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On the road with a picky teen - PDX

Late is good for us, especially in the summer. Are the carts open on Sunday nights? I see they are across the river - I've lived in Manhattan, D.C. and Oakland - that's a change in culture, but not in your city, I suppose?

On the road with a picky teen - PDX

I will be traveling with my son to visit colleges in Portland and Eugene and would love some suggestions that will keep a burger, chicken and pizza loving teen happy without driving me to distraction by eating substandard food. Casual is fine, as long as there are a few options for me - preferably those that include microbrews and pinot noir. Also, we will be staying at the Hilton on 6th, will we be in walking distance to any of the food cart areas? I got a little thrill reading the threads!

Lunch near the Presidio

I need recommendations for a weekday lunch near the Presidio. I will have my 13-year-old daughter and my sister-in-law who is stopping by after 2 weeks in Asia, so no dim sum suggestions, please!