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Cambridge (or close) Saturday breakfast at 7:00 a.m?

I went to Soundbites this morning and was disappointed...It was really standard diner food - definitely not worth the trek. All flavor in my blueberry muffin was overwhelmed by cloves - I didn't care for it one bit. Also, despite the fact that the place was pretty empty as it was before 9am, a waiter came to collect my husband's plate even though he still had his fork in hand. I just moved from Manhattan and am pretty used to crowds in popular restaurants, but even at those places I'm allowed to finish my food!

Where can I find cake flour?

Found it! It was at Shaw's (Prudential Center) hiding behind regular APF, which was hiding behind a dangling mess of cupcake liners...and there were only two boxes. Thanks all!

Where can I find cake flour?

I'll check there... I haven't seen it at Shaws or Whole Foods. Thanks all!

Where can I find cake flour?

I've never had this much trouble finding cake flour. I've checked at numerous stores in the Back Bay area. Any tips on where I can find it (shops don't necessarily have to be in Back Bay)?


The trouble with tortas...

I'm with you on the bread situation, but if the filling is good enough, I'm willing to make some concessions. Although the bread they use at La Verdad is not what I'd call traditional, their tortas' components are really delicious -- try the milanesa de pollo, it tastes like chicharrón.

And thanks, Eat Nopal, for the bread descriptions!

Vignette Wine Country Soda - WOW!

I tried Vignette soda just a few weeks ago and absolutely loved it. It was crisp, refreshing, and gently sweet. It's a lovely, grown-up drink.

Reporting back: didn't realise taking a baby would make chowhounding so difficult

Good to hear... I've been inquiring about Soundbites on other discussions and I'm ready for tomorrow. I'm looking forward to the mashed potatoes and the grilled muffins! I'll report back. Thanks for the input.

Cambridge (or close) Saturday breakfast at 7:00 a.m?

Good to hear. I'll report back.

Cambridge (or close) Saturday breakfast at 7:00 a.m?

Since we're on the subject of screaming owners, am I risking indigestion at Soundbites? I've read he can make you feel unwelcome...

Taco Lowdown

La Verdad in Fenway --- and the tortas are not to be missed. The lengua taco and chorizo con papa are spectacular.

Cambridge (or close) Saturday breakfast at 7:00 a.m?

Thank you!

I'll add it to my "Must Try" list.

The best and worst of Brookline?

I can't say enough good things about Clear Flour. You MUST have a morning bun there -- and go early, because they sell fast.

I just moved to Boston and live in Back Bay -- the food options do sort of stink. Were there any places that you frequented in a pinch?

Cambridge (or close) Saturday breakfast at 7:00 a.m?


I'm sad to hear about the mediocre brunch; it's my favorite meal. Are there any places that are in the above average category?

Places in Medford

What's a god KBBQ-at-the-table restaurant in Medford? I've seen some positive comments on Chung Ki Wa, but am not sure if it's the cook-your-own variety.

Cambridge (or close) Saturday breakfast at 7:00 a.m?

Ball Square or Sounbites? I'm new to Boston and planned on going to Soundbites tomorrow morning, but I've seen some positive feedback on Ball Square. Any advice?

The best and worst of Brookline?

By your handle I'm assuming you moved from New York? That's where I was living, till very recently... As a (presumed) fellow transplant, what restaurants have made you feel less homesick?

Reporting back: didn't realise taking a baby would make chowhounding so difficult


I'm going to Soundbites for the first time tomorrow. I searched the boards and saw all the comments about the Nazi-like owner and the crowds. When does it start to get crowded on weekends? I'm an early riser and planned to go early, but any tips would be great.
Also, any other breakfast favorites? Good pancakes, French toast, eggs, etc?

Father's Day Breakfast

I agree with Azizeh -- I really can't get past it. It's actually making me really nervous.

Morning buns from Clear Flour Bakery

Actually, it is in fact croissant dough rolled with brown sugar. I can confirm because I asked one of the bakers. Anyway, the point here really is that they are superb and everyone should treat themselves to one.

Morning buns from Clear Flour Bakery

It IS croissant dough! Very flaky...

Morning buns from Clear Flour Bakery

I just ate my first ever morning bun from Clear Flour Bakery and it was quite possibly the most amazing breakfast pastry I've ever had. For those of you unfamiliar with them, morning buns are sticky buns made with croissant dough. They're impossibly buttery and crusty, and topped with gooey, not-overly-sweet cinnamon caramel and perfectly toasted walnuts (nut-free version also available). Only a few dozen are made each day, so be there early and get them fresh out of the oven.

The Birth of the Hangover

A natural pairing! Next time I'm in Nicaragua I'll have to drop by the most infamous of shady bars, "El Munich" and offer them a recipe. Although to be honest, Nicas stick to the basics when it comes to alcohol, namely rum.

Best pizza in Boston?

I just got back from Woody's Grill & Tap and am...underwhelmed. We've been here under two months and are trying to become better acquainted with Boston and its restaurants, and my husband thought it would be a good idea to peruse Boston Mag's "Best Of" list. They voted Woody's best pizza in 2007, but I don't quite understand why. I really wanted to be wowed by it because it's just around the corner from my apartment, plus, it has a wood-burning oven, but, alas, it was not meant to be. I know there's technically no such thing as "bad" pizza - I mean, let's be realistic: bread + melted cheese + sausage, et al = good meal - but pizza CAN be great and inspired. My Woody's pizza was fine and the service was pleasant, but the crust was unevenly baked and wimpy. It was soggy, and even the bits that were treated to a bit more flame-licking were soft - more like dinner rolls than pizza crust. Also, the sauce was rather bland -- Santarpio's gets a thumbs up in that department.

