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Chocolate in Sydney (or perhaps wider)

I've been really delighted with a interesting chocolate 'scene' in Sydney emerging. Besides some classic and established digs such as: Belle fleur in Rozelle and Just William in Paddo
(both refined with cotton glove clad ladies in lovely shopping districts).. We also have fresh faced, excellent chocolate shops like, Boon Chocolate in Surry Hills (modern and beautiful) Coco Chocolate in Kirribilli (tattoo choc box and bars with pine nuts, caramel and sea salt are best sellers) and Adrian Zumbo in Balmain (pastry chef extroadinare who makes brilliant and hilarious chocs. These last 3 all are cafes as well.

Apr 18, 2010
teacup in Australia/New Zealand

New Innovative Restaurants in Sydney


I know you've blown through already. For others interested in an innovative genre of cuisine I've been hearing lots about Tomislav in Darlinghurst, Sydney.
Check out the menu here:
and the short review that caught my eye, this arvo:

Apr 06, 2010
teacup in Australia/New Zealand

Sydney Farmers Markets

These are all worthwhile market shopping areas- Everleigh markets has a really special selection of produce and the flemington markets and paddys markets (underground fruit and veg market) are in a word, bountiful. I live in the East and enjoy the proximity to Bondi Junction shopping and to providores in Queen St (Woollahra), Bondi Beach and Paddington.

I'd also recommend that you investigate life in the Balmain and Rozelle area. They have a wonderful community life and the Orange Grove markets (in nearby Lilyfield) are awesome. They occupy the grounds of a local primary school on saturday mornng and have fantastic stalls, with particular emphasis on organic produce and products.

Mar 05, 2010
teacup in Australia/New Zealand

Pilu at Freshwater

Unfortunately, i'm completely unfamiliar with Michelin.. but i know a good review when I read it! Thanks for sharing PhilD.

I've heard also that their desserts are sublime!

Feb 11, 2010
teacup in Australia/New Zealand

Memorable Meal Suggestion for Mom's 60th (Coming from the U.S.)

Although I adore Pier and Aria (ive never been to Tets or Marque) I would more strongly suggest Quay Or Guilaume at Bennelong . Exceptional 'Sydney-at-it's finest' seafood.. and outstanding locations (which will make the night that much more special, no?). The Guillaume space is dark, moody and hovers magically over the quay. Exquisitely simple seafood from a masterful 3star michelin trained chef..perfectly cooked fish the three times I have been. Quay is light, bright (rainbow carpert?!), and dazzles with VERY creative dishes (4 courses) incorporating interesting produce from Oz.

.. Be sure to head down to Opera Bar if the birthday girl wishes to carry on the celebrations after dinner!

Oct 19, 2009
teacup in Australia/New Zealand

Burdock Root

North Lyneham shops (note - these are elsewhere from Lyneham shops) has a little veg store called Choko Bai Jo's. They may be a good contender after Dickson shops.

Sep 09, 2009
teacup in Australia/New Zealand

Friday Night - cocktails & dinner

Lovely blog- I'll be checking in with your experiences again! Thanks for sharing the hot tip - Beresford tasting menu looks great.

I can recommend Assiette, Surry Hills, for its degustation menu. I also love the Banquet dinner at Longrain- with an obligatory wait for a 'table' (it's communal) over a thoroughly decent martini. The friday night scene can be loud though (it's the hip night and they bring in a dj), which may or may not be your thing.

Aug 16, 2009
teacup in Australia/New Zealand

Which neighborhood to stay in (Sydney)? Pubs, cheap eats, public transport

It depends, mate. A lot of oz is coastal, and i personally think all of our beach cities are very different. I guess you know instinctively whether you favor that sort of vibe, or not. Bondibeach, tamarama, bronte, are fun and beautiful.. but you could certainly head there for a day visit - do a coastal walk (an hour or so) to bronte and back, hit up the beach road pub & north bondi rsl.. and call it a day. I think i'm just biased because i live in bondi!

No, we don't use yelp or anything similar- far as i know- It's a real shame. Citysearch Sydney may be the closest thing to it may be useful for shopping/food suggestions.

Aug 16, 2009
teacup in Australia/New Zealand

Which neighborhood to stay in (Sydney)? Pubs, cheap eats, public transport


Sure, those options are all viable (great even).. but they are also much of a muchness..

i would personally recommend staying in one inner city locale (surry hills, potts point, darlo are all considered inner city). I reckon Darlinghurst is best for it's proximity to the city and the best selection of public transport (close to kings cross train, short walk to city, paddington, surry hills, and regular buses)

I'd also strongly recommend staying at Bondi Beach/Bronte/Tamarama for part of your stay. It'll be November here, and beautiful - regardless of whether you like the beach or not.. the eastern suburbs are where it's at come summertime. Truly, it's what i would recommend to someone i wanted to have a great time in Sydney (and its only about 10 mins away from city by taxi). Lots of great bars, so you'll be able to stay put and explore the area well.

I've been to NY three times in the past 2 two years and, well, i don't think there's anything you can't get there. ...except busy, raucous, casual pubs and their pub 'grub'.

