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Birthday- Downtown LA- Must Wine Bar??

My friend's bday is Saturday, and she wants to head downtown. Has anyone been to Must Wine Bar yet? That's on her lists of places to go. We'll also take any other suggestions...she's really taken a interest in wine, so we're looking for a great wine bar....and/or a good bar at hotel. Thanks in advance for any help!

Dinner Ideas- 1st Anniversary

My friend is celebrating her first wedding anniversary this weekend, and is looking for someplace special to go to. They would like to go somewhere that has a good wine list, and as far as cuisine the only specification was that it's not sushi.

They would prefer that the area be in or around West Hollywood, Hollywood, Silverlake, or East Valley.

I appreciate any ideas you can offer.

Is there a good happy hour in the east valley? anywhere??

I live in Valley Village, and am looking for a happy hour that is in Burbank, Noho, Studio CIty to take some out of town friends to. I've been searching for one, but just can't find one that keeps me coming back.

Does anyone have a favorite happy hour hangout in this area?

Thanks in advance!!

Yxta..have you heard anything yet?


Yxta..have you heard anything yet?

I heard that there is a new place opening downtown from the same owners of el arco iris. Just wondering if anyone has heard anything.

Help me find a restaurant that meets this (random) criteria

I think that the cheescake factory has strawberry lemonade as well.

┬┐Bulk white chocolate in San Fernando Valley?

I don't know any place in the valley, but I just bought white chocolate at Surfa's in Culver City. It was the first time I bought it so I don't know if it was a reasonable price. I think it was about $6-7 per pound. The chocolate was really good!

Restaurant with no/minimal corkage?

I went with my boyfriend and his sister to Zucca's which is in downtown LA. They had no corkage fee, and we both enjoyed our meal. His sister had the risotto which wasn't as good, but it arrived cold, so maybe it's better served warm. I had the filet and my boyfriend had fish. We all enjoyed our experience. It was romantic, and fairly priced.

801 S Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA 90017

Holiday Dinner for 2

My boyfriend and I decided to go out to eat somewhere really nice instead of buying presents for each other this year. We're trying to keep our bill at $100. I was thinking of AOC or Craft. I haven't been to either place. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Also, if you know if there is a corkage fee, please put it in your post.

Studio Cafe in Studio City?

I've been there twice for happy hour. The first time I was sat at the bar and was given the full appetizer menu to look at. It's 50% off appetizers from 5 pm to 7 pm. Drinks are 2 for $5, but you have to get the same drink twice and it's off of thier list.
The second time I was there we received a much smaller menu. The chili is from chili my soul, so that was great. The food was good for the price. 2 of us ate and drank for $30.

Also, service at the bar was waaaay better. The waiter was really slow when we sat at the table.

Downtown LA for breakfast

I keep hearing that downtown has great breakfast for cheap prices. Any suggesstions? I have family coming in and they want to experience all the different cities I can take them to, so I was going to start downtown.

Thanks in advance for any help!!

Ciudad- Downtown LA

I'm thinking of going to Ciudad for the late night happy hour. Has anyone been there?

Billy's Grill in Sherman Oaks

I just went there for the first time. I had the hamburger deluxe with cheese added, and fries. It was delicious. I ate every bite, and left with a smile on my face. It's a definate must try if you're in the area.

Good eats in Burbank near Warner Bros for lunch?

Try a Handy Market sandwich. It's a grocery store on Magnolia and Buena Vista, but the deli is great. Thier sandwiches are really good, and I LOVE their chicken salad. It's not expensive and it's a good portion. I don't think the wait in Portos is that bad...and it's definately worth it!

good cheap near the 405 and Ventura Blvd.

How cheap are you looking? There is a good mexican place called El Rancho at 15030 Ventura Blvd. It's a small, cheap place. The Italian restaurant next to Simons, Cucina Bene, is amazing. I love going there for lunch. The lunches are between $8-$14.