I'll be sure to try one of your many rec's next time I need a slice.

In LA for a few days -- suggestions?

Let's see now -

At Honey Pig I had pork belly and thinly sliced beef -- make sure you request rice to go along with the beef. The waitress recommended it and she was absolutely right - it was much more delicious that way. The rice is mixed with the beef and whatever else is left on your grill, be it kimchi-coated cabbage and bean sprouts, bits of pork belly, or octopus. The portions are EXTREMELY generous -- I had two orders of pork belly and one of beef and that was more than enough for myself and three men.

At Mozza I had several appetizers: bone marrow (excellent - but DO ask for more bread; you'll need it to sop up the marrow and garlic oil, besides which it is absolutely delicious); meatballs (only so-so); and stuffed zucchini blossoms (by far my favorite. The blossoms were delicate and fried perfectly, the crispness giving way to warm ricotta).
Of course, several pizzas were ordered: funghi misti with taleggio, prosciutto with rucola, and my favorite, egg with guanciale and bagna cauda. The crusts were crispy and chewy, the ingredients straightforward and perfectly seasoned. All in all, a great meal that lived up to the hype.

Monte Albán: For breakfast you can't go wrong with the enfrijoladas. Believe me, I KNOW beans, and these were sensational. Enfrijoladas are strips of corn tortilla smothered in a bean sauce that's somewhere between soup and refried bean - not too thick or too thin, just dense enough to bring piles of tortilla together. Top these with two eggs, sunny-side up, and it is the breakfast of champions. Coffee is served black and already sweetened and has a very subtle hint of cinnamon that is everything Starbucks is not. For a real treat, order the hot chocolate.
At dinner (yes, I went twice) I sampled a variety of appetizers, including tamal with mole negro, zucchini blossom quesadillas, molotes (a tortilla turnover of sorts, deep-fried and filled with potatoes and chorizo), and fried chicken tacos. The mole was true to it Oaxacan roots. If you've never tried mole or have had a bad experience with it before, this is where you should eat it.

I had Mexican once again at ¡Lotería! at the Farmer's Market on W. 3rd St. I had a sampler platter that had a miniature version of every taco on the menu, ranging from nopalitos to pollo en pipián rojo (chicken in a peanut and pumpkin-seed sauce). It's tough to decide what to get here, so the sampler platter is a good choice. It's not terribly filling which is actually a good thing because you can choose your favorite and order the normal-sized version. My dad had enchiladas rojas (in a guajilo sauce) that were arguably the best dish we ordered - spicy, but in an earthy, pleasant way - and my husband ordered chilaquiles with eggs - ideal for breakfast or lunch...or dinner. I like eggs anytime. Oh! The aguas are refreshing and varied -- try the jamaica (hibiscus) which is delicate, fruity, and floral.

The Counter: Burger lovers rejoice! Top your burger with WHATEVER your heart and tummy desires. There are almost TOO many choices on the menu -- I had grilled pineapple, caramelized onions, cheese, and bacon.

La Paella: Great appetizers, especially if you're a garlic lover. Try the escargots and octopus. The actual paella was really well seasoned, but it was lacking in crunch. The restaurant is cute and cozy and wait staff very friendly. I'd pay a second visit.

Luna Park -- hmm. Fun, but food only OK.

Amandine: Go for the danish. I liked the croissants, but the ones at Clear Flour Bakery here in Boston are far, far superior.

Finally, as I mentioned before, th bacon-wrapped hot dog. EVERYONE needs to have one. I'm going to try to replicated it at home. Wish me luck!

The Birth of the Hangover

I read this article today and thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the bits where Acocella offers international versions of the word "hangover." I had one interesting item to contribute to the "cures": In Nicaragua people are quite fond of their liquor, and despite their wonderful tolerance for the stuff, they are still as prone to hangovers as the next guy. Our wonder-remedy: SOPA LEVANTA MUERTOS -- raise the dead soup. It's a seafood medley frequently consumed at shady after-hours spots before going to bed -- a bridge between drunkenness and sobriety, I suppose.

In LA for a few days -- suggestions?

THANK YOU for all the rec's -- I wound up going to: Monte Albán (twice), Lotería, Honey Pig, Amandine, La Paella, The Counter, Pizzeria Mozza, Luna Park, Trattoria Amici, a Thai place whose name I don't remember, and a hot dog cart in downtown. I wish I could've eaten more! Loved Honey Pig and Monte Albán and Lotería, but I have to say that my bacon-wrapped hot dog with pico de gallo and avocado, etc.etc., was the highlight of my trip.

In LA for a few days -- suggestions?

Do you think Park's is better than Honey Pig? I've heard differing opinions.

SF Hound visiting Boston 5/21-5/25 -Please review my planned eats

I'm new to Boston, but loved La Verdad for Mexican. I lived in Mexico and think the tortas and tacos are pretty authentic.

Such a thing as "good" instant coffee?

Buy one of these aluminum espresso makers: I own the 6-cup version, and when I want regular coffee instead of espresso, I simply fill the entire cup with water and scoop about 2 TBSP. of coffee in the filter. I travel with mine from time to time.

Etiquette when buying lettuce by the pound

No! You just made me think of that scene in "Father of the Bride" where Steve Martin rips open a bag of hot dog buns because he doesn't need all of them. Why don't you cook the rest of the lettuce? When I have leftover romaine I chiffonade it and cook it with green peas, shallots, butter, and a little bit of chicken stock.

You could also follow janniecooks' advice and buy loose greens.