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I've tried Metro and Valu-Mart so far, will check the others tomorrow


Where can I find sachets of whiteners? The ones that restaurants and some coffee houses give out to add to coffees/teas. I'm going on a camping trip and we don't want to carry bags/boxes of milk and CoffeeMate (friend is allergic). So, I thought these would do, but I can't find them anywhere. I live downtown in Toronto, if it helps.

Grocery help!

Can anyone tell me anything about Harbour Green Farms on 650 Queens Quay. Is it like Rabba? Cheaper? Expensive? The closest grocery store to me is Metro, which sucks, so I'm wondering if it is worth my time to go here, which is about a 10 min walk... thoughts?


I've been trying to track down this chocolate bar that I had on an Aeroflot flight to Moscow...I finally found it online and it's called "Temno". Dunno if that's how you pronounce it though. Does anyone know where I can get it in Toronto? Here's a URL that has a pic of it... thanks!


Grocery store?

I recently moved into a condo at Lakeshore/Bathurst and the closest grocery store (10 min walking distance) is Metro. Does anyone live in the area or know of better and cheap grocers in the area?

Baking accessories

Great! Thanks..... Will try the store first....

Baking accessories

I'm trying to find a tombstone cookie cutter to bake my halloween cookies with. Any idea where I can find any? I've been to Bulk Barn, Williams Sonoma and Walmart, with no luck. I also need a black food colouring marker. Help!

HELP! Sat night for dinner for 5 ppl.

HELP! I need to find a restaurant for this Sat night for dinner for 5 ppl. I don't want it to be too expensive because I'm going to be picking up the tab. I would like a place with live entertainment. No Italian restaurants!

50th birthday prix fixe

Bottom line is.. no Italian. Sorry about the confusion

50th birthday prix fixe

I just checked out the menu and it looks fab. Unfortunately, she is not a big pasta eater like I am :( Anyone been to Golden Lion? Looks interesting.. ukranian food

50th birthday prix fixe

Do you know if they have parking? I have heard a lot about the place too, unfortunately their Web site isn't up yet so will have to drop by!

50th birthday prix fixe

Preferably north or east. She loves portuguese, spanish, greek and any other mediterranean foods. Does not like Italian very much. Parking is a factor because almost everyone will be driving. Age range, I would say 30+

50th birthday prix fixe

I'm looking for a resto in Toronto (not downtown) where I can host my mom's 50th birthday dinner. We will be 20 ppl. I am hoping for about $25 pp and preferably a prix fixe menu. Ideas?