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Tek-Nique (Bedford, NH)

My family and I went to Tek-Nique for Father's Day brunch and had a truly awful dining experience. Our appetizer came after a half hour, but the entrees (eggs or steak and eggs) took over an hour to arrive. The waitstaff did not apologize for the delay or offer something for us to eat while waiting for the main course until we sought her out. We were eventually told that a plate broke in the kitchen, and that the area had to be cleaned thoroughly. Strange that this did not impact the other diners' meals. When we asked about our orders for the third time, we were told that they were being plated, another five minutes (and plating was very simple for these dishes). How can it take 1.5 hours to cook eggs in a restaurant that wasn't busy? The meals were comped; I will never return.

Mother's Day suggestions for Manchester/Nashua?

Hi, I'm looking for Mother's Day lunch suggestions for Manchester or Nashua. Trying to stay away from a bland buffet at a hotel kind of thing. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

September Openings and Closings

El Huipil (Mexican) just opened in Maynard in September. (Anything new is welcome in the boonies!) This is a better spot for lunch than dinner- its a casual place- but the quesadilla I had was delicious. Pico de gallo was very fresh.

Portsmouth, NH father's day ideas

Does anyone have ideas for Saturday lunch in the Portsmouth, NH area? I know that there is a Friendly Toast there, but I was thinking of something more like a fish place with a water view. Thanks!

The Friendly Toast
121 Congress St, Portsmouth, NH 03801

Woburn area dinner ideas (near Showcase Cinemas)

Thank you, everyone! Now I have good ideas for my next visit to Woburn.

Woburn area dinner ideas (near Showcase Cinemas)

Thanks, phonelady!

Woburn area dinner ideas (near Showcase Cinemas)

Does anyone have non-chain dining ideas for Woburn (near Showcase Cinema)?
I have read mixed things about the Korean BBQ Restaurant. Ideally I would like a resonable Korean or Japanese restaurant.


Must eats at H-Mart food court?

It was mob scene last night. Tried to get a noodle soup- only two choices available. I was told that seafood options weren't available b/c the oysters weren't fresh. I had a seafood soup (the only non-meat choice) and it was blah, probably because there was no seafood in it-just noodles, veggies, broth. They ran out of food (at my food stand) shortly after I got mine. The stone pot meals looked better. The Indian stand hardly had any takers and the bakery was basically cleaned out by the time I got there. My suggestion would be to go at off hours or wait until the rush dies down and they work the kinks out. My friend got fresh kimchee that she loved-they had people packaging it for you while you waited. Great selection in the rest of the market, from what I could tell in limited time there. Want to go back and get green tea and red bean ice cream (and sweet red bean buns). They also had a huge selection of frozen dumplings, tea....etc.

4 days, 3 nights in Boston

Try Flour in the South End or near the Children's Museum. Amazing bakery- you can actually reserve Flour's award winning sticky buns online. Also try Myers & Chang (Chang runs Flour) for reasonable Taiwanese comfort food. The Trident bookstore cafe on Newbury is a good spot to people watch. The North End is always a tourist spot, but a great area to wander around (and a visit to Mike's Pastry on Hanover is mandatory if you are anywhere nearby). This area has a few Italian grocery stores, too, as well as a gelato place on Hanover. Dim Sum in Chinatown is another option, and another interesting place to wander around (bakeries, food stores, etc.)

Arlington - What's Always Good?

Ate at Flora this week (second time in the past 6 months). Enjoyed the vichyssoise with crab- a nice light, cool summer appetizer. Tried a sole special, which was (unfortunately) fried. Had shrimp/mango coleslaw bed, which was OK. Dessert was a delicious blueberry crumble which could have been warmer. Service was attentive w/o being cloying. It was fine, but I wouldn't rush back there (d/t price points).

Best Mussels & Fries together or seperate

Tried Flex Mussels in NYC last weekend. I tried Thai Mussels and my friend had the bisque. Both were excellent, and came with multiple refills of bread (useful to soak up the wonderful broth). We split a small $5 cornet of fries (crispy, not greasy but could have been a bigger portion) . We passed on dessert, which sounded wonderful (caramel filled donuts with dipping sauce).

The menu is pretty simple: mussles and a choice of about 10 broths, price range $16 to $10 or so. Oysters/ raw seafood plates are avaiable for appetizers, and I think there is one chicken option on the menu. A lot of bang for the buck for this price point, especially in NYC. Servers were attentive. We sat near the kitchen, which wasn't overly noisy. Front of restaurant has long counter- not sure how that would work with a big bowl of mussels. Please, Flex, open a Boston branch soon!

PS: I wish they would serve cherry beer, for the true Belgian mussels experience.

Jul 09, 2009
Chocolate Mousse in Manhattan

Best Chinese outside of Chinatown?

I had a bad dim sum/ brunch experience at Yangtze River (Lexington) recently. While I didn't try the dim sum, the buffet options were greasy and not appealing. I have had better luck at the Chang Sho in Cambridge and have heard good things about sister restaurants in the 'burbs (see website- Water Lily in Wayland is one of them). China Sky in Wellesley was excellent, and the setting was lovely.

Good bets in/near Maynard

I moved to Maynard a few months ago, and have had mixed results with restaurants. I was pleased with the Cast Iron Kitchen, but have tried two Thai places that were pretty mediocre. Anything I've missed in the area? I have heard about 51 Main Bar and Grill and Blue Coyote Grill, but what else is worthwhile in the area (including Concord and surrounding towns)?

