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Pasadena is weak!

Not a fan of this place. Not worth it for the $$. Had the stuffed mushrooms - pretty tasteless. Also tried the mussels - not that great. Also the service was pretty slow. Took almost 30 minutes to get the starters (mushrooms and a green salad).

Feb 15, 2012
SGV Gal in Los Angeles Area

Brioche Buns from a Bakery in Pasadena?

It's been discountinued at TJ.

May 23, 2011
SGV Gal in Los Angeles Area

37th Annual Los Angeles Korean Festival

Very disappointing! The food was expensive - $10 for kimbap and $10 for fish cake soup. Also, it was very hot (they need some kind of shading in the entertainment area). Definitely would not go again. Parking was a nightmare and paid parking was $10.

Oct 08, 2010
SGV Gal in Los Angeles Area

ISO romantic restaurant in Pasadena area

I would NOT go to Tre Venezie. They charged us for the olive oil for the bread!! Service wasn't that great either. My choices: Vertical, The Dining Room, Raymond.

May 07, 2010
SGV Gal in Los Angeles Area

Fork Bistro - Montrose

We were just there on Friday night (12/11) for dinner. Very strange. We really liked the food - however, it was freezing in the restaurant and they only had 2 staff doing everything (waiting, cleaning, serving, etc.). Too bad.

Dec 16, 2009
SGV Gal in Los Angeles Area

Claro Market Rec's?

I heard that the owner/short guy at the counter passed away. I haven't been at Roma in awhile. Love their proscuitto! Does anyone have the scoop?

Aug 01, 2008
SGV Gal in Los Angeles Area

Pasadena breakfast/brunch

Everything we've had from the open face BF sandwiches, pancakes, to the omelets have been really good. They also have great specials. We usually go on Sundays after church around 11 a.m. and the wait is about 15 to 30 minutes. While you're waiting, buy your cupcakes because they run out of some of the more popular flavors such as the red velvet. We love the mini ones - perfect 2 bite sweetness!!

Jul 01, 2008
SGV Gal in Los Angeles Area

Pasadena breakfast/brunch

Here are our favorites:
Mike & Anne's (So. Pas) - service sometimes is a little slow; great patio dining
Julienne's (San Marino) - closed on Sunday's, love everything, expect a long wait
Leroys (Monrovia) - good, cheap diner (great tator tots!)
Auntie Em's (Eagle Rock), self service coffee, great cupcakes
Camillo's (Eagle Rock), really good dishes

We're still looking to add to the list. Tried most of those listed so far.

Jun 30, 2008
SGV Gal in Los Angeles Area

Cherry Orchards

Ths past weekend, we went to Amber's in Leona Valley with our 3 1/2 year old. It was perfect for him b/c he could get under the low branches to pick the cherries that were hard for the adults to pick. The trees in Leona Valley are short so that kids can pick them. Amber's had a lot of bing and rainier but not a lot of the other varietals. They also have a little picnic area. We had a great afternoon!

Jun 12, 2008
SGV Gal in Los Angeles Area

Anyone made Oprah's fave....

I made it this weekend. It's a very tasty burger (doesn't need mustard/ketchup or anything else). The recipe made 8 very large burgers. I used ground turkey (not ground turkey breast) and the patties were very loose - it definitely needs to set in the fridge. I used Crosse & Blackwells Major Grey's Chutney (I would prefer another brand that did NOT have high fructose corn syrup - but that's what they had at my grocery store.).

Jun 02, 2008
SGV Gal in Home Cooking

ISO of BH&G sandwich recipe from early 80's

When I was a kid, we used to make a sandwich using cold cuts, cheese, herbed spread that was wrapped in alumninum foil and baked. The original recipe came from Better Homes & Garden in the late 70's/early 80's. I've checked out BH&G website/message boards and have not found this recipe.

Brings back memories of our summer roadtrips. My mom used to make this, and we used to have picnics on our roadtrips throughout the midwest/east.

Hope someone can help!!!

May 09, 2008
SGV Gal in Home Cooking

Afternoon tea? Rose Tree Cottage?

Try out the Four Seasons Tea Room in Sierra Madre on Baldwin. It's really a cute place with very reasonable tea. Their scones are really good.

As for Huntington - don't care for the food or buffet style.

Rose Tree - just OK

Chado - OK food, great selection of teas, boring atmosphere

Scarlett Tea Room - good food - have other selections such as salads/sandwiches, OK selection of teas, pretty atmosphere (no teas on Sunday - only for private parties)

Hope this helps.

May 07, 2008
SGV Gal in Los Angeles Area


Porto Via Italian Food on California in Pasadena. Made with with Crispy Pancetta, Arugula, Tomatoes & Basil! It's the best! The owners said that the recipe my be published in Bon Appetit.

My first post - definitely wanted to share this info.

May 02, 2008
SGV Gal in Los Angeles Area