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Low Country Road Trip

We were in Charleston/Hilton Head & Savannah last summer and are planning a return trip to Charleston this summer as well. We had only spent 5 days in Charleston and felt like we only scratched the surface. It also turned-out to be our favorite city.

We self-catered and ended-up only eating out once, at Jestine's and it was a huge disappointment. It is a completely charming place, the service is fantastic but the food was mediocre to us.

I had the fried green tomato salad and it was pitiful by any standards. My husband had the fried chicken which was scalding hot and bone-dry.

Mar 25, 2014
corj in Southeast

Looking for PB2 in MTL

You won't find it in Canada, trust me I've looked. I used to order it from http://www.thelowcarbgrocery.com/. They sometimes have deals on it and their shipping is respectable compared to Amazon. What I do is buy it directly by the case from Bell Plantation and ship it to friends in the states or wherever we vacation to south of the border.

Feb 04, 2014
corj in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Budget lunch in Charleston - Lowcountry/Southern with veg/pesc. options

Traveling from Montreal and will be in Charleston Mon-Fri 2nd week of June. Have spent a considerable time pondering & comparing eating-out options and am overwhelmed by the bounty. We're looking for lunch recs; something distinctly Charleston/southern and not just foodie but in the budget-friendly realm. So far I've got Hominy Grill and SNOB & Page's Okra Grill (we're renting in Mt. Pleasant).

Anything that will please my fried-chicken hungry husband but with veg/pescetarian options that aren't deep fried? Help?!

Also; can you recommend goodies we should take home, food or otherwise - preferably things that won't melt in the car...

May 26, 2013
corj in Southeast

Take out sushi in NDG/Wsmt, centre

Nagoya sushi on Ste-Catherine at Kensington in Westmount is our go-to. Pretty basic offerings but always very tasty/fresh. Miyamoto is needlessly expensive and Kashima is mediocre.

Apr 25, 2012
corj in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Vegetarian and Vegan Cookbooks

Veganomicon is the only cookbook I regret buying. Had I taken it out at the library & reviewed it beforehand I wouldn't have bought it. To me it's not a good or "serious" cookbook. The editing mistakes are annoying and I've had to seriously rework each recipe to make the dish taste right. I still don't understand the adulation it receives.

Apr 20, 2012
corj in Vegetarian & Vegan

Best Vegetarian products:

Morningstar has my number. Every single thing I've tried has tasted good. Yes I wish the sodium/processing factor was not there but for what it is, it's a fine product. And Gardein rocks. Those chicken cutlets are just plain awesome and so versatile. I feel like Bubba from Forest Gump when I talk about them. I make a mean bourgignon with their equally amazing beef tips.

Apr 20, 2012
corj in Vegetarian & Vegan

In search of HONEY CRISP APPLES in downtown Montreal (including Atwater Market)

Costco warehouse on Bridge has 6 lb bags for $7.99. They are huge!

Oct 12, 2011
corj in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

In search of HONEY CRISP APPLES in downtown Montreal (including Atwater Market)

Bought some yesterday at IGA Place Alexis Nihon (the saddest IGA on earth?) at $1.49/pound. Stock was low and almost all were badly bruised (do MTL grocers THROW the apples in the bins?!).

Oct 08, 2011
corj in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Ice Cream Highs 2011

Walked into Festin de Babette for the first time last weekend, enticed by the sidewalk sign advertising artisanal soft-serve and recalling general good reviews on Chow and it all looked promising were it not for the chaotic and snooty service. When I asked the gentleman behind the counter -who seemed to be in charge judging by him being also rude to a young lady manning the ice cream scoop- what the flavor Vanilla Massala is I was answered "Vanilla with spices". Hm, NEXT!

We walked out of there and by chance came upon Les Givres. We both had a vanilla soft serve in a cone. The ice cream was good but their sizing is ridiculous! My husband ordered the biggest thing they had and it barely equaled a DQ small. I ordered the small and it looked like a golf ball in a cone. Fine if you want a Havre/Bilboquet scoop but not a soft serve. I'm all for quality over quantity but it was laughable.

Also as mentioned the home-made cone tasted just like any other. I find it funny that MTL can't get ice cream right in general. These new ghetto Fruzi Yeh places are janky to say the least, why bother?