New LAUREL TAVERN: Studio City Winner

I went there last night. We went after work so we were there from 6 to 8:30, and it got busier, but it was never too crowded. There was a line to get in by the time we left. The beer was great. We also ordered the chorizo fondue, steak fries, ham and cheese croques, and the grilled artichoke.The fondue was the best thing from what we ordered. The fries were nothing special, unless you were lucky enough to get one that had the pork fat...but they were few and far between. We dipped them in the chorizo fondue...that helped. The grilled artichoke has nuts, which they don't mention, and unfortunately my boyfriend is allergic. It would have been nice to know what was on it. Other than the allergic reaction, my friend who ordered it said that it was good.

I think they have a few kinks to iron out. Our food was delivered to us, but we didn't have napkins brought out. The people bussing the tables were busy, so by the time we got them we were half way through our food. I agree with some of the other people about the need for a cashier for the food.

The bartenders seemed to be overwhelmed, and the attitude of one of the 3 showed that she was frustrated. At least I'm hoping that she's not naturally rude, and it was the fact that the bar was 2 to 3 people deep.

I'm going to go back and try the place out one more time. See if they've gotten a better routine down at the bar. Honestly, I didn't have any problems until they got busy. It seemed that they had trouble once they got busy.

I've been waiting for a place like this to open up, so I'm optimistic! Maybe next time i'll go mid-week.

Mexican by Universal City?

good point. They don't have any alcohol, just great food.

Mexican by Universal City?

OK...Now I have recommendations, but not super close to Universal Studios. Daniel's Tacos is an authentic taco stand on Vineland and Strathern. It's worth the drive.

The other place is las fuentes, but that is a trek to deep valley. The green gold aka guacamole is worth the trip.

8 oz

I went to 8 oz Friday night with a party of 15. We had reservations for 11 and it they were really accomodating about the extra people. Other than that...I have a mixed review., which leans towards a bad review. My drinks were great, but I recommend you stick to the alcoholic beverages. My water came with a shard of glass. Yep that's The manager offered me two drinks in return. Are you kidding me??? Like two drinks can make up for the fact that I almost swallowed a piece of glass.

I ordered the short rib grilled cheese. I was not impressed. The short ribs overwhelmed any sense of cheese in the sandwich. Unfortunately, the short ribs weren't tasty enough to compensate. My bf ordered the estansia grass fed burger. It was cooked the way he asked for it, but he still thought the counter was a better choice. I had a bite of his burger and I agreed. It was nothing special. The heirloom tomato ketchup tasted like heinz 57...which I'm a fan of, but hey if you're advertising the ketchup on the menu than it better be special.

The prices at 8 oz were reasonable. But In-n out burger would have worked for me. My boyfriend makes a better grilled cheese. I had high hopes for this place. I had never been to table 8, and was hoping for the best. Oh...wait I forgot about what I liked. The potato skins were good...not great, but good.

Next time, i'll just go get some chili cheese fries from tops

Mexican by Universal City?

Don Cucos isn't good mexican food. I haven't been to a great mexican restaurant yet.

Best middle eastern in the valley?

I've been to Simons twice. The first time during lunch, and I ordered a sandwich which wasn't good. I went back my friend and I ordered the food you're looking for and it was good. It's worth a try. The chef is always around to talk to for recomendations.

Appetizer/Tapas/Happy Hour Places

So, I'm trying to plan a happy hour for my friend who works out near long beach and lives near the midwilshire area. I live/work in the valley, so I have no idea where we should meet. Any ideas??

He said he is coming from 110 so he's willing to do hollywood or anyplace from the 110 to hollywood. I'm directionally challenged, and I don't even know where the 110 is.

I mentioned Lola's on fairfax, which I've never been,but I'll check posts to see if anyone recommends it.

I appreciate any locations that you all can offer!!

Greek food/market in the valley

I'm looking for a greek market in the valley. I found things I wanted at Papa Christos, but its far for me to drive.

Columbian Market???

I'm new to LA and looking for a Columbian Market. Does anyone know of either a Columbian market, or any market where I can find Columbian products?