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Chocolate Chip Cookies

I agree- Clementine has the best chocolate chip cookie in LA. (Not that I don't love Diddy Reise- I just prefer the oatmeal raisin at Diddy)... and I've been trying to figure out the recipe for years. I even asked the LA Times to try and get it but Clementine wouldn't give it up. Anyone have any recommendations?

Feb 06, 2012
kra81 in Los Angeles Area

Century City mall food court

Take a Bao! I work in Century City and eat at there at least twice a week... (and I don't go anywhere else in the food court). I love love love the Eight Veggie Salad and the Chinese Chicken Salad... I also get the brown rice bowl with peanut chicken and the yellow curry with shrimp- both delish. Their salad dressing is so good I keep a bottle in my fridge! Highly recommend.

Feb 06, 2012
kra81 in Los Angeles Area

Take a Bao in Century City

I love Take a Bao and eat there at least once a week... The 8 Veggie salad is fabulous, as are the Veggie Curry Noodles and the Peanut Noodles (which I order hot, rather than cold). I also like the brown rice bowl with peanut chicken or pomegranate steak. Yum!

Dec 06, 2009
kra81 in Los Angeles Area

Park Kitchen, Clarklewis or Clyde Common?

Hi everybody...
LA Hound headed for Portland. We have one night and are deciding between:
Park Kitchen
Clyde Common
I'd love to get your thoughts.
Thank you!

Aug 25, 2009
kra81 in Pacific Northwest

REVIEW: Take a Bao, Century City

I respectfully disagree with you on every level. I eat there once or twice a week as I work in the area and it's fresh and healthy and so much better than anything in that food court. and i think you're forgetting the essence of this conversation- it's in a food court. maybe your expectations are too high?
and let's not even get into the stand....

Oct 16, 2008
kra81 in Los Angeles Area

Take a Bao - new restaurant Century City

I went last night to one of the rehearsal meals with a friend who was invited... very tasty, inventive food. For those of you who have been to Momofuku Ssam Bar in NYC, it's kind of the same idea. I had the bao in lettuce wraps instead of buns, which was really tasty, but healthy. And the bao s'more for dessert is delicious!
Definitely a good new place to try if you live/work in the Century City area. And let's not talk about the other food court options... ha ha

Sep 03, 2008
kra81 in Los Angeles Area

L'Ami Jean, Bistro Paul Bert, Le Baratin or Le Chateaubriand?

Hi everybody! LA chowhound headed to Paris. I have 4 dinners and am definitely going to L'Atelier Joel Rubuchon.... will you please help me pick between L'Ami Jean, Paul Bert, Le Baratin and Le Chateaubriand for the other 3 nights? Which can I loose?
I know Chateaubriand has gotten some negative write ups but it gets so much great press...
thanks very much!

Aug 26, 2008
kra81 in France

PLEASE POST YOUR VOTES HERE: Ultimate Los Angeles Restaurants 2007

1. Angelini Osteria
2. A.O.C.
3. Lucques
4. Jar
5. Pizzeria Mozza

Feb 07, 2008
kra81 in Los Angeles Area

Ad Hoc, Terra, Redd- which 2 of 3?

Hi guys. LA Hound has two dinners in Napa- I am choosing between Ad Hoc, Terra and Redd. where would you go? thanks very much...

Jul 27, 2007
kra81 in San Francisco Bay Area

Craft tonight- what not to get...

Hi guys... going to Craft tongiht. i've read your posts and i'm really wondering if you can tell me what not to get. it's pricey and i don't want to get anything that's not amazing!! thanks very much.

Jul 20, 2007
kra81 in Los Angeles Area

Anyone been to Josie lately?

Hi guys... i'm going to Josie Thursday... i love it but haven't been forever. anything new that's a must try? thanks!!

Jul 11, 2007
kra81 in Los Angeles Area

Best Restaurant in Santa Monica area? (not incl. Melisse)

Josie is wonderful. and perfect for special occasions!!

May 10, 2007
kra81 in Los Angeles Area

Cut, Josie or Valentino for Anniversary Dinner

Josie is romantic... it's small and warm and a great place for an anniersary dinner. i've been to Cut and it's fun, but it doesnt have the nice ambiance that Josie has.

May 03, 2007
kra81 in Los Angeles Area

Loteria or Sabor a Mexico?

thanks Dommy! sounds great.

