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restaurants in cote des neiges area and queen mary

I went there about a month ago. It's pub/bistro fare, fresh & with a twist. Everything we had was quite good, and very reasonably priced (most dishes are under $12 if I remember correctly). We had salmon tartare (served with shrimp chips), salsa verde (very generous serving) and a fried calamari salad with arugula and corn, which was delicious (and quite generous considering the $9,50 it cost). The staff is also very friendly. I just wish they'd picked another name for the restaurant!

you can see pictures of some of their dishes here:

How much is a box of ramen at Asian groceries?

yes, i got one for $15 at marché hawaii (of the duck flavoured ones -- aka the absolute best!)

Awesome Supermarkets (and why)

Same for me. The produce and the seafood, at regular price, is much cheaper than at chain supermarkets. They have crazy specials on dairy products/soy/almond beverages sometimes.

Steak & Eggs for sunday brunch

Quai no. 4 on Masson also has steak and egg on their brunch menu. I'm not really a connoisseur, but I enjoyed it. Here's a picture. The steak is hidden underneath the eggs (I asked for scrambled) though...

Buffet that has frog legs

I went to Casa Corfu in October, and they had some.

Montreal Restaurant Openings and Closings October to December 2013

I believe the one in Place Versailles is still open. Haven't been there in over a month though.

Portuguese Chicken - which is currently the best?

I went to the one on Ontario and swore never to go back. The chicken was dry and pretty bland, and the fries were completely burned.

24 hours Groceries store ?

the Intermarche on Mont-Royal/Papineau is open 24h, the Provigo on Ste-Catherine/Fort is open at least until midnight, if not 1am, as is the nearby Supermarché PA.

Souk - Just For Laughs (food truck gathering)

My friend and I shared the octopus takoyaki ($4 for 4) -- they were good, but pretty salty, and the pieces of octopus are very small.

We also had the steak &mushroom and chili pies from ta (tourtière australienne). Both were very good and piping hot. Big chunks of meat in the steak pie. (about $13)

Finally, we had the pulled pork sandwich from Lucky7 and didn't like it at all. It was lukewarm, dry and greasy at once. Mostly bland. The pulled pork from the next truck (Pas d'Cochon dans Mon Salon) looked much better and a bit bigger for the same price ($7) but we only realized that afterwards.

We didn't have dessert, but Pâtisserie Cremy is there, and they have big delicious brownies for $3. I've loved every pastry I've bought from that place, and the owner is friendly.

Cheapest Bubble Tea in Montreal?

I got a bubble tea at the Underground Café in metro Lionel-Groulx last spring. I remember thinking it was cheap, maybe $3.50, but I'm not sure. I think it's on the dock(?) between Angrignon and Côte-Vertu.

Passion Fruit Puree

I saw some at Segal's this week.

Zero alcohol sparkling cider

I've seen the Michel Jodoin ciders at many fruiteries/épiceries fines as well.

Coconut water

I've seen individual containers at Bio Terre, but I don't know if they have bigger ones.

Special Montreal Foods???

yes, Porat makes végé cretons, but I have no idea what it tastes like...

Speculoos and pistachio paste?

I've seen small bags of pistachio paste at the Folies en vrac on Ste-Catherine (right in front of Beaudry station) in the last few months.

Porcini Powder in MTL?

They might have some at the Mycoboutique (, but in small jars, not en vrac. Maybe you should call them first.

Les Heritiers -- new location?

They did move sometime last fall... It's now on Mont-Royal, between de Lorimier and Papineau... corner Bordeaux, maybe.

Pepsi made with sugar cane

I saw individual cans at Metro (the grocery store) at Langelier (metro station). I have no idea whether they also have packs, though...

Your fave ice cream flavors from the Mtl ice cream shops

actually, Le Patio was open for the first time this season on March 16th (although with little choices for homemade ice cream), but I guess the weather has been too unfavorable..

Recommendations for a pre-symphony dinner near Place des Arts?

It's been nearly two years since I ordered butter chicken to go at that restaurant, service was friendly, the food average, nothing exceptionnal. The place itself isn't the cleanest and thus, not very inviting. Or at least that's what I think whenever I pass by.

Ethnic markets

La Vieille Europe on Saint-Laurent (near des Pins)
I was only there for two minutes (and for the first time) this week, but I can't wait to go back and explore. The place looked jam-packed with treasures.

Cocoa Locale cakes?

this is a late reply, but in case anyone's wondering... i went this Saturday, she was just as cute and jolly as ever :)

Fries in Montreal

I've had terrible fries at the Frites Alors on St-Denis & in the Old Port. And I mean, terrible.

Portugese Chicken Restaurants

Braseiro's food is good, but the two or three times I went, the service was horrible and ruined the experience for me.

Best chocolate cake in Montreal?

You can just call and reserve a cake at noon, she'll tell you what she has that day, and she'll have it all boxed up and ready for you, even if you pick it up at 5:58 :)

best $10.....

i'd go to Fuchsia for the décor and the big white dog... and the food.

Rainy Free Cone Day 09...again.

I went to the one in Old Montreal around 5pm and there was no line at all! Just us and some businessmen.

Rainy Free Cone Day 09...again.

i've been excited for a week now... and i'll still be as excited tomorrow, despite the rain, ahaha.

bulk candy store

there's Sucre bleu:
1741 St. Denis; (514)282-1440
3656 St. Laurent; (514)543-1072
2015 Crescent ; (514)678-3115

I'd call first though, because I think one of those locations closed. I've only been to the one on St-Denis, but they have ice cream and slushies as well.

Of all the stores that sell bbq duck in Chinatown, which one is the tastiest?

I'm not sure, but I think it has "Lam" in its name, and the sign is red.