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NoName Chicken Broth (moved from Ontario board)

The Healthy Butcher on Queen St sells chicken bones, neck/backs.

Jan 10, 2009
budeeez in General Topics

Diana’s Seafood – fresh fish, great value (review + pics)

Thanks for the pics. Since the previous post about it, I have been meaning to go but hard for me with 2 young children and freezing winters. I am closer to SLM but from your pictures and some of the prices I see on it, the prices are much more affordable at Diana's. Would love to a nice fresh fish and steam with ginger/onions with oil/soy sauce. The sea urchin looks great too. I agree $20 is great.

NoName Chicken Broth (moved from Ontario board)

Not sure which Chinese chicken broth you maybe using. I know the ones you see on sale a lot in a case (i think - with a label with some blue on it) has MSG in it. I read the ingredients one time and realized there was MSG in it.

I've never used the NoName chicken broth product but PC Organic ones aren't bad.

Jan 09, 2009
budeeez in General Topics

Delivery Downtown Core

Having acquired 2 babies in the past couple of years, we've been unable to dine out as often as we used to. There are the usual places we call for delivery but would like to expand our horizons.

What are you go to menus when you rather not venture out for food?


What's Up with the Price of Milk?

Marketing ploy? Just to get foot traffic in. Milk is one of those staples that almost everyone buys.

foodie honeymoon in toronto??

You may find some good Vietnamese cuisine in Chinatown. Not expensive at all and extremely tastey. We like to go to Pho Hung. They have 2 locations. One in China town on the corner of St Andrew and the other on Bloor St. just west of Avenue Rd. If you are staying at Hazelton, the Bloor st location is just around the corner. There are other options for Vietnamese on other threads.

Another budget-wise option that we prefer is Indian buffet for lunch ($9.99/person) at Little India on Queen St. W. Yes, it is a buffet but it is well worth it. They are always busy and extremely high turnover of food. You'll get a good sampling. Plus, you can stroll Queen St afterwards. If you stroll westward, west of Spadina there are great independent shops for many many blocks (none of those corporate retail outlets).

Not sure how long you are staying in Toronto. Much of the other suggestions are on the pricey side so maybe a good lunch here and there with good ethnic food is an option.

Where to buy Kitchenaid Stand Mixer?

I bought mine at Costco a couple of years ago for just over $300 during a discount. I have noticed this same discount from them several times since then. It is the larger 5 qt bowl lift mixer. Before buying mine, I looked and waited a long time to get one until this good price came along. The price offered by Costco for the larger mixer with higher watt motor and lift bowl is the best I have seen out there.

ISO: Rye flour

If you shop Loblaws supermarkets, you can find rye flour in their specialty foods section (where the organic stuff is).

Duck Fat?

The Healthy Butcher sells duck fat and other fats too.

Dark restaurants in Toronto ?

I found Thuet's on King W pretty dimly lit in the evening.

Mandarin oranges anyone??

I saw some at the Queens Quay Loblaws this past Saturday morning still with some stems and leaves attached. They were sold loose and not boxed.

90% cocoa chocolate: will it make good chocolate chips in cookies?

Similar to what chokolag pointed out. It's all about the balance. If you find the chocolate already to bitter for regular consumption, then it would be probably almost as bitter. "Almost" because of the added sugar in the cookie recipe. You might try bumping up the amount of sugar in the cookie recipe to balance out the bitterness with a greater amount of sweetness. There's probably a science to how the balance it out but that I do not know. good luck.

Dec 13, 2008
budeeez in Home Cooking

danish dough vs croissant dough

I am looking at 2 recipes, one for danish dough and one for croissant. The major difference between the 2 is in the flour used. Danish - all purpose. Croissant - bread & pastry flour.

Question: What does one type of flour do as oppose to the other two? ie texture wise, fluffy factor, etc.

Dec 13, 2008
budeeez in Home Cooking

Peanut-Butter Dumplings in TO?

They sell peanut flavoured mochi at the T&T. They're really yummy. The T&T at Cherry St. stores them in the open refrigerated section next to the cakes in the baked good section. It's made in Japan and (I think) in a package of 12. Each mochi ball is the size of a gum ball. The filling is not peanut butter but some powdery concoction. The taste is very peanut buttery though.

Toronto's Tastiest Calamari?

