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If You Had To Choose??

If Fitzmorris ate there - I'd go elsewhere...

Mar 17, 2009
Sallieb190 in New Orleans

Restaurants outside of New Orleans

Hymel's in Convent has been going downhill for years - the last 3 times I've visited, the food was abysmal. The only thing worth ordering is boiled crabs - everything else is prepared way in advance and frozen. The gumbo is like dishwater. Don't waste your time.

Mar 09, 2009
Sallieb190 in New Orleans

Best wine you've had under $15

Try - FETZER Gerwurtztraminer - it's excellent! Everyone I've recommended this wine to has LOVED IT... good "goldilocks" (not too sweet - not too dry) wine for all occasions.
We're HOOKED...

Jul 12, 2007
Sallieb190 in Wine

BEST MEATBALLS RECIPE [Moved from South board]

Does anyone have a good recipe for really good Italian meatballs? I make mine with ground chuck & pork. Thanks so much!

Jul 11, 2007
Sallieb190 in Home Cooking

What places do you go to because of chowhound?

LOVED house of Nanking in Chinatown - excellent recommendation...
LOVED Tartine Bakery - delicious, fresh and perfectamente'

Did NOT enjoy Gold Mountain in Chinatown - dirty and dingy...waitstaff bringing dim sun did not explain WHAT each was fluently. Some dim sum not too tasty... overall Bad recc. from Chowhounders.

Where are the BEST restaurants in Gulf Shores, AL to Pensacola, FL

We will be staying near Ono Island and love to go out to dinner. We've been to ALL of the recommended tourist traps in the region. WHERE are the best local seafood restaurants?

Jul 08, 2007
Sallieb190 in Florida

What do Chowhounds do for a living (besides eat of course)? [old]

I am Marketing/PR Director for one of the largest music festivals in the country...but I LOVE to COOK and EAT more than almost anything else! I enjoy everything that I do and I appreciate all of you true "TASTE BUDS"! This is a fun site with insider info for us fine people who appreciate GOOD FOOD.

Jun 25, 2007
Sallieb190 in Not About Food

Visiting San Francisco June 27-29

Yes - we have a car and will-drive-for-good-food! We are from Tennessee, but lived in South Louisiana for years and know what good food is. Our faves are seafood, italian and authentic Cajun.
We are also visiting Napa - where are the best wineries? There are SO many!
Thanks again...

Visiting San Francisco June 27-29

Please send any recommendations for mid-range priced restaurants in the San Francisco and Napa Valley area. Nothing touristy - just good and reasonably priced. Breakfasts, lunches, wine bars and dinner!
Thanks so much!

Favorite Vinaigrette Recipes?

My fave lowfat dressing is simple:
Juice of 2 lemons
4 pkgs Splenda
2 TBSP Olive Oil (light)

Tart, sweet and just plain GOOD on any salad!

Jul 13, 2006
Sallieb190 in Home Cooking


Just returned from ACA - Best places to dine: BAIKAL and Beto's on the Costera - also - Don Beto's at Barra Vieja and Tres Marias on the Pie de la Cuesta. "100% Natural" restaurant a great choice for healthy smoothies.

Jul 13, 2006
Sallieb190 in Mexico