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Sandwiches in Columbia?

My wife and I are meeting some friends at Centennial Park for a picnic in Columbia on Sunday. We were looking for someplace that does good deli sandwiches. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

looking for good bbq,annapolis md. area

My wife and I have stopped by Riddler's stand a few times - really enjoy the pulled pork!! And a wide variety of sauces to suit every taste.

private party dinner in Annapolis suggestions

I went to Carpaccio a few weeks ago with a large group (about 18 of us), and everything was fantastic. I don't know for certain if they have a private room, though.

Kyma was good when I went as well - their upstairs area may have enough room for you and your guests.

Funnel cakes?

My wife is a little over 3 months pregnant at the moment, and one thing she has been craving is a funnel cake.

I'm looking for someplace that does funnel cakes (not in a county fair or other event like that). We live in Annapolis, so if anyone has any suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate it!!

Burger cooking temperature laws? (moved from Washington DC & Baltimore board)

I have a quick question that I'm hoping someone can help me out with. What are the rules/regulations around cooking temperature for a burger at restaurants?

I frequently go to the DuClaw's in Bowie (beer release nights), and I usually just get a burger with dinner - I order it to be cooked medium (they won't do rare or medium rare). I've also visited a couple of other restaurants who won't give me a burger any less than well done.

Any light that could be shed would be welcome! Thanks!!

Sep 07, 2008
naptowndoug in Not About Food


I would say it depends on what you're looking for. There are nice places on the water (Carrol's Creek, Severn Inn), and some good places close to downtown (Tsunami, Lemongrass, Kyma, Rockfish).

Nacho Mamas

I moved out of Baltimore a few years ago, and I miss Nacho Mama's. I always loved their quesadillas - they always had some great combinations.

And hubcap margaritas don't hurt either...

one dinner and one breakfast in balmer

I've eaten in the restaurant part of Brewer's Art a couple times, and really enjoyed the food. Plus, as the previous poster mentioned, the beer is amazing.