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Dinner near the Omni

Will be in Atlanta Saturday night and am looking for a casual non-chain restaurant close by. We will have a car, but would rather not drive too far. Thanks in advance.

Jul 10, 2014
pilches in Atlanta

shopping for Greek ingredients

I never knew Hellas was open to the public. I drive by there all the time. Thanks for the information. I can't wait to stop in there!

Pre theatre in FLL (near BCPA optional)

Those are all good choices. I think if you pick the one that has a menu you prefer, you can't go wrong. I recently tried PL8 and enjoyed it. They also do a great job as far as getting you out on time when you've got theater tickets.

Yellow Green Farmers Market in Hollywood

I wouldn't call it fantastic, but I do agree that it has gotten much better. I am very happy that there has been a considerable improvement and hope it continues to go in that direction. If we keep supporting them, I think it can happen.

Special Dinner in Ft. Lauderdale?

Market 17?

Coconut Grove Art Show Vittles

Oh, and it costs a fortune!!!

Asheville area Updates - November "11

Frogs Leap is a VERY welcome addition to the Waynesville reataurant scene. I'm glad people are discovering it. Hopefully, it won't get so popular that we can never get in!

Feb 16, 2012
pilches in Southeast

Asheville, NC, getaway

None of them are fancy. I would have no problem bringing my 10-year-old to any of them.

Feb 16, 2012
pilches in Southeast

Please comment on the list of restaurants for first week of April

The Whale's Rib is very good seafood in a very good venue - right by the beach. It's been there forever, so they must be doing something right. Greek Island Taverna is delicious Greek. Their shrimp and lambchops are exceptional. I haven't been to Sunfish Grill in a long time, but it was very good on our last visit. I love Market 17 and highly recommend their tasting menu. Not a fan or Rustic Inn, but it does have a huge following. I much prefer stone crabs and don't like the garlic crabs enough to fight with them. You may also want to look into Calypso for island like fresh seafood. Coconuts is also a great venue (right on the Intracoastal) open for lunch & dinner and brunch on the weekends.

HELP FOR VALENTINES DAY....My sweetie is craving sea scallops for home cooked romantic meal

I don't remember how much they are, but I've gotten wonderful, large scallops from Triar.


For a chain, it's okay. You could do better.

Fried shrimp anywhere from North Miami Beach to FLL?

Haven't been in years, but Jumbo's has always been known for their fried shrimp. Since they've been in business forever, they must still be doing it right.

Baby friendly dinner places within 20 minute drive of Hallandale

Chowfather, you seem to be a big fan of Lola's. I've been several times and am always underwhelmed. What do you like so much about the place? I want to like our somewhat limited choices in Hollywood, but...

Seafood or Cuban Near Westin Diplomat in Hollywood

I would also add Il Mercato in Hallandale. The food is delicious!

Seafood or Cuban Near Westin Diplomat in Hollywood

Sadly, the Halandale/Hollywood area is not a great source for great restaurants, but there are some. Not so much seafood and/or cuban, but Timo is very good. Also Hiro Yako San is close by and also very good. Sugar Reef has good food and a wonderful atmosphere - right on the beach. A lot of people love Le Tub which is truly a joint on the Intracoastal for burgers. If you want to venture north to Ft. Lauderdale or south to Miami, you have much better choices. Do a search on the board for what looks good to you and then I'm sure the locals will be able to help you out more.

Business spouses dinner near Miami Hilton Downtown - help!

I also like Bin 18, but I don't really think it would meet the requirement for a "secial night". Sra Martinez would be great as far as atmosphere and, small plates and really good food.

business dining Ft. Lauderdale

I agree with 3030 Ocean and also like Market 17. I also just heard some really good reviews for Seawatch which I haven't been to since they renovated, but it's supposed to be very good.

Recs for Peruvian/Ceviche Aventura/North Miami Beach/Surfside/Hallandale/Hollywood

I was not happy with El Goyo on my last visit. Adrianas was good, but I didn't have the civiche there.

Sunday Brunch near Arsch Center

any of the above!!!

2 nights--miami vs fort-lauderdale

It really depends on what you're looking for - both food and scene. Be a little more specific and I'm sure you'll get more help. Miami definitely has more "foodie" options, but FL also has sone really good choices.

Texas De Brazil or Chima??

I have only been to Chima and can say it is very good. I don't know why it would get "mixed reviews" because I've never heard anything but positive about it. I don't normally do salad bars, but this one is amazing. The quality of the meat is also top-notch. From what I've heard about Texas de Brazil, it's more of a chain and lesser quality than Chima, but the price is also considerably less. Also, Chima, is more of an adult dining experience, so unless you go early and/or your kids are restaurant veterans, maybe TdB would be a better fit.

Asheville area Updates - November "11

So excited!!! Can't wait to get back in the spring. Please, keep checking these places out and keep on posting!!!

Jan 07, 2012
pilches in Southeast

Easy post-flight dinner between MIA and Boynton Beach

What time will you be arriving so we have some idea of your timeline and where you will be at what time. Some places are easier to get into earlier and some later. It's a fairly long drive from Miami to Boynton.

Looking for Next iron chef finale - chef zakarian Crispy and Creamy Brussels Sprouts recipe

What do you think about the dish if you roasted the brussel sprouts instead of deep frying?

Dec 25, 2011
pilches in Home Cooking

One day & night on Las Olas

Love Sushi Rock. Also the crepe restaurant is good for breakfast or brunch. Johnny
v's is also very good. There are some other restaurants on Las Olas that are good, but those are my favorites. I don't know where you're coming from or what you're looking for. On Las Olas, but a bit of a walk from your hotel is Chima, which is also very good. Check out their menus and see what looks good to you. The restaurants at your hotel are okay.

Looking for unique dining near Hollywood

Definitely agree with Yako-San They should be able to accomodate your group.

Looking for unique dining near Hollywood

How large is your group and what do you mean by "unique"? There's a lot that falls between steak and Italian.

Takeout for 30

I have family that live in the south part of Miami and they always buy party food at Norman Brothers.

Chef headed to Miami need good eats??!

Also, sometimes the a/c doesn't work, but at this time of year that shouldn't be a big problem.

Best Italian

We really like Valentino's in Ft .Lauderdale. We tried Saporissimo a while back and thought it was good, but Valentino's better and much closer.