My faves:
- The Four in Hand, Paddington
- North Bondi RSL
- Grand National, Paddington (quieter)
- Roast night at Sticky bar -
- The Shakespeare
- The Local Taphouse, (


Other great eats for a new yorker in sydney

Fish mongers- fish n chips
Sabbaba - felafel
Gelbisons- mom n pop italian joint
Gertrude & Alice- chai and wholesome food
The Flying Squirrel- tapas

City/Darlinghurst/Surry Hills
Mamak, City centre- Malaysian
The Falconer, Darlinghurst-diner/bar
Kawa, Surry Hills-cafe
Emon, surry hills- japanese
Pizze e Birre
Yulli's- vegetarian
Marigolds- yum cha
Maya Indian Sweets - definitely not just sweets

Pastizzi Cafe (at night it turns into a pasta bar)
Correlli's- late night cafe
Buzz bar- late night cafe

Aug 12, 2009
teacup in Australia/New Zealand

Best Breakfast in Sydney?

My faves are Dank St Depot ( and Bitton Cafe (!

Jul 19, 2009
teacup in Australia/New Zealand

A vegetarian in Sydney

Big welcome to Sydders. Firstly, i just want to say that I was in Chicago last month and had THE most fabulous meal at Green Zebra. Unfortunately we have nothing so impressive (in the way of veg restaurants) here.. But i'll list some places that are nice and veg friendly. And i don't just mean nice-if-you're-a-vegetarian, but i actually recommend these spots. The last two are pizza joints .. our pizzas are very sparse compared to the chicago style!

- Yulli's, Surry Hills (head next door to Mille vini or across the road to Pizze e birra too)
- Sababba, Bondi (epic felafel list)
- Longrain Surry hills although more limited is simply wonderful - saltnpepper tofu, veg eggnets and dessert are a must
-Fu Manchu, Darlinghurst
- Maya Indian Sweets (not for the sweets, but for the veg thali and bollywood films on flatscreens)
- Govindas movie and veg buffet night is fun (Darlinghurst)
- Pastizzi cafe, Newtown. At night it turns into a sweet space dedicated to fresh pasta- always with a veg option
-Badde manors vegetarian cafe, Glebe- this is okaay, but worth a visit for its proximity to a mexican donut-ery and gleebooks
-Dank St Depot, Waterloo for breakfast (other mealtimes not so veg friendly). Across the road is Cafe Sopra above Fratelli fresh also completely wonderful.
- Mint cafe, surry hills - many mezze, 1 or 2 veg mains. Same for Kazbah on Darling.
- Love Supreme, Paddington
- Pompeii's - Bondi Beach (don't miss their gelato either...)

Hope this helps.. I haven't divvied them up by price, but most have websites. Enjoy your stay velvetdc!!

Jul 19, 2009
teacup in Australia/New Zealand

Sushi in Sydney

I go to Sushi Suma (Cleveland Street, Surry Hills) once a month. I'd recommend heading there with a mate and ordering the combination Sushi and Sashimi. They are extremely generous with their servings and fabulously fresh! Be prepared to wait (upstairs) and you can byo wine/beer too.

For a more plush (and kitsch!) sushi experience, I like the new Sushi Choo in the Ivy Complex, George Street: menu. They have a good 'rails' (sushi train) sushi menu, but i love their sashimi pizza and miso cod..

Mar 24, 2009
teacup in Australia/New Zealand

Sydney & Melbourne - what is new and well regarded?

Have a wonderful time recharging! Here are my Sydney suggestions.

Personal favourites :
Jimmy Liks (contemporary Thai)
Mamak (very casual Malaysian)
Guillaume at Bennelong

Some of Sydney's current darlings:
Oscillate Wildly

Always fabulous:
Sailor's Thai
Sean's Panorama

Jan 29, 2009
teacup in Australia/New Zealand

Cafes and Bakery in Eastern Beaches

The coastal walk joining the eastern beaches is wonderful (and also very easy), so I would suggest walking to Bronte's Bogeyhole cafe for a cooked brunch and/or to Tamarama's beach cafe for a fresh juice and snack. The latter doesn't offer marvelous pastries, but they have good paninis and the ceasar salad is great. It is also the best positioned beach cafe in sydney, in my opinion - kind of like a little shack fronting my personal favourite E. beach.

Jan 13, 2009
teacup in Australia/New Zealand

Should I NOT go to these Sydney restaurants?

I'd prefer the china town yum cha spots, rather than phoenix.. from an ambience perspective also (expect fantastically efficient service and persuasive cart ladies). I have enjoyed fish and chips from FishFace, but for such a short visit It'd be a shame not to experience a waterside restaurant.. Darlinghurst is inner city (gritty though newly gentrified) and the fish face restaurant itself is tiny. I can recommend: Sean's Panorama in Bondi Beach, Garfish Manly (get there by ferry), and Bathers Pavillion (both the restaurant and cafe are beautiful). Happy for you in securing the Quay reservation- sublime.

Oct 01, 2008
teacup in Australia/New Zealand