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any good ideas for dinner in bergen county?

A very cozy, no frills, family-owned-and-ran Italian place, which is BYO and has a wine store right next to it:

Big Red Tomato, on Anderson Ave, in Fort Lee NJ.

LOVE them, and their pasta dishes are cheap! Like between $8-$12! I've been there on numerous occasions, never been disappointed with their food.

Best Manhattan Pho

Holy crap, Vicktoire! I used to live in the valley, and Pho 999 was my 2nd home! Went at LEAST once a week. Seriously, maybe some of the best pho I've had in my life.

Then I went on a road trip to visit some friends in Baltimore...went to a pho place...and guess who was there? The owner of Pho 999! He opened this new pho place in MD, I guess he's got relatives down there. And as usual, it was amazing pho.

OK, here's my fave pho places in Manhattan (like everyone said, it's all kinda bleh...but you gotta make do w/ what you're given. and they still do take care of my frequent pho cravings)

#1: Pho Bang on Mott
#2: Xe Lua
#3: Cong Ly - I think their noodles are the best. tasty and great texture

Note: ALL the pho in Manhattan are to oily/fatty!!! If anyone finds one with a cleaner broth, pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaase post it!

Feb 28, 2009
jimboyoo in Manhattan

Welsh Rarebit Bites


May 07, 2008
jimboyoo in Recipes

Brooklyn Side of Brooklyn Bridge

If you want a great homestyle Mediterranean BYOB, check out King Tut Cafe on Hick st.
Very delicious, cheap, and even some simple outdoor dining out front.

JTH - Jack The Horse tavern on Hick street, also a hidden gem! A bit pricey, but you get what you pay for and then some, in terms of taste and quality.

Apr 30, 2008
jimboyoo in Outer Boroughs

Going for Pizza tonight- Lucali or Grimaldis and why??

I second the vote for Lucali's, only because
1) I've been dying to go there myself, from all the awesome reviews
2) Grimaldi's, although super good, is a bit too touristy
3) Lucali's has much nicer ambience
4) Lucali's has BYOB, w/ a small corkage.

Apr 30, 2008
jimboyoo in Outer Boroughs