Apr 26, 2007
kra81 in Los Angeles Area

Loteria or Sabor a Mexico?

hi guys... i'm doing a foodie excursion tomorrow night with some friends and was wondering whether i should take them to loteria or sabor a mexico? i've been to and love loteria. never been to sabor but read such great things here... but they're from beverly hills and slightly snobby.... should i not take them to sabor? thanks!

Apr 26, 2007
kra81 in Los Angeles Area

What to order- lunch at Lucques, dinner at Table 8

Hi all....
My birthday is Saturday, so i'm doing a lunch at Lucques, dinner at Table 8. any must haves? thanks!

Apr 19, 2007
kra81 in Los Angeles Area

Best Dessert at Urth Caffe?

i love the pumpkin pie at Urth so i never get anything else... but i want to try something new! what else is great? thanks.

Apr 18, 2007
kra81 in Los Angeles Area

Everyone tell me their favorite dish at Mozza

appetizer- the eggplant caponata is amazing...
pizza- can't go wrong with squash blossoms and burrata, though it may not be in season now...
salad- i love the arugula and crimini mushroom salad. nancy's chopped doesnt do it for me.
dessert- lemon gelato pie! amazing.

Apr 18, 2007
kra81 in Los Angeles Area

Best OATMEAL COOKIE - santa monica/venice

My favorite oatmeal raisins in LA are in Westwood at Diddy Riese. they're amazing and only 35 cents each!!

926 Broxton Ave
Los Angeles, CA
Phone: (310) 208-0448

Apr 18, 2007
kra81 in Los Angeles Area

Imitation Pinkberry

i like Milano Freezer even more than Pinkberry.... it has the same kinda plain yogurty froyo. but much better as far as i'm concerned!!

Milano Freezer
9182 W Olympic Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA
Phone: (310) 246-1946

there's one on Beverly Hills...

Apr 17, 2007
kra81 in Los Angeles Area

Marina del Rey area Brunch

i second the brunch at joe's (in venice) idea.... it's great and really reasonable for what it is.

Apr 11, 2007
kra81 in Los Angeles Area

Saturday birthday lunch ideas.... Westside/Hollywood ish

Hi... my birthday is coming up and i want to have a nice lunch with my family.... i'd love to go to Josie or Angelini Osteria, two of my favorites, but neither of them are open for Saturday lunch. any other ideas in that vein? thanks!

Apr 09, 2007
kra81 in Los Angeles Area

Cobras and Matadors on Hollywood Blvd. What to order??

i go to the one on beverly quite a bit... can't miss the skirt steak marinated in orange juice and paprika, the asparagus with manchego cheese and the baked goat cheese with grapes. and the french toast for dessert. yum!

Mar 30, 2007
kra81 in Los Angeles Area

Angeli Caffe or Cube?

thanks!! (and loved your bobby flay throwdown report)

Mar 22, 2007
kra81 in Los Angeles Area

Angeli Caffe or Cube?

going out with a friend Saturday night and we're debating between Angeli Caffe and Cube? i know angelini osteria and others would be better but we want to try something new (for us). Anyone like Angeli or Cube? thanks!

Mar 22, 2007
kra81 in Los Angeles Area

2 nights in LA. Providence and Grace or...

people love Providence but i didn't have a good meal there... and Grace is really disappointing. in those price ranges, i'd recommend Spago or Sona. both are really excellent time and time again.

Mar 16, 2007
kra81 in Los Angeles Area

Pie in WLA or Santa Monica, Bev Hills

i love the apple pan... especially the boysenberry cream pie. buy my favorite pie is urth caffe's pumpkin pie. it's the best!

Mar 16, 2007
kra81 in Los Angeles Area

Josie, Melisse, Blue Velvet or Sona

Josie is one of my favorites but it doesnt have a tasting menu.... Sona can be very good but Spago is always great.

Mar 14, 2007
kra81 in Los Angeles Area

Jar, Lucques or Hatfields

I agree on Jar.... Lucques is wonderful and the atmosphere is nice but it's extremely romantic. With the rents Jar is the way to go. And Hatfields is small and doesnt have great ambiance....

Mar 08, 2007
kra81 in Los Angeles Area

Food so good you could swoon in the West side

Josie always makes me swoon... and if you love fancy fancy food, Melisse could do it too.

2424 Pico Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90405
(310) 581-9888

Melisse Restaurant
1104 Wilshire Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Phone: 310/395-0881

Mar 07, 2007
kra81 in Los Angeles Area