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Best Coffee in LA

I called and found:

Lemon Moon is serving up City Bean
Clementine is with Intelligentsia

Jul 20, 2007
Kenny T in Los Angeles Area

Looking for a really excellent & authentic RUSSIAN restaurant in LA

I have yet to go, but there is a new Russian restaurant in Studio City by the name of Romanov. SIV reviewed it after it had been opened for only days....yes, days. Very unfair of her. Same owners as Republic in Hollywood.

Apr 12, 2007
Kenny T in Los Angeles Area

Ultimate Restaurants 2006

water grill

Jan 03, 2007
Kenny T in Los Angeles Area

Sapp Coffee Shop vs Yai Restaurant - Boat Noodles

So, I finally made the trip to Sapp for their highly touted boat noodles. I must say with all the hype, I was expecting a lot. This being said, if their was no hype, my opinion that they were off the mark would be the same. The soup was cloudy, muddled, and without focus. It seemed as if they just threw every thai powder spice known to man in there and did not stir it up very well. The meat was chewy (I had the beef at the waitresses recommendation) to the point of spitting some out rather than swallowing whole. Though there maybe be some chowhoundish dignity in choking to death at a restaurant because nobody can understand your cries for help, that day was not to be the day. The noodles themselves were fine, but no wow factor involved.

The next week I was back in the same area and happened upon Yai Restaurant (5757 Hollywood Bl, just west of Wilton, tucked away in a strip center). I figured I would try boat noodle soup again just to make sure I did not have a dislike for the dish in general. The boat noodle soup is not even in the soup section of the menu, but rather in the noodle section. It comes with beef, tripe, liver, and meat balls (all for $5.50). The soup was focused, slightly spicey and very good. The meat was all excellent with the different meats adding dimension to the soup; I especially liked the meat balls. The noodles were solid. All in all, a great soup that I will add to my list of regular eats for Thai Town.

Did I hit Sapp on a bad day? Unless someone does some heavy convincing, it's Yai for me.

Nov 30, 2006
Kenny T in Los Angeles Area

Unroasted coffee beans in LA?

Oct 22, 2006
Kenny T in Los Angeles Area

where to buy green coffee beans in LA?

I get mine from City Bean's roastery in Culver City. 888-CITYBEAN.

Aug 28, 2006
Kenny T in Los Angeles Area

City Bean Westwood store closed

Upon returning from vacation, much to my dismay, City Bean was closed. Granted the store was a little run down, but I have been getting my coffee and beans there for years. I called the company to find out their status. They said that the closure was out of their hands since they sold that location six years ago, but the company was still roasting coffee for its other locations, wholesale accounts, and mail-order customers. They said bulk coffee was available at The Wine House and at, and their coffee was being served all over town (Sabor Y Cultura, Lemon Moon, Susina, and The Viceroy were some they mentioned). Hate that the store closed, glad to know City Bean is still around.

Jul 13, 2006
Kenny T in Los Angeles Area