Non-cream cheese based cheesecake?

Try Mike's Pastry in the North End.

Maynard area eats?

Just moved to the boonies. Anyone have ideas for places to check out in Maynard, Concord, Acton, etc? I know about Christopher's clam chowder. Is 51 Main St. worth a try? Thanks!

Graduation Dinner near Waltham

Le Chateau is one option. It's not elegant, just simple, family-style Italian. The place is a bit dated (there is a "gold room, etc.", but, if you are dealing with a large group, it will be able to accomodate. Located in Waltham center behind the library.

Other options: The Naked Fish (just off of Rt. 128 in Waltham).
I can come up with more if you are stumped.

Almost there!

Two restaurant suggestions: The Helmand (Afghanistan) in Cambridge. Really different, and accessible by the T. If you truly love sushi and want to splurge, try Oishii in the south end. Amazingly fresh, very high end, prices to match. I agree that a trip to the North End (and to Mike's pastry) is a must. Oh, and you should walk the Mass Ave bridge from Boston to Cambridge- great views of the city. Check out free museum nights at the ICA and the MFA. Wander around Beacon Hill. Wander around Harvard Yard. Have fun and welcome!

Dining out for Thanksgiving

I once ate at the Wayside Inn on Thanksgiving. The building, in Sudbury, dates from the 1700's..which gives it a nice old-time touch. No buffet, which is a plus in a restaurant on Thanksgiving. Can't recall specifics about the food, but everyone was pleased. http://www.wayside.org/

Mid-Level Portuguese Restaurant with Pleasant, Comfortable Atmosphere?

North Cambridge (near the Galleria) has a sizeable Portugese population, and a number of great Portugese restaurants. It's been a long time since I've been there, but check out Casa Portugal and Atasca (I think the latter is more upscale).

Need ideas for theater district

I'm taking family to see a show this weekend, and need an inspired dinner suggestion. I was going to bypass this area and head to Bouchee, but may need a closer idea. Anything reasonable that's not Chinatown/ not a chain/not outrageously expensive (entrees up to $25 are OK). Thanks!

Ponzu in Waltham

Tried Ponzu a week ago. Didn't opt for tapas, due to time. A friend had an amazing catepillar roll. I chose the roll assortment under that on the menu- very lackluster.
Staff seemed to push drinks, desserts, appetizers- unusual for a Japanese restaurant. We were served an unusual dessert: a sweet soup with yams. Really interesting, and nice, light way to end a meal. I'd go back for a second try.

What's the deal with Bali Hai?

Thanks to Joyce Chen, Boston had a plethora of Polynesian rests. in the 50's. A lot of these places are throwbacks to this era in every sense of the word. In one place, near Newton Centre, you can eat under a fake thatched hut and "look out" at a wallpaper view of a beach. I've generally found that these places have awful food. I'd take decent dumplings over kitsch any day. My parents had their rehearsal dinner at Aku Aku!

Good resturants very near the science museum?

There's a fairly new place in the Sonesta Hotel (across from the Galleria and near the MOS). Chef used to be at Blu.

Hanover NH

Does anyone know the name of the restaurant in Hanover NH with the rowing theme? Alternatively, any good suggestions for a nice restaurant in the area? I am getting a gift certificate for someone as a holiday gift. Thanks!

Panera's New Pizzas

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I couldn't resist using my free coupon from Panera to try their new pizza. Had the basil/tomato and was plesantly suprised. Thin crust, good size for one person w/o a huge appetite. The only downside is that you can't order it to go (although they will let you take leftovers home). Tableside service is nice- hadn't been to Panera in ages but I would go back.

Oct 21, 2006
Chocolate Mousse in Chains

Brunch in Waltham area?

I forgot the Concord Inn. Not sure if they do brunch, but the setting is historic and elegant! Worth a drive from Waltham.

Brunch in Waltham area?

For something different, try The Elephant Walk (formerly Carambola) on Main St. facing the Waltham common. There are Cambodian and French options.

I've never tried the place in the diner car (also on Main St heading towards Watertown) but it looks like fun..

BAD on Moody Street! (long)

I've had many great meals at Tom Can Cook- try it again!

Ohio Chowhound looking for Boston/Waltham recs?

Brandeis is great- happy you are Boston bound.

In terms of Waltham suggestions: Solea (great tapas, roughly $25 per person. Not sure if this would be a hit with kids).
Jake and Earl's Dixie Roadhouse has reliable BBQ.
The Elephant Walk has interesting brunch choices (Cambodian and French).

Il Panino in the North End is always reliable and reasonable, but with a tiny bathroom. I am not sure if they take reservations. Try parking at Fanueil Hall and walking over- parking in the North End is a hassle.

Near MFA: Betty's Noodle Wok (across from Symphony) is great updated Asian- you choose your noodle, meat, ingredients, sauce and they do the rest. "Cukes and weed" appetizer is unusually good.

I second the suggestion to try Jasper White's Summer Shack as a casual alternative to Legal's. Kids will fee comfortable here.


Best Gelato in Boston- Angelato

I read that the owner went to Italy to study the process of making gelato. I've been there once and thought the gelato was decent- have to go back to "study" the selection further!