Jun 23, 2011
corj in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

(good) Popcorn kernels

Fellow Chowhounders,

Please help me help my husband. A few years ago he bought a freakishly good bag of Clic corn kernels to use with his air-popper. It was "fresh!, sweet!, tasted like actual corn!" & he's been chasing the dragon ever since. He's tried every supermarket brand & has filled many bulk-bin bags (my pantry can attest to that) but alas, he's never been able to replicate. I know there are some great mail-order gourmet kernels out there but can you think of anything local?


Nov 19, 2010
corj in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Broccoli sprouts in Montreal

I highly recommend that you sprout them yourself. It is super simple and much much cheaper than buying them (in the refrigerated section of most health-food stores & some well-stocked supermarkets).

I bought some broccoli seeds called BioSnacky at the health food store (many have them, just ask). They come in a little packet, exactly like seedlings for planting in the garden. You can grow your sprouts in any large-ish Mason jar or used glass jar that has a good-sized opening for drainage. You can fit a screen or some cheesecloth (the finer your screen the finer the seed to avoid losing them down the drain.

Simply soak the seeds (4-6hrs), drain well & repeat that a few times a day until they start resembling little plants. The only thing that requires any effort is the actual rinsing/draining.

I bought a sprouting jar that is just a big Mason jar with 3 different plastic draining screw-on lids. I bought in in Burlington VT but have seen them here (just at 3x the price...). I tell you it sounds uber-granola but once you start you'll love your little sprouts. Look online (just search "sprouting") for ideas and various varieties.

May 14, 2010
corj in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Vita Coco

I've seen it in literally every health food store I've been in recently. Look in either the refrigerated section or on the shelves. Tau, Rachel Berry, Couffin Bio, Eden ... Plain & assorted flavors.

Apr 17, 2010
corj in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Trying to recreate dessert from Mythos

May I also suggest you make your own; simply buy some good natural-style plain yogurt (& the fattier the better, or more authentic at least). Line a regular medium strainer with either a coffee filter/cheese cloth or even paper towels, dump yogurt in, place bowl under (very important!!), place in fridge. The whey will drip from yogurt & in about 6 hrs (or overnight) you'll have luscious creamy, thick Greek-style yogurt.

Sep 21, 2009
corj in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Fage Yogurt

I believe so (National). I have also seen it in the Plateau, maybe that small fruit/fine foods place in front of BioTerre? I'm certain about National though has it was just last week.

Aug 20, 2009
corj in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Fage Yogurt

I saw Fage in a few spots, most recently at National on Sherbrooke in Westmount. While I grabbed for it right away as I have been reading about it on foodie blogs for almost a year, I quickly put it back when I saw the price tag; almost $5 for a tiny container.

Aug 19, 2009
corj in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Suggestions for picnic fare on the plateau

On St-Viateur, near Esplanade (in front of Bio Terre) there's a great little grocery store with everything you could possibly want for a picnic and while they have lots of fine posh foods they also have plenty of reasonable fare. Great fruit selection, great cheeses, breads, spreads... and wine also. Wish I remembered the name.

Aug 01, 2009
corj in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Chinese Restos still around

Chine Toque in Westmount is not good. I have been twice (once too many- was not my idea to return). While the service was fast & friendly and the menu pretty expansive, the food is had me scratching my head each time as to how they can possibly stay in business. Had the basil-beef which was some sort of half-breed unrecognizable pre-chewed meat with no sign of basil and a tasteless sauce. Last time I had tofu & veggies which should have been a harmless choice but was unbelievably unappealing cryo-vack-type muchy tofy & again a completely tasteless brown sauce. Ditto for China Grill, where the food is just as horrible but the decor a bit more urban. China Grill also serves-up rude service though...

Aug 01, 2009
corj in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Japanese grocery?

Miyamoto on Victoria is ridiculously overpriced. Even by Westmount standards. I remember trying to shop there & actually having to put items back on the shelf because I just couldn't lower myself to pay what they were asking for basic items. There are a number of good groceries in Chinatown. There is a marche Kim Phat on Tashereau on the south shore which is at least twice the size of all the others. And there is another market on Sources Blvd on the West Island (past Adonis)

Oct 26, 2007
corj in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Hostellerie Les Trois Tilleuls - Brunch


Has anyone been to their Sunday brunch?
We usually go to Auberge Lakeview in Knowlton
but are hoping to avoid the drive this year.

Jul 13, 2006
corj in Quebec (inc. Montreal)