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Tokyo Kitchen

Both are owned and run by Japanese but the're not related.

What has happened to Whole Foods in Yorkville?

I think the original post was quality, not price. Things have gone up. I'd like to go to WF in T.O. I've only gone in U.S. There were organic in local Dominion(Metro) but not much in last 2 yrs. We need to support good? food so that suppliers will stock them. My 2 cents

Good sushi - close to Airport

Sushi Kaji is closed Mondays & Tuesdays. Kumai Sushi is closed Mondays, located on Brunel (hwy 10 south of 401) and no alcohol

Sushi Kaji
860 The Queensway, Toronto, ON M8Z1N7, CA

Kumai Sushi
35 Brunel Rd, Mississauga, ON L4Z3E8, CA

Does anyone know where Ken (ex Japango chef) is working now?

456 Bloor St. W. Sushi Culture. Opening Aug.24? As for 2nd location of Guu, I don't think construction has started yet.....

Does anyone know where Ken (ex Japango chef) is working now?

Don't know the name yet but opening soon near Bathurst and Bloor

Mid range real sushi! (my top places all have deteriorated in quality)

I believe Hamada-san is somewhere around Bayview and Major Mac.

Seasons at the Westin Prince?

I thought it was the name of a spa that is being built?

any recent experiences at Toshi Sushi?

I look forward to Marinated Salmon( Salmon zuke) and crispy onions.

Sake Sauce

what is sake sauce? Are you referring to sake kasu (sake lees)?

2009 closings

Sakawaya on Danforth and Sushiman on Richmond closed as of Oct. 31.

20 Richmond E, Toronto, ON M5C1M5, CA

867 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4J, CA

Dominic Amaral leaves Madeline’s...

Susur's been back for a while.....

where to find bincho charcoal in GTA?

I've seen it at Silk. It's one of the stores in J-Town. In little packets. I prefer charcoal to gas, so I'm waiting for a chance to use it.


The waterfront Chinese restaurant that you are thinking about may be Pearl Harbourfront in Queens Quay Terminal. Second floor on south end of building. Unfortunately, IMO the quality went down 4 or 5 years ago.

Best seafood restaurant in Toronto

Third Starfish, there is also Oyster Boy on Queen W. that is less expensive.

How is the fishmonger near Dundas and Dupont

Newport is or has moved to Weston Rd. or something.

Best Omakase, Cooked and Raw Foods

To get to Kaji by TTC, take southbound bus from either Royal York or Islington and get off at Queensway. It's between those two streets on the northside of Queensway

What are the Best Steakhouses?

I prefer to cook it myself, but sometimes going out is nice. Does anyone have an opinion about Octogon on Yonge north of Steele's? Many years ago some people told me it was good. A couple of friends live close to it and we are thinking about going there. Thanks in advance

Sushi near the Junction?

Not walking distance but, Rikishi on Bloor east of Ossington is pretty good.

LCBO - cheapo scotch

Agree with aser. Need a budget. When I read "cheap Scotch", the first thing that popped up was LCBO blend. It's a hit and miss but sometimes very good. Also do you like blend, single, light etc......

Flying Fish in Toronto

I have only seen it in restaurants, as sashimi and sushi. Dried ones are used for soup stock.

'Drunken Chicken' - Weird Toronto Presentation!

Very interesting. Was the whole broth wine or just part of it? Where is Commerce Gate?

Best sushi for special occasion dinner (west side or downtown)?

Aoyama had Albacore tuna belly, that's where I remember it from. To get a higher price, the large Tuna's belly is cut and sold separatly.

TakeOut Sushi near Intercontinental Hotel Front Street

Takesushi would be my rec.Howeve, Fune on Simcoe is closer andusally does have Shima Aji, Madai( Seabream) and Kampachi from Japan .Takesushi 416-862-1891, Fune 416-599-3868.

Best sushi for special occasion dinner (west side or downtown)?

Albacore Tuna is referred to as White Tuna. The belly of it is called White Tuna Toro by some people.

TakeOut Sushi near Intercontinental Hotel Front Street

Normally, I'd recommend Takesushi on Front St. 2 blocks to the east but they're closed on Sundays. Ematei on McCaul st is open at 5 or 5:30 today. North on Simcoe st.( street going north from your hotel) to Queen st.(which is the north end of street) west 1 block to McCaul( first traffic light) 3 or 4 doors north on west side.After writing all of this, their sushi is not bad but not great either. Try calling Sushi Marche for delivery 416-463-0114. Fune on Simcoe and Toshi on King is closed on Sundays also.

Is there an organic food market in Thornhill (near Bayview & John) similar to "The Big Carrot Natural Food Market" on Danforth?

I noticed an organic supermarket on Bayview north of Steeles on the west side. It was pretty big, so it's hard to miss

Sushi Survey - disturbing article in the Star

Fune near St.Andrew, Yamato near Bay, has real Ma-Dai(Tai/ Seabream) as does Marche..

Reasonably priced Italian restaurant with great food. Ideas?

What is your budget? Reasonable price varys with everybody. I'd like to know where one can get great without paying for it. It's not great but I like Regina and Grappa.

Toronto Star Exposes Sushi Scam

If California rolls were made with real crab and tobiko( instead of masago) you'd only be able to get it at top restaurants. As for soft-shelled crab maki, it is useally called Spider Roll

May 09, 2009
katana750 in Food Media & News

Toronto Star Exposes Sushi Scam

To Charles, I just read the Star article. Japango mentioned in it was Queen St. Japango that you all seem to like is on Elizabeth. The two restaurants are not the same. Yuzu and Elizabeth Japango are both run by Bruce. Just for your info

May 09, 2009
katana750 in Food Media & News