pudding / Coconut Cake

Copeland's on 145th is the best I've had anywhere. Yum!!

May 23, 2007
m de p in Manhattan

ideas for a baby shower

I'm hosting a baby shower to begin at 1:00pm. I need to make all of the food ahead of time since I have a meeting that morning and in fact will probably arrive late to the shower (will put husband on oven duty). I am somewhat familiar with the dietary restrictions of pregnant ladies, but if anyone has any no-no's they want to share, please speak up! One thing I'm thinking of doing phyllo triangles with different fillings since they can be frozen and then baked just before serving. Cheese is ok if it's cooked, right? I want to try and keep it to finger food as much as possible. TIA for any other suggestions.

May 06, 2007
m de p in Home Cooking

Any suggestions for boxed lunch for teachers?

What a nice idea! I wish some of my students' parents would think of the same thing! :) It's true that we don't have much time to eat, but I would love the "excuse" to sit down for a nice lunch. How about combining keeping the lunch idea but also including something that can be saved for later? Anything that's pretty easy to eat (i.e., not falling out of the bread), along with whole fruit (which can be saved for later), and a nice iced tea or other drink would be great. And then you could pack up some cookies that can be saved for later. Spiced nuts might be nice. I eat almonds a lot since they give me energy and I can carry them anywhere.

May 06, 2007
m de p in Home Cooking

nigella's chocohotopots.... for later. how?

i just made these the other day. i made the batter about an hour or so before baking, and i just kept it in a big bowl on the counter. I didn't put them into the ramekins until right before going into the oven. it was fine. i would think that you could refrigerate them since you'll be waiting 3 hours. just give it a good stir before putting them into the ramekins. so delicious!

Apr 05, 2007
m de p in Home Cooking

First time to wd-50... what to order?

Four of us are going to wd-50 on Saturday for the first time. Any must-have dishes? How much does their menu change from season to season? Any thoughts on the nine-course tasting menu?

Thanks for the advice!

Feb 22, 2007
m de p in Manhattan

Dinner ideas near 108th btwn 5th & Mad?

Itzocan Bistro at 101 and Lex is good. El Paso Taqueria on Lex b/w 103 and 104 (I think) is also good. There is another very small place on 106th that sells tacos, tortas, and other good Mexican dishes. Can't remember the name. It's in the middle of the block.

Jan 23, 2007
m de p in Manhattan

Need a dinner spot for 20 folks, affordable, and preferably with a spot for drinks nearby

I'm hosting a reunion of Peace Corps volunteers in early February and we'll be dining out on a Saturday night. I live in Harlem and would love to find a spot up here, though we can also travel anywhere in Manhattan. I was thinking about Dinosaur BBQ but would love other recommendations. How about Florence's on 8th avenue? I've never been and I'm not sure if they could accommodate a group that large. Other suggestions? Any cuisine is fine, but affordable is a must and vegetarian options are a plus (not sure how many vegetarians we have in the group). TIA!

Dec 31, 2006
m de p in Manhattan

Lunch tomorrow somewhere b/w Grand Central and Soho

Will be near Grand Central tomorrow around mid-day, heading down to Soho after and want to have lunch somewhere in between. We need a place where we won't need reservations. Price isn't an issue, but we don't want any Asian, including Indian. Any recommendations appreciated! TIA.

Nov 23, 2006
m de p in Manhattan

With apologies

I'll second the Fairway Cafe suggestion, and add Keen's to the list. Not reasonable, but the kind a place that a country cousin might like, and in the area (36th and 6th).

Nov 18, 2006
m de p in Manhattan

My New York itinerary -comments and suggestions please!

How about Florent for either breakfast on Friday? Hearth or Red Cat would be other nice dinner options.

Oct 08, 2006
m de p in Manhattan

Planning for Thanksgiving - dining out or ordering in suggestions, please!

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, contrary to their advertisements, Fresh Direct does not deliver to my part of Manhattan (Central Harlem). Other suggestions?

Sep 17, 2006
m de p in Manhattan