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Sugar Cane Sticks

It's too late now, but I saw a guy selling sugar cane stalks on Canal this Saturday (amidst all the other street vendors).

Apr 15, 2007
Leto in Manhattan

Will be traveling to Bloomington, In, Champaign, Il, & Iowa City.

It's been a long while since I've been in Champaign, but I definitely second the recommendation of Custard Cup.

As for bar food, I recommend a burger at Murphy's pub. (604 E. Green Street)

Nov 21, 2006
Leto in General Midwest Archive

One Girl Cookies - Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

I agree that the cookies are good, but they are so very *tiny*! It's $2 for a cookie that is about the size of a few half dollars stacked on top fo each other.

Also, isn't the shop in what is considered to be Boerum Hill, not Cobble Hill?

Jul 14, 2006
Leto in Outer Boroughs

Ki Sushi on Smith St.

It's open now. The service is good and the decor is pretty nice, but I wasn't that impressed with the food. Osaka is definitely better.

Jul 14, 2006
Leto in Outer Boroughs