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Inase - hidden sushi gem on the UES

Five friends and I visited Inase the past Saturday evening. I will concede that the fish was fresh and delicious, and the service friendly and attentive. However, I'm afraid that we all found the portions of both the sushi/sashimi and the accompanying items to be meager, as compared to any of the many NYC establishments in which we’ve enjoyed sushi. This applied to both omakase, and entrees. Though again quite fresh and flavorful, it amounted essentially to a $500 snack, and we were sorely disappointed. Better luck next time, though for us, elsewhere.

Dec 15, 2008
btieleman in Manhattan

Westchester Oysters

A good friend and I are seeking a good oyster spot in Westchester. A decent bar (oysters with Talisker single malt scotch are sublime) would be a big plus. Though excellent, I'd like to forego the NYC staples (Aquagrill, Blue Ribbon, Shaffer's) this one time.

Your insights would be much appreciated. Thanks!