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I think I'll be logging off of Chow and not logging back in. Supertaster was a great feature, and James Norton a true pro. Unlike a majority of the other content on this site, his was always worthwhile and well produced.....unlike some of the other presenters here. The good news is I can continue to follow James and not have to bother with this site again!

Aug 23, 2013
jaqzdad in Site Talk

What is your dirty little food secret?

How do you handle the spam? Do you mix it all together or do you top that on the cheese?!

Jul 10, 2013
jaqzdad in General Topics

Music in the Kitchen?

Anything from the standards, including PLENTY of Sinatra works for me. Enjoy listening to Jonathan Schwartz on XM in particular.

Jun 05, 2013
jaqzdad in Not About Food

Temp-taions bakeware

Hello Dixiegal

We have had a couple of different sets for some time now, and could not be happier with them. I will echo baseballfan's sentiments regarding the wicker holders...they're about as useful as a football bat! As far as other issues, we've had none over the past 6 years or so. The metal holders are good, and we'll frequently use the provided glass trivets in our kitchen as well. A decent value all in all, with a pretty good selection of colors and styles.

Feb 21, 2013
jaqzdad in Cookware

Cocktail Onions

Does anyone have a suggestion for making "Tipsy onions"?!

Sep 18, 2008
jaqzdad in Recipes

Detroit (Suburb) Japanese: Ajishin or elsewhere?

I'll second the kudos for Musashi. It's in the Southfield Town Center, and is a walk I often take from my office. Good food...nice staff.

Metro Detroit--Favorite "walk to" places

A favorite in my neck of the Dearborn "backyard" is the Elmhurst Tap Room on Outer Drive. A decent neighborhood pub with good dinners, great steamed mussels, burgers that rival (some Dearbornites will say this is blasphemy) Millers, and some pretty good pizza. The Dearborn Tavern is back, with the original owner and menu..with some tweaks. They have good burgers and steaks. Their Bison Burger is a favorite of mine. Dearborn Tavern is actually the only place that my kids will eat a burger. Buddy's Pizza on Michigan Ave. is a regular haunt and favorite for my wife and me. Almost forgot to mention that decent Chinese food is not too far with the return of Lims Garden (a Dearborn staple for years) in storefront/carryout form on Carlysle. Good to hear, Amanda, that the former "Jouli" has turned the corner!

tramontina enameled cast iron?

I just picked up the 6.5 qt dutch oven in red, yesterday for $9.00 on clearance at Meijer. After reading the reviews, I went back today and picked up the 4.5 qt braiser for a little more.

Apr 30, 2008
jaqzdad in Cookware