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Mystic, CT??

Just ate at Milagro last Monday for lunch. It was a horrible windy rainy cold day and they were almost the only place in Stonington that was opened. Server was young, really nice, the food was great. I had a salad with chicken, chorizo, guacamole, greens--it was great. Also Azu serves breakfast--nice to know if you are spending the weekend in Mystic. Prices were good and service was very pleasant.

Mystic/Groton CT with high school kids?

My husband and I ate two nights in a row at The Seahorse April 26 & 27. We heard it was good and it was very good. I was afraid we wouldn't get a seat after seeing the number of cars in the parking lot but most of the people were in the lounge to the left. The restaurant was not full, nicely lit, very friendly staff, great service. The spinach pasta with seafood was incredible as was the salad with Gorgonzola, pears, craisins--one of the best we've ever had. My husband is a vegetarian and had the ravioli dish. He felt it was a little oily but acceptable. The next night he went back just for the salad and I had the fisherman's platter. It was good and not at all greasy but, let's face it, frying seafood only covers it up. We felt the price was reasonable and were happy we found The Seahorse.

Mystic/Groton CT with high school kids?

Be aware that the Five Brothers chain proudly notes that their fries are cooked in peanut oil. I don't have a peanut allergy but I know several who do and I'm surprised a chain aimed at families would even use peanut oil. And it is definitely a chain. There is one in the most nondescript area outside Albany NY.