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Pilar's - Ann Arbor

For those of you who were disappointed when Pilar's Cafe on South State Street closed last year, there is hope for you. Pilar's Tamales is now open on West Liberty, between Stadium and Maple. Kitchen itself is not ready. She used an electric griddle to warm our pupusas, which were delicious, as was the spicy hot chocolate.

Nov 30, 2009
Summerfield in Great Lakes

crab cake deliciousness - Morris Point, southern MD

At Morris Point Restaurant, St. Clement's Bay, near Abell, MD (the seventh district), I ran into the most delicious crab cake that I've had in a while. Morris Point Restaurant is a small white shack, seemingly floating on the water itself, run by a family of New York ex-pats. My sis-in-law raved about the soft-shell crab. Beer selection is decent. They are open only on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. It's a great ride down from DC. The restaurant seats maybe 20.

Detroit metro -- knives sharpened

Arbor Vacuum at the corner of Carpenter and Packard in Ann Arbor does the job. I myself use a Chef's Choice 120 electric sharpener. It seems to do the trick. Can't use it for my granton edge carving knife, though. I know purists get the vapors when one mentions an electric sharpener, but I'm no purist. I also know it's about 50 miles from Berkley to Ann Arbor. Maybe call Arbor Vacuum (734-973-2990‎) and see if they can advise you of a place closer to Berkley.

Russian high tea in a monastery, Harper Woods, MI

I'm in the job crucible myself. If I land on my feet, I might find myself working downtown. Then, I'll go back and ref all your recs.

Russian high tea in a monastery, Harper Woods, MI

Jim M - chowhound extraordinaire. Great find.

Five Guys in Southfield,MI.

Well hell, you've convinced me. Your whole family, eh? I'm never going to Miller's again. I was getting tired of standing in all those lines, anyway. Bunch of sheep, if you ask me. Thanks for opening my eyes.

Five Guys in Southfield,MI.

Oh great, yet another soulless national chain. If you've been disappointed at Miller's, then there's not much to say to that other than to wonder if you're just into fancypants burgers or whether you're just hard to please.

Sweet Italian Sausage in Detroit area

Alcamo's on 4423 Schaefer in Dearborn, just south of Michigan Ave. I have yet to be disappointed.

Jan 16, 2009
Summerfield in Great Lakes

SE MI: Where can I get Beef Wellington?

Kiernan's in Dearborn has Beef Wellington. I haven't been there in years so I can't vouch for deliciousness.

SE Michigan - The Current State of Pizza

Sorry, can't agree with boagman on Loui's. Barkis and I went to Loui's a while back on boagman's rec and found the pizza incredibly salty. Sauce was heavy whereas Buddy's is light. I won't be back.

Tomatoes is definitely the place. Actually, there are two places. The place on 14 Mile uses a coal-fired oven, which charrs the pizza slightly. It's technically a New Haven style, but bears marked similarities to New York style.

My Cousin's New York Pizzeria is a good, solid New York style of pizza. They sell by the slice. One of the owners is from Brooklyn. I thought that Brooklyn Pizza in B-ham was good too. I have to re-test My Cousin's and Brooklyn Pizza soon. Sylvio's in Ann Arbor makes a real Neapolitan style. He's right off the boat from Naples. Hmmm, I'm gettin' hungry.

Jan 12, 2009
Summerfield in Great Lakes

Ann Arbor - Chinese

Thanks, gyc. I was wondering if anyone would mention TK Wu, as I was under the impression that they cook Hong Kong style food.

Ann Arbor - Chinese

chococat, thanks for the elucidation. Looks like the time to go to Hong Hua is on a weekend.

Ann Arbor - Chinese

I just checked out their online menu. For lunch, they serve something called Udon soup noodles, e.g., BBQ Pork Udon. I've never seen this word, "Udon". What does it mean? It looks like they have pan-fried noodles for dinner. This place looks like it's definitely worth the trip. Thanks for the tip. I didn't see wonton mein or shuei gow mein on the online menu.

Saugatuck, MI recs?

Bummer. I hope that the Millars can secure the funds.

Dec 04, 2008
Summerfield in Great Lakes

Ann Arbor - Chinese

Thanks everybody. I've been to Great Lake, but not in a while, so I will check them out again. I've also been to Matsuchan and enjoyed, though I thought the broth I had was overly fishy tasting. I will go back and try again. Their menu is fairly extensive. I will also try Chia Shang.

Ann Arbor - Chinese

Are there any places in Ann Arbor to get bowls of soup noodles, as pictured in this link to a guide to soup noodles joints in Manhattan?

I'm gettin' hungry, so if you know of any places, please respond quickly. Thanks.

Thanksgiving in Ann Arbor report

If you have to do this again next year, try the Lord Fox on Plymouth Rd in Ann Arbor Township. I know a previous reply to your OP warned you off (and I'm not arguing against it), but how much worse could it have been? Some years ago, we went to Weber's for Easter, and the meals all around were truly crappy. And, some years ago we went to the Lord Fox for Thanksgiving and our meals were pretty good. I know that Weber's is capable of better. Maybe they just can't handle holiday fare. Who knows, maybe there is some perverse competition here for the nadir of holiday meals. On the other hand, I'm glad to hear that you scored at Angelo's. It's been a while for me. I'll have to return for another sampling and rerun my evaluation model.

Black Pearl, Ann Arbor

Is it independent, or, is it a part of Main Street Ventures?

Blue Tractor BBQ - Ann Arbor

Very interesting, houndgirl. I recently had a similar main course at Zingerman's Roadhouse which was excellent. Roadhouse also has an excellent macaroni and cheese. Roadhouse of course is pricey. So it will be nice if Blue Tractor turns out to be a viable lower-priced alternative to the Roadhouse, at least where menus overlap. Wife-enstein, you see, doesn't like the Roadhouse. It sounds like, from your write-up, that you'll go back to Blue Tractor.

Colorado Kitchen in DC

Thank you both. I'm glad to see that Chef Clark didn't close Colorado Kitchen because her business failed, that she "pulled the plug" herself in order to move on to another concept. It really was a brilliant brunch that day, two springs ago. I had meals on that trip at Dino, Bistrot Du Coin, Kavanagh's, Cafe Des Artistes (Leonardtown), Cantler's, and Mark's Duck House (not to mention soft ice cream at Hovermale's), and I'd have to say that that brunch was the best.

Colorado Kitchen in DC

I came down to DC two springs ago to visit daughter, and had an amazing brunch at the Colorado Kitchen. I still think about that meal. Everything was perfect. I've heard through that the Kitchen has closed. Is this true. If so, then why?

Kalamazoo Brewing – Eccentric Day?

Hmmm, London Grill doesn't offer Bell's, it seems, assuming their on-line menu is accurate.

Kalamazoo Brewing – Eccentric Day?

FYI: Kalamazoo Brewing Company has changed their name to Bell's Brewery, Inc., naturally. I'm a Bell's man, myself.

"Roast" at the Book Cadillac

Were the steaks pan-fried or flame-grilled?

Ann Arbor - An Updated Survey of the best it has to offer

Odd, MM, your experience at Cafe Habana. Wife-enstein and I have had nothing but good experiences there, including the Cuban Sandwich, which I enjoyed immensely. Their mojitos have inspired me to make my own at home. Tiny? Nah. I'm not going to say go back and try again, because maybe it's just not your kind of place. And, I'm not aware of a connection to Grizzly Peak. Maybe some 'hounder can clarify.

Recommended cheesesteaks near U-M Ann Arbor

Ha! No such thing as "over-cheesesteaked". Let me see...Friday I go down town. I hit Joe's, wait a couple of minutes and then pad over to Sylvio's, and then motor out to Izzy's. Yeah, that's a plan.

Recommended cheesesteaks near U-M Ann Arbor

I'm off Friday. Maybe I'll try. Where is Joe's? Of course, I have to get back to Sylvio's too. My go-to Philly cheese steak shop in Ann Arbor is Broadway Cafe. Their cheese steaks are as good as the now-defunct Philly's, which used to be on Packard by Carpenter, and better than Gabriel's, IMHO. As an aside, I've cheese steaked at Pat's in Philadelphia, the self-proclaimed originator of cheese steak hoagies, sucked. Anyway, somebody needs to organize a cheese steak tasting crawl.

ISO:Friday Happy Hour in Ann Arbor

Cafe Habana has a happy hour from 15:00 - 18:00 AND from 22:00 - 24:00 with complimentary chips and salsa. They do have beer, but I personally recommend the mojitos. The last time we went, Wife-enstein and I had some tasty choices from the appetizers menu.

Gourmet Garden in Farmington, MI

What's X like? I've never been there. Is it like X20 in Yonkers?

Eating Challenges in SE Michigan

Thanks, I'll try it.

Oct 03, 2008
Summerfield in Great Lakes