Surprisingly, the greek place at the Toronto Life Square has some good fried calamari. Whoever made it for my husband made it from scratch - it took some time. The squid is real squid, not some preformed frozen ring. It was nice and lightly battered and perfectly cooked (not chewy). I took a pic of it on my mobile. I think the place is called, "Opa!". It's next to the pasta place. (Note: this was back in July though) The hummus/pita in the pic might have been extra. So, this might be another option where you wouldn't have to dine in a restaurant - fast, a bit less expensive but still good quality.

Fish mongers--Diana's, St. Lawrence M or ??

Does Diana's have parking?

Brunch with a toddler

We've brought our now > 2 yr old to Le Select Bistro for wknd brunches when she was just under 2 yrs old. Plus, we lug our > 6 mth old baby there too in the stroller. They've always put us at the table just left of the door where there's banquette seating. We always like banquette seating because we can corner in our child to reduce on mess and damage they can do. If you don't let your kid go wild, we've found they're pretty good. Take a look at the menu online before going to see what will appeal to your toddler. You'll get a nice meal and it's not some gross chain.

John Lee's Omi - The paper is off the windows

i am confused, is it on Carlton? I walked by an Omi on east side of Church street just south of Wellesley on my way to Kaiseki Sakura.

MILO chocolate malt drink is fantastic!!!

Saw Milo 3pk tetra-paks sold for $1.99 at T&T today.

Where's to chow down in Windsor?

If you're in the mood for dim sum, you can check out Jade. They'll have push cart service on the weekends and gets busy. Better than any (or most) places in Chinatown in TO.

Loblaw local food push - whaddya think?

To take it literally, it was "packed in Canada" but doesn't mean the peaches are from Canada. Just like a lot of other foods these days whose contents are from all parts of the world but it can still say, "product of Canada". I don't know the legalities of what the percentage of content in a product should be to be able to label foods like that.

Lunch at Jarvis and Carlton

If you head a few blocks west just before you reach Yonge St., there is a Vietnamese restaurant on the south side of Carlton. I think it's called "Peach..." something. I'm not sure of the full name. I've only walked by it and not dined there.

Looking for Good Traditional Dim Sum (Downtown)

markml, why don't you listen all the items you deem to be "authentic"? You mention authenticity but you have only mentioned egg tarts. I would say beef balls and spare ribs are very authentic. I have been having then all my life from when my mom would cut them up into little pieces for me and let me eat them with a toothpick as a small child in HK and Canada. Citing SF as the origins of dim sum doesn't quite sound right and using it to discredit dim sum from HK as not authentic is even more baffling. So, tell us, what are the specific items you are looking for and maybe then the people here that are well versed in Chinese cuisine can assist you. I will not be the one listing you restaurants for I haven't lived in Toronto for very long, only a few years but it seems that there are many of those on this board that would be able to help you.

Puff Pastry

there was a discussion about this previously here:

coffee and cake downtown

What about the Marche at BCE Place? They have coffee and an assortment of cakes (also other desserts) that are affordable and is casual for a large group.

Savory pies

There's a vendor at the Saturday farmers mkt at St. Lawrence Mkt (North) that sells savoury pies. We bought a beef & mushroom pkg of 2 small pies. They were yuuuummmmy.... There're other types of pies too. I don't remember their name but they are located around the southwest corner of the hall, near the health food store.

Espresso pot

i bought mine at Home Sense but that was a couple of years ago. They always have a wide range of espresso pots (at least that's what i've noticed) and they're priced a lot better than other stores.

Whole Wheat Pastry Flour: Does it exist here?

So far, I like the whole wheat pastry flour sold by Whole Foods. It's their house brand, 360. I find the texture to be very close to all purpose flour- it's very light. I have also tried the Oak Manor brand but will not be using it again - it's still find it too dry. I haven't tried the bulk barn wwpf but would like to, just to compare. The whole foods 360 is a little pricier, the package is small.

Pizza delivery(?) near the skydome

We get our pizza delivery from here. There's a small charge for delivery. An Italian run place, not a plain old chain. We always request the thin crust. Not sure what your kids enjoy.

what do you add to your congee?

When I was sick, my mother would serve me plain congee with some minced beef. Since you have the flu, staying clear of anything greasy would probably help your stomach. Some pickled cucumbers (from the jar) go great with plain congee.

I usually make my congee with chicken stock, ginger, salted spareribs (salted overnight) & 1000 yr old eggs.

hope you feel better...

Jul 04, 2008
budeeez in Home Cooking