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What's the 2nd best sandwich place in DC?

I have to nominate West Wing Cafe now. A little Korean run joint on 12th st between Penn and E across from the Covington Burling Building. Great simple homemade soups (i.e. chicken noodle soup whose broth is clear not yellow), awesome seven grain bread, boar's head meat, turkey pastrami reubens (yum) and good salads too. Try their grilled chicken tomato soup. It looks like kitchen sink soup but I buy it by the threefuls. Oh, and they don't charge you Phillips Cafe prices.

Who makes the best pizza in New England?

Tony's Pizza/Bonnet Shores
Santarpios/E. Boston

What's the 2nd best sandwich place in DC?

Devon & Blakely on F between 13 and 14st. (great soups too)
Cowgirl Creamery (not the veggie, but the meat sandwich)
Organica-to-go on F between 13 and 14st.
Marvelous Market
Teaism also has a great banh mi (healthy)
Cuban (takeout at Ceiba)
Tuna on multigrain at au bon pain (only at 2000 penn mall location)


Films that make you want to eat!

Don't forget the Thomas Keller tutorial on the Spanglish DVD on How to make the best sandwich.

May 08, 2008
jaws1970 in Food Media & News

DC - Metro Center Favorite Take-Out?


It is now 2008 and I came upon your post while looking for a listing of National Press Club foodcourt places.

The Cowgirl Creamery on 919 F makes really good sandwiches and white bean salads. Teaism on 400 8th Street makes a healthy modified banh mi with awesome hot mayo. On Thursdays after 3pm there is also the Farmer's Market